I’ve Become Bored Shitless With The White Privileged Male Versus White Privileged Male Tory Leadership Election (But Will Be Ready To Rant About Prime Minister Boris)

It wasn’t so long ago when just about every other article I was writing was about the Tory leadership election, but now for over a fortnight going on 3 weeks I’ve not written any article exclusively about White privileged male versus White privileged male contest to be the UK’s Prime Minister. Despite the Tory leadership contest being the biggest political story there’s been over the past couple months & despite me claiming on more than a few occasions to be a weighty political commenter who’s supposedly dedicated to the best of my ability to be writing about the biggest pollical stories, so the question is why is it as a political commentator I’ve not been covering the Tory leadership election as prolifically as I was?

To be bluntly honest as to the reason I’ve not been as prolific in writing about the Tory leadership election has been that I long became fucking bored with it all & there’s been other political stuff going on which I’ve been far interested in writing about. What’s the fucking point writing about White privileged male versus White privileged male contest to be the next Prime Minister when we all know which White privileged male is going to be announced as the UK’s next Prime Minister in just over a week from now, it’s not just I’ve been so bored shitless with writing about the Tory leadership election, I’ve actually been so fucking bored shitless with it that I’ve in fact not even been keeping up with any developments (if there’s actually been any) with the leadership election as I would with other political stories even if I had no plans to write about those stories, this is how fucking bored I’ve literally been with the fucking Tory leadership election.  

Boris Johnson & Jeremy Hunt

It’s pretty evident to me this Tory leadership election has for a while just literally been going through the motions, its been evident to me this Tory leadership election was purely been going through the motions ever since the field of leadership candidates was whittled down to two candidates & it was the Tory grassroots membership who got to decide whether it’ll be Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt who’ll be their next party leader & thus the next PM, I mean laugh my fucking arse off to anybody who thinks it’s going to be Jeremy Hunt, I’d be surprised as in mega fucking shocked if Boris Johnson isn’t elected by a landslide amongst the crazed Tory grassroots party membership, Boris started off with an unassailable lead over Jeremy Hunt & he seems to have extended that lead no matter what asinine bullshit he’s said or done.

Why bother wasting my time writing about whatever drivel Jeremy Hunt might say during the leadership campaign as we’ve always been looking at the premiership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, me thinks it’ll be better to wait to full on rant like a motherfucker about all the bullshit there will be due to the premiership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson & believe there’ll be plenty of crazy & ugly bullshit to rant about concerning Boris tenure as PM. I’m pretty certain Boris when installed as Prime Minister will move the Tory government he leads further to the hard right whilst being Donald Trump’s poodle & I’m ready to fucking rant to the best of my fucking ability about it all happening. Not going to stay silent if Boris is going to act like a fascist despot by proroguing parliament to force a No-Deal-Brexit, not going to stay quiet if at the behest of Trump he helps to escalate an armed conflict with Iran, not going to stay quiet about how many more tens of thousands of disabled people his government murders, to add to the near on 150,000 disabled people the governments led by his predecessors David Cameron & Theresa May as Prime Minister have killed.  

Time To Tell Some Home Truths About Brexit

Following elections to the European Parliament back in May when Farage’s Brexit Party cult topped to polls in the UK in gaining 29 MEPs, the Pound Shop Enoch Powell along with his fellow Brexiter cultists were today at the opening of European Parliament, it of course didn’t take long for Nigel Farage the pompous racist twat along with Christian nutcase Ann Widdecombe & the rest of the far-right pondlife which are Brexit Party group of MEPs to become a national fucking embarrassment when they turned their backs during European Anthem ‘Ode To Joy’, which is exactly the same stunt Farage pulled back in 2014 with UKIP’s group of MEPs when he led that party, its also a stunt pulled by the Nazi Party in Reichstag back in the day.

I guess I should be thankful we don’t have Tommy Robinson MEP but there again there’s Ann Widdecombe who’s no better as she would very much like to turn Britain into some nightmarish Gilead like dystopia as depicted in the Handmaid’s Tale & Widdecombe along with Farage & the other Brexit Party MEPs will be sitting in the far-right grouping in the European Parliament members of which have far worse odious far-right views then the likes of Tommy Robinson.

The Brexit Party weren’t the only ones who pulled a stunt at the commencement of the new European Parliament, as Liberal Democrat MEPs turned up all wearing tees with the slogan ‘Bollocks To Brexit’ hehehe I totally agree with the sentiment, a reminder to Farage there’s plenty of fierce opposition to his Brexit Party cult wanting to destroy the British economy with a No-Deal-Brexit, in fact if you total up the number of seats won at the European Elections by parties opposed to a No-Deal-Brexit they in fact outnumber the seats won by Farage’s Brexit Party cult, thing is if either of the Tory Prime Ministerial candidates are determined to keep to the Brexit deadline of October 31st as they appear to be then the only form of Brexit which is feasible by that date is a No-Deal-Brexit.

Oh sure Jeremy Hunt & Boris Johnson are telling the Tory Party membership as they attempt to garner votes for their respected candidacies to be Prime Ministers, they’d prefer the UK to exit the EU with a Brexit deal, however renegotiating a new Brexit deal by October 31st deadline with the EU & to get it approved by the UK parliament is pure fantasy, for starters the EU aren’t obliged to renegotiate the current Brexit deal & neither are the EU obliged even if they do agree to renegotiate the current Brexit deal to automatically give whoever is Prime Minister the deal they want, the arrogance of British exceptionalism on display from both Tory Prime Ministerial candidates is frigging astounding thinking Britain has more economic importance to the EU then the EU does to Britain thus the deluded thinking the EU will simply kowtower to whatever demands the British government makes regards any new Brexit Deal, however the biggest problem for whichever Tory scumbag is the next Prime Minister is there currently is nobody which they can renegotiate a new Brexit deal until ironically the day after the October 31st Brexit deadline as the new EU Commission will not be appointed by the European Parliament & in session until November 1st.

If Boris Johnson is elected PM by the crazed grassroots membership of the Tory Party, which looks more than likely, his repeated fascistic threat to prorogue to parliament to force a No-Deal-Brexit come October 31st is a very real threat as I’m sure he is well aware of the reality of renegotiating a new Brexit deal is a non fucking starter, oh & yes it is fascistic to be entertaining the possibly of proroguing parliament & it definitely would be fascist if Boris as PM did in fact have parliament prorogued, as so often in history fascist despotism has taken root when the executive branch of government suspends the legislative branch when the legislative branch has attempted to prevent the executive branch to ride roughshod over objections to stuff it wants to enact etc.

Conservatives are always moaning that I do nothing but knock British institutions such as the monarchy & the church, however when it comes to Brexit here’s me defending the merits of the UK parliament which is the greatest British institution of them all, reminding Brexiters that democracy is more then two wolves & a sheep voting what’s for dinner & that democracy didn’t cease existing in this country post June 23rd 2016.

The Tories Are Out Of Touch & Taking The Piss!

The mainstream news media have ceased obsessing about Brexit for the time being, to now concentrate upon obsessing about the Tory scumbag contenders to be the UK’s next Prime Minister who are endlessly waffling about delivering you’ve guessed correctly if you guessed fucking Brexit.

It’s been exactly a week since Tory MPs selected Boris Johnson & Jeremy Hunt to duke it out in the final run off to be elected Tory leader & the UK’s next Prime Minister which will be chosen by the crazed grassroots membership of the Tory Party. White privileged male versus White privileged male, not exactly a great illustration of the Tories being in touch with the diversity of contemporary Britain, it’s the same age-old Tory bullshit with having wealthy public-school toffs running the country when they’ve no fucking clue how the other half live. I know I’m not the only one who’s thought the Tories are well out of touch in comparison to the cultural diversity of contemporary Britain by choosing White privileged versus White privileged male to be their next party leader & country’s next PM, but weirdly I’ve seen fuck all reflection in the mainstream news media of this perspective about the Tories being out of touch.

White privilege male Jeremy Hunt & White Privileged male Boris Johnson

If it wasn’t bad enough that Tories seem unable to grasp their choice of Prime Ministerial contenders reflects they’re out of touch with modern Britain, worse is that an overwhelming majority of the same grassroots Tory Party membership who’ll be selecting the UK’s next Prime Minister are seriously fucking crazy in being quite prepared to have the British economy trashed if it means they get Brexit precious Brexit. I know many Tories are ‘I’m alright Jack’ dickhead fuckwits who are obviously thinking a No-Deal-Brexit will not economically affect them, however unless they’re exceedingly wealthy they’re fucking deluded it won’t economically affect them or any family relative of theirs. Ah but of course Tories will tell me that if the party elect Boris as Prime Minister he’s promised in the event of a No-Deal-Brexit happening then preparations will be in place to soften the economic impact upon the country, yes I’m sure preparations will be in place to soften the impact upon Boris & his wealthy chums, but not when it comes to softening the economic impact for the poor & vulnerable, I mean Tories haven’t exactly had a fucking marvellous track record in protecting the most vulnerable when it’s come to austerity in fact quite the fucking opposite, so why the fuck would it be any different with the Tories & the economic impact of a No-Deal-Brexit.

Admittedly the madness of the Tory Party grassroots membership seeming to have an ‘I’m alright Jack’ attitude in being quite prepared to trash the British economy if it’s the only means of getting Brexit precious fucking Brexit, is reflected throughout the nation & it’s like for fucks sake have people really lost their fucking minds?!?! We use to laugh at trailer trash redneck fuckwits across the pond being conned into to voting against their own self interests by voting GOP & thus against the initiation of government programs which could actually help them have a far better quality of life, well we’ve now got that same problem here in Britain with ignorant racist gammon fuckwits supporting a No-Deal-Brexit when they’ll be economically hardest hit by a No-Deal-Brexit. Why is it there doesn’t seem to be anybody in the mainstream news media confronting ignorant racist gammon they’ll be hardest hit by a No-Deal-Brexit or confronting the crazed grassroots Tory Party membership with the fact there are more important fucking issues then fucking Brexit for any government to be tackling such as the serious increase in starvation & destitution in this country as well as shit like climate-change having a possible devasting affect around the globe if there isn’t adequate action to combat it.

The major reason there’s currently a housing crisis in the UK is due to the Thatcher government’s scheme back in the 1980s allowing council house tenants to buy their own home at a discounted price & crucially not letting councils reinvest any funds raised by the sale of council housing in building new council homes, the lack of council & social-housing has also been a key reason as to why there’s been far less social mobility over the past few decades but rather then rectifying the issue by investing in the building of more social-housing, the Tories including the current two Prime Ministerial candidates are proposing the sell off of social-housing with a similar scheme to the Thatcher government’s massive sell off of council housing stock. According to Nick Clegg when the Liberal Democrats were in coalition government with the Tories, the Tories refused to invest in the building of social-housing as they thought it would create Labour voters, not that it would actually be in the national interest to do so because the shortage of social-housing is fuelling support for the far-right amongst other negative bullshit, the fact the Tories won’t act in the national interest because it doesn’t align with their own interests is in my estimation taking the piss & the Tories aren’t just taking the piss in only doing what’s in their self-interest when it comes to issues such as housing & Brexit, they’re doing so when it comes protecting their own even when one of their own is being criminally out of order.

James Cleverly was one of the first Tory MPs who alleged that Boris Johnson’s next-door neighbours were politically motivated by calling the police when last week they thought an argument between Boris & his girlfriend sounded as if might have gotten more than overheated rather than commending Boris’s next-door neighbours in doing what concerned citizens ought to do in such a situation, which of course then encouraged the Tory press to wade in with dogpile criticism of Boris’s neighbours, well other than this possibly helping to dissuade people reporting to authorities when they suspect Tory scumbags are up to no good as they ought to.  With all the bullshit surrounding Tory MPs & the Tory press defending Boris possibly being physically violent towards his girlfriend along with Tory MPs & the Tory press doing the same when last week Tory MP Mark Field grabbed a climate-change protester around the throat, it really does seriously smack of one rule for the Tories & another rule for us little people & if the Tories are seen getting away with it then it will just encourage people to become ever more cynical motherfuckers & not being prepared to do the right thing. The Tories will continue to be out of touch & taking the piss unless people get militant as fuck in confronting the Tories for taking the piss, obvious the mainstream news media can’t be relied upon to do their job as the fifth estate in challenging the Tories to the extent the Tories need to be challenged, Too often when lefty activists & politicians have appeared in the mainstream news media, they allow the agenda to be dictated rather than attempting to dictate the agenda this is how issues like homelessness & the crime which is the Tories roll out of Universal Credit are being overlooked, the left need to drop it with the woolly jumper bullshit of politely tapping the Tories on the shoulder in the manner which they challenge the Tories about the issues affecting ordinary people, instead be screaming banshee motherfuckers by verbally sledgehammering Tories about the head & keep on doing so & doing so again.

White Privileged Male Versus White Privileged Male To Decide Who’ll Be The Next Prime Minister & It’s a Bunch Of Maaad Bastards Who’ll Be Doing The Deciding

It really has now reached the stage with the Tory leadership election where to borrow a quote from South Park, it’s giant douche versus a turd sandwich.

Boris Jonson & Jeremy Hunt

Yep it’s Boris Johnson versus another White heteronormative middle age male who was privately educated, in the final face off to decide who’ll be the next Tory leader & the UK’s next Prime Minister & it’s the predominantly White & oh so middle-class Tory party grassroots membership who’ll be doing the deciding & if polling is to be believed the Tory grassroots are utterly maaad bastards.

Boris Johnson was pretty much odds on to be one of the two final Tory leadership candidates in the final face off to be put to the fucking maaad bastards which are the Tory Party grassroots membership as to who they think should be the next Tory leader & PM, but I was kind of hoping it would be Michael Gove to face off against Boris Johnson not Jeremy Hunt. Yes Gove like Hunt & Johnson is yet another White heteronormative middle age male who was privately educated, but there seems to be an awful lot of animosity between Boris Johnson & Michael Gove, this is surrounding Gove scarpering Boris’s chances in the last Tory leadership election back in 2016 which Theresa May eventually won to replace David Cameron as Prime Minister, thus with such animosity between the two there could quite easily have been more then sparkles flying between them if there’d of been the final two candidates which certainly would have been a far more interesting Tory leadership run off for lefty political commentators like myself to cover, but it’s not just that a leftwing & an extremely anti Tory political commentator like myself would have taken great delight in watching Michael Gove & Boris verbally punch lumps out of each other & cause the Tory Party descend into yet more bitter infighting, it’s I think Gove would have been more of a match for Boris Johnson.

We know Jeremy Hunt is a cunt but he’s a rather boring cunt when it comes to Tory cunts, oh sure he’s just as much A-class cunt as Boris Johnson who like Johnson is a racist fuck who’s prepared to entertain the economic fucking disaster which would be a No-Deal-Brexit, which will please the maaad Tory grassroots as when recently polled wanted overwhelmingly Brexit (as in a No-Deal-Brexit) even if meant it would trash the British economy, but Hunt has no character, he’s just another boring fuck in a suit.

It’s often been said Boris Johnson is the life & soul of the Tory Party & particularly of it’s grassroots membership, thus I can’t see any other scenario then Boris Johnson being a elected the next Tory leader & the UK’s Prime Minister by a landslide vote of Tory membership & then we will have ourselves the UK’s version of Donald Trump with all the racism & homophobia & bullshit bluster.

It’s not just Boris becoming PM will lead to this country being an international embarrassment, he’ll drag the Tories even further to the hard-right thus my transgender & disabled arse is certainly fucked, I might as well go out to the woods & put a bullet in my head right now & save myself future pain of the Tories savaging me as they lurch even further to the hard-right under Boris’s premiership.

Considering how diverse this country now is, I guess I’m not the only one today who’s thinking this country could do better than another privileged White man as Prime Minister, but the Tory Party obviously can’t do any better than having yet another privileged White man rule the roost.

What Did We Learn From The Second Televised Tory Leadership Election Debate?

Yet another major BBC documentary series on Margret Thatcher’s premiership has just concluded airing last night & tonight we had a the second televised debate between the remaining 5 Tory leadership candidates which was aired on primetime BBC1, hmm don’t remember when the BBC last produced a major documentary series about any Labour government nor do I remember during the 2015 Labour leadership election there being a televised debate between the candidates being aired on primetime BBC1, fucking Tory bias, Tory bias, Tory bias at the BBC that’s the first thing we learnt about the second televised Tory leadership election debate!

We learnt that Emily Maitlis can’t moderate a debate between Tory leadership candidates for damn sure, on three separate occasions (by my count) during the hour-long debate the 5 remaining Tory leadership candidates erupted into literally shouting across one another so no viewer could make out what the fuck they were saying. The one thing I will commend the BBC on, is there was a better mixture of questions posed to the Tory leadership election candidates then the previous televised debate which aired on Channel 4, yes there was a great deal said on the issue of Brexit but it didn’t dominate this debate as much as I thought it might.

There are now 5 leadership candidates after Dominic Raab didn’t make the votes required to proceed to tomorrow’s third round of voting amongst the Tory parliamentary party, I’m relieved that antifeminist & transphobic Dominic Raab is out of the running as if he had a sniff of being the next PM he would have been a fascistic despot in the making with his proposal to suspend parliament to ensure Brexit happens by the October 31st deadline, unfortunately Boris Johnson has pretty much proposed doing the same thing & he’s still very much the frontrunner when it comes to this Tory leadership election. Yes Boris actually bothered to turn up to this televised Tory leadership debate having skipped the previous longer debate which aired on Channel 4 this Sunday evening just gone, so he ducks out of debating other Tory leadership candidates in front of television studio audience & he expects to negotiate UK’s exit from the EU with other European leaders who’ll be playing hardball.

Maybe people around the same age as me or older will remember the ’83 Election when Margret Thatcher did a Q&A with voters via a video link & there was a lady who asked hard questions of Thatcher about the sinking of the Belgrano during Falklands War, the clip of which I sadly can’t find on YouTube despite it being one of those election great election campaign moments, well anyways the tonight’s televised Tory leadership election debate was a similar format but of course much updated. The one thing which was pretty noticeable from all those voters from around the country who got to ask questions via video link to the Tory leadership election candidates was none seemed at all fucking impressed with the answers they got that’s if you can actually say they were by any means actual answers.

All the candidates talked pie in the fucking sky about resolving the problem with the Northern Irish border which Brexit & particularly a No-Deal-Brexit would cause thus running the real risk of a return of IRA terrorism, Nigel Farage might not give a shit about resurrecting The Troubles in Northern Ireland & possibly the IRA launching a bombing campaign on the British mainland, but I fucking do!. Noticeable that all of the 5 candidates dodged points which were directly made by Emily Maitlis about the fact there had been a flood of questions from viewers concerning the debacle rollout of Universal Credit which is the Tory government’s latest welfare reform scheme which is not just making the most vulnerable in society even poorer then they already were, it’s leaving people starving & destitute & fuck knows how many deaths it’s already killed as result or how many more it will kill. It was noticeable that all Tory leadership election candidates were shitting themselves about any likelihood of a General Election when a question did come via video link from a member of electorate about any these Tory scumbags actually having a credible mandate to govern if elected Prime Minister & not just the 150,000 grassroots membership of the Tories. Wonder why any of Tory leadership candidates seeking to be the next Prime Minister wouldn’t be keen in calling a General Election to get an actual mandate from the British electorate to govern, oh yeah because there’d fucking lose & they know it.

One should be very fucking fearful of the Tory party grassroots, as YouGov carried out polling amongst the Tory grassroots & found a majority is prepared to trash the British economy if it meant there’d be Brexit, the only thing  a majority said they’d be prepared to sacrifice Brexit for is the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government being elected to government. Michael Gove did make some pretty outrageous smears against Jeremy Corbyn during the BBC debate which went unchallenged, there was the usual bullshit that ‘Corbyn is a Marxist’ as if Gove or any Tory has actually ever read Das Kapital & has any understanding of Marxian economics, oh then there was the usual ‘Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic’ bullshit to which this Jew says yawn & please can you change the fucking record as this really has become tedious as fucking fuck because as somebody who is Jewish I can testify Corbyn is no antisemite. Oh & now there’s the new bullshit smear that Jeremy Corbyn cares more about serving the interests of the Iranian regime then the interests of British working classes, fuck you Gove we know you’re a self-identified Zionist thus likely yet another voice of Israeli government paranoia, at least Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t want to march young men off to a war which wouldn’t serve the interests of Iranian people just the interests of the Military Industrial Complex!

Fucking hilarious (& not in a good way) Michael Gove claiming during tonight’s BBC Tory leadership election debate that he was most anti-poverty candidate, oh laugh my fucking arse off because he also said he’d not reverse the Tories spending cuts, hey I’m no mathematical genius but even I know poverty reduction will take an enormous amount of investment which would mean having to increase government spending. Rory Stewart hinted if he was elected Prime Minister then he might be prepared to increase government spending when it comes to public services, but just as I was possibly warming to him, he said if elected PM he would more then likely not confront Donald Trump’s Islamophobic abuse against the likes of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, not exactly comforting for Sajid Javid to hear this kind of bollocks being a fellow Tory leadership candidate & a Muslim, Jeremy Hunt of course denied he supported Donald Trump’s Islamophobic abuse of Sadiq Khan, sounded as if Jeremy you did mate but we already know you’re a c…!

Well it was nice of Boris to grace tonight’s televised Tory leadership election debate being as he’s a candidate in this Tory leadership election it’s very least he could of done ha fucking ha, as for the substance of what he had to say, well there was a question about reducing the tax burden on the working classes yeah as if Boris the toff knows anything about the burdens, struggle & strife of the working classes. Remember when Boris said he’d lay in front of bulldozers if the planned expansion of Heathrow Airport went ahead, well surprise fucking surprised he sounds as if he’s changed his tune on that one. He did apologise for racist statements he’s made in the past, but I believe him not, he’ll be back making racist statements & writing racist articles come next week or next month as he just can’t help himself. He said on Brexit he wants there to be a deal with the EU, I say bullshit as all the noises he’s made so far on the issue sound as he’s firmly in the No-Deal-Brexit camp, plus he doesn’t want to let down his fellow Tory toff Jacob Rees Mogg whose hedge fund will make a financial killing from a No-Deal-Brexit by betting against the pound.

I’m pretty sure Boris Johnson will be one of the two candidates who go ahead to face the entire Tory party electorate, but who will join him is the question, well I seriously doubt it will be Sajid Javid, though prior to tonight’s televised Tory leadership debate the momentum seemed to be with Rory Stewart who dramatically increased the number of MPs backing him however I don’t think Rory had nearly as good a debate as he did on Sunday, what I can say for certain is Boris will face off in the final run off will be another middle aged, heteronormative, White male, who was privately education, how fucking typically Tory.  

What Did We Learn From The First Televised Tory Leadership Debate?

So earlier this evening Channel 4 aired the first televised debate amongst all but one of the remaining candidates participating in the Tory leadership election & it was Jeremy Hunt who asked the most apt question of the entire debate that being where was Boris? Yes apparently Boris Johnson is too much of a complacent & arrogant fuck to debate the other Tory leadership candidates in the first televised debate, Boris might think he’s so far in front not to have any need to debate the other Tory leadership candidates in front of an audience wider then just Tory Party activists, but he should be reminded not to be so complacent & arrogant as candidates who looked as if they were odds on favourites with bookies & political pundits to be elected Tory leader in previous Tory leadership elections have pretty much never won in any of those Tory leadership elections. Supposedly Boris will be participating in the next televised Tory leadership debate which presumably will be amongst the remaining candidates after Tuesday’s next round of voting held earlier that day & this next televised debate is being aired on primetime BBC1, hmm funny don’t remember the last time there was Labour leadership election there being a debate between the leadership candidates being aired on primetime BBC1, #torybias, #torybias, #torybias.

So since the last time I wrote about the Tory leadership contest all of 3 days ago, Matt Hancock has pulled out of the leadership election despite having not been at the bottom of the pack of those who made the cut to proceed to the second round of voting, I guess with Matt Hancock it’s been a case of Matt who?!?! Jeremy Hunt has been getting in a strop with the media for correctly identifying him as Jeremy Cunt, this follows Victoria Derbyshire on her morning BBC2 magazine show joining a long list of distinguished broadcasters correctly identifying Jeremy for what he is. Oh & there’s been the revelation that Boris Johnson whilst as London Mayor insulted the families of those who died as a consequence the 7/7 terrorist attacks upon the capital, when in a furious outburst after being briefed on the expense of inquests into the 52 people who died on that horrendous day back in July of 2005, he’s claimed to have said “Fuck the families! Fuck the families!”, hey surprised not am I if true, as it’s pretty fucking typical Tory to put penny-pinching ahead of justice being done & to be insensitive about doing so

So despite the absence of Boris at tonight’s televised Tory leadership election debate, what did we learn from tonight’s televised debate? Well it was obvious for all to see that with the exception of Sajid Javid, all the other candidates were privately educated privileged bland heteronormative middle-aged White males, so pretty stereotypical of your what a Tory scumbag wanker politician has always pretty much been. Of course Sajid Javid being Muslim wasn’t the reason he was the only member of the cabinet not to have been asked to meet Donald Trump, when Trump was on his recent UK jolly being glad-handed by Queen Lizzy & co, because to say Javid didn’t get to shake hands with Trump because he’s a Muslim would imply Trump is Islamophobic & the British government were complicit with that Islamophobia, nah that can’t be true, I mean hasn’t Donald Trump been ever so complementary about London Mayor Sadiq Khan over the past few days.

Jeremy Hunt kept on bragging throughout tonight’s televised Tory leadership debate that he’s been a successful entrepreneur, me thinks Hunt other then being an utter cunt, has mistaken the Tory leadership debate for fucking Dragons Den, yeah I think Hunt would be a good replacement for Peter Jones as they’re equally jumped up fucking yuppie fucks who think we should worship them because they’ve got wads of cash.

We found out tonight that Michael Gove is detached from reality or he’s been snorting way too many powdery white lines of his favourite Bolivian crop, actually it probably is he’s been snorting way too much Bolivian marching dust because Michael Gove seems to think he’s somehow special, which in fact can be a consequence of taking heaps of cocaine. Michael seemed to think if he were Prime Minister then EU negotiators would fall at his feet in giving him the Brexit deal he wants, despite the very obvious fact that EU aren’t oblige to do so & won’t do so & I don’t fucking blame them for not doing so.

Of all the candidates it was Antifeminist & transphobic Dominic Raab who ranks alongside Boris as the candidate who is the most dangerous threat to British parliamentary democracy in a very real fascistic despotism kind of manner, as both are saying if they’re elected Prime Minister they’d be prepared to suspend parliament as a means of forcing a No Deal Brexit happening come the October 31st deadline, suspending parliaments when the executive branch of government can’t get it’s own way is the kind of thing fascist dictators do, these are indeed extremely worrying times if either Boris Johnson or Dominic Raab get elected Prime Minister.

Okay as far as I’m concerned all the remaining Tory leadership candidates are all first class cunts as well as those who have already dropped out of the race, but Rory Stewart is the least cuntish of the remaining Tory candidates, in fact the way he was bollocking on about recapturing the centre ground of British politics I was wondering if he’s not in fact a closeted Liberal Democrat, but what the fuck is this nutty bullshit about a ‘citizens assembly’ to find a resolution to Brexit he keeps waffling on about? Essentially Rory is proposing picking several thousand people at random from the electoral role to have some grand assembly to find a solution to Brexit if the parliamentary deadlock can’t be resolved, apart the logistics of organising such a grand assembly, has it occurred to Rory that its likely many of those who would be chosen for this grand ‘citizens assembly’ could very well be subjected to harassment & intimidation by far-right thugs & unlike many a politician they won’t have police protection or be able to afford hiring bodyguards. For fucks sake Rory forget this mass phone-a-friend bullshit & just come out in support of a second referendum, you know you want to mate.

No surprise the majority of Channel 4’s Tory leadership debate was taken up with Brexit, Brexit, fucking Brexit, but I was surprised about the amount of times Climate-Change was mentioned, I guess I should be thankful that generally mainstream conservatives in this country believe Climate-Change is for real, but though Tories might talk about doing etc to combat Climate-Change that’s just it they merely talk about doing etc, the Tories record in government when it comes to averting the pending climate & environmental catastrophe is fucking woeful!

What Did We Find Out From The First Round Of Voting In The Tory Leadership Election

What did we find out from the first round of voting in the Tory leadership Election? We found out there ain’t much love for Esther McVey as she was bottom of the poll with only 9 of her Tory scumbag parliamentary colleagues voting for her, it appears that McVey is even too bat shit crazy for the mainstay of the Tory parliamentary party. I guess I should be thankful that the insane bitch is now out the running to replace Theresa May & so as the Tory leadership election proceeds we won’t be hearing so much of hideous McVey patterned patronising Scouse accent which has been giving me fucking earache when she’s been proposing further Tory craziness, unfortunately there’s 7 Tory leadership candidates still in the race who no doubt have an abundance of further Tory craziness to propose, oh & I did personally think it was a shame that the reason McVey dropped out of the Tory leadership election was a due to a lack of votes not that the police arresting her for crimes against humanity, I still hope to see the day when that mad scumbag bitch along with Iain Duncan Smith see the inside of a orison cell for all the evil shit they’ve done to disabled people.

Esther McVey is even too bat shit crazy for most Tory MPs

It appears the Tories aren’t in the mood to replace Theresa May with another female Prime Minister as one of the other two candidates who failed to get the 15 votes from their Tory scumbag parliamentary colleagues was Andrea Loathsome, sorry I meant Leadsom, no actually I was right first time. The other candidate who failed to get the required 15 votes from Tory scumbag MPs to proceed to the second round of voting was Mark Harper, yeah I fucking know Mark who????? I bet there were Tory MPs who didn’t know who the fuck Mark Harper was, however to my surprise the other nobody Tory Matt Hancock is still in the race to be Tory leader, but of course it was the Boris Johnson who we know oh too well who topped the first round of voting in the Tory leadership election.

It appears Boris got over a third of the Tory parliamentary Tory party endorsing him to be leader & all those Tory MPs proved themselves A-class scumbag motherfuckers because they were endorsing a racist lying homophobic toff scumbag piece of shit who’s the British version of Donald Trump, over my dead body do I want him to be Prime fucking Minister. I said yesterday that the only time I’d back Boris was if it involved me backing him off a cliff whereupon he’d fall into a bottomless pit from which he’d never be heard from again, however I’ve now changed my mind as I’d actually prefer to back him off the side of pool full of alligators & whilst Boris criticised the gators for their smiles those gators would be ripping him to bloody sheds, oh I’d pull up a comfy chair & grab a big bowl of popcorn to watch that hilariously irony.

Tory scum loved him today but will they carry on loving him

We’ll found out how many Tory MPs are still in love with Boris next Tuesday with the second round of voting amongst the Tory parliamentary party, the same day that BBC are airing a television debate amongst the remaining on BBC1 in a primetime slot, funny I don’t remember the BBC doing the same during the Labour leadership election in 2015, anyways just because Boris came out top in the first round of Tory leadership election doesn’t necessarily mean he’s odds on to become the next Tory leader. Back in 2001 Michael Portillo was everybody’s favourite to become the next Tory leader when William Hague resigned & came out top in the first round of voting but didn’t make it to the run off between the final two top candidates who the entire Tory membership got to vote upon, worth bearing this in mind because there is a tendency with Tory leadership elections that the favourite doesn’t succeed to the summit of the Tory scumbag party.

I’d Rather Have My Teeth Pulled Out With Pliers Then Back Boris

Writing about the Tory leadership contest might not garner me a great deal of readership, but I’m a weighty but sweary political commentator who feels compelled to write about what’s occurring politically & the biggest thing politically which is currently occurring is the Tory leadership contest.

Andrea Leadsom said yesterday that the Brexit deadline of October 31st was a hard-red-line, but of course for Michael Gove it’s a soft white powdery line of his favourite Bolivian crop, ha, ha.

Gove’s biographer was in fact a guest on today’s edition of BBC’s Politics Live program, obviously the reason being to pimp the new book & oh for fucks sake did his fanboy love for Gove made me fucking nauseous, you really have to be seriously sad to be wanting to be writing a biography about frigging slimy Tory git like Michael Gove in the first place but that wasn’t the fucking worse of it, it really was a case of will you just ask Gove if you can suck his cock already because this guy really did seem have a never ending love for Gove to point it was making me want to puke.

Somebody said to me the other day that there have been too many weasel words written about the Tory leadership contest & that’s why the readership on articles I’ve written about it haven’t been so marvellous, well I suggest people read beyond the headline when it comes to what I publish about the Tory leadership contest because weasel words aren’t something I’d ever use to describe the Tories or the current Tory leadership contest. I’ve been pretty fucking full on in telling it like see it when it comes to the Tory leadership contest, I do recall publishing an article in which I described all the Tory leadership candidates as First-class scumbag cunts, yeah you’re not going to get that kind of blunt honesty from Laura fucking Kuenssberg.

Esther McVey being interviewed on LBC radio

Esther McVey the very worse of the Tory scumbags who are wanting to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister & yesterday she had her leadership campaign launch disrupted not by disabled people protesting McVey for helping to murder thousands of vulnerable people when a minister at the DWP but by some fat gammon racist shouting she was a traitor for supporting the need for there to be a Brexit deal, of course if stupid racist gammon actually bothered to do some research they’d find McVey in fact supports a No-Deal-Brexit the very thing stupid racist gammon seem to want, as for disabled people protesting McVey during her Tory leadership campaign well it wouldn’t surprise me as McVey has the blood of dead disabled people on her hands & in a recent interview repeatedly refused to apologise for the bungled rollout of Universal Credit which has caused destitution & death for many vulnerable people.

Boris Johnson launching his bid ro replace Theresa May as Prime Minister

Of course one can’t avoid mentioning Boris Johnson when it comes to the Tory leadership contest as he’s the favourite to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister, however it’s worth pointing out when it’s come to Tory leadership contests in the past that the favoured candidate has tended not to ultimately succeed in becoming Tory leader, anyways today Boris had the launch for his leadership campaign & I saw they were trying to make #BackBoris a thing (with the help of the BBC I note). I’d rather have my teeth pulled out with pliers then back Boris, actually no I would back Boris, I’d back him off the edge of a cliff from which he would full into a bottomless pit from where he’d never be heard from ever again. Tories say Boris would be a winner as Prime Minister, err more like he’ll be a national fucking embarrassment, no thanks to having a Prime Minister who has a history of not just being racist but also homophobic, no thanks to having the British version of Donald fucking Trump!

Which Tory Leadership Candidate Has Smoked Crack?

Michael Gove has snorted cocaine, Andrea Leadsom claims she once smoked pot & I’m pretty sure Boris Johnson has done mushrooms or dropped acid, so I’m just wondering which Tory Leadership candidate has smoked crack or injected smack? Once the revelations about Michael Gove being a cokehead came out, I thought the Tory leadership contest would move on from the pissing contest about who’s more of a hardcore Brexiter or who’s more homophobic/transphobic to Tory leadership candidates trying to out do each other with drug confessionals, but all we got was Andrea Leadsom claiming she once smoked a joint & well my dear Andrea that was nowhere nearly as much marijuana as you should’ve smoked because you’re a loathsome fucking Tory scumbag!

Andrea Leadsom has certainly not smoked enough marijuana as she’s still loathsome

No Tory has done enough illicit substances because well if they had they’d not be doing all the evil shit which they’ve been doing & when they get caught out having done illicit substances they’re always such fucking hypocrites about it. Whilst Gove was busy snorting his favourite Bolivian export up his nose at the same time he was writing rants against drugs being decriminalised, but if you think that bit of hypocrisy stinks there’s also the regulation he brought in when Education Secretary that if you’re a teacher & get caught with a class A substance (which cocaine currently is) then you no longer have a teaching career. So it’s okay for Michael Gove to have made ‘a mistake’ way into his 30s & still have the career he wants, but not for a teacher to make a mistake possibly younger the Gove was when he made a ‘regrettable mistake’, ‘a regrettable mistake’ I’d point out he made more then once, I don’t really care if Michael Gove is a fucking cokehead it’s that he’s been such a hypocrite about it, Gove you truly are a hypocrite & then some, I certainly won’t be heeding any of that anti-drug bullshit conservatives like to ram down your from Gove though it’s not as if I ever heeded it from any other conservative politician anyways.

Michael Gove is a hypocrite then some

I use have my very own stalker who I nicknamed Terry the Tory Troll because his name was Terrence Godfrey & he was a lifelong Tory & he use to stalk me around various blogs slash news sites I’ve written for & troll me in the comment sections of posts/articles I’d written which included trying to dox me after I came out as trans, anyways Terry being a Tory moron was of course an anti-drug zealot who tried to lecture me about all drugs were bad & he didn’t like it when my response was that if he thought all drugs were bad then don’t take anything his GP proscribed. Hey if you’re going to try & lecture me about all drugs are evil then I’m going to point out your own hypocrisy by telling you not to take any drug your doctor proscribes or drink wine or beer or coffee & certainly don’t eat chocolate or cheese, yes cheese has been found to have addictive properties & is definitely a gateway drug because I’m sure just about every heroin addict has eaten a cheese sandwich at some point in their life.

We are always being told by politicians from across the political spectrum that the drug trade damages lives thus taking illegal drugs isn’t victimless crime, I’d not deny the illegal drug trade damages lives but it’s because it’s illegal which is why it’s damaging lives, you don’t see gangs having violent turf wars over the trade of cough syrup do you & before anybody says that’s a silly comparison believe me I’ve known at least two people who’ve been addicted to Benylin. You’d have thought we’d have learnt from what happened during prohibition era America when psychopathic gangsters took over the regulation of a market demand with intimidation & violence when that market demand couldn’t be legitimately regulated by legal means.

Some people might claim I’m seriously blasé about drug use & don’t know the full cost of the misery which illegal drug use causes. I’d say fuck you to anybody who says I don’t know the fatal consequences of drug use because my best friend Richard died of drug overdose back in 2011 & when I was told it was like being hit by a fucking fully loaded freight train & I had to be comforted for 5 hours as I simply couldn’t stop crying & even now I’ve very moist eyes thinking about Richard as after all these years I still miss him. 3 Years prior to my best friend Richard dying of a drug overdose, probably the closest friend I’ve had committed to suicide as a consequence of substance abuse & for the previous 7 years I had to witness Owen lose his mind to psychosis, so never tell me I don’t know the tragic consequences of drug use. The reason I still steadfastly support the decimalisation or full legalisation of all drugs just as much as I did 20 years ago is the vast majority of people I knew who were doing as many illicit substances as I was doing back then & who are still doing as much these days are still very much alive & kicking & leading very constructive lives, just because some people die in road traffic accidents doesn’t mean I think all motorised vehicles should be banned because the vast majority of people can get from a to b in an automobile without any incident, well its exactly the same deal when it comes to drug use but it ain’t what you hear on the news is it.

To be honest I’m far more concerned by what the any of the Tory leadership candidates might potentially do if they become Prime Minster then what drugs they might have or might not have ingested, I’m far more fucking concerned with how much more of an evil fucker they’re going to be to the most vulnerable people as compared to their predecessors David Cameron & Theresa May, because you just know they’re going to be more evil fuckers.

Michael Gove Is A Cokehead!

Though I’ve always thought Michael Gove to the slimiest of slimy Tory gits, I always thought him way too much of choir boy to be have been snorting lines of Bolivian-marching-dust, but apparently Gove has been something of cokehead & hasn’t the Tory leadership contest got a whole lot more interesting.

Can you just imagine if Gove moved into Downing Street, every night it’ll bowls of cocaine, skanky hookers, motorcycles being ridden up staircases & televisions being thrown out of windows, it would be a wilder fucking riot then a Led Zep aftershow party. Can you just imagine Gove deciding government policy after snorting a few lines, actually that wouldn’t be such a great idea, I’ve had plenty of ‘drug experiences’ & will certainly continue to have many more ‘drug experiences’ as long as I live, however cocaine was never really my drug, a) it was generally too expensive & b) speed was just as good for half the price, but what I do know about cocaine is the stupid egotistical crap people have done under its influence. Go ask Oasis about their third album Be Here Now, you know the most overhyped album in British rock history but the album which was the death nail for Britpop, because every song droned on for 7 minutes with overblown Wayne World style guitar soles & all due to there having been a blizzard like snowfall of cocaine whilst they were in the studio recording it, incidentally my girlfriend has actually produced a documentary about Be Here Now & why it’s so shite which yes features yours truly.

Michael Gove says he deeply regrets having snorted line after line of cocaine, err I say bullshit to that being the true, come on admit it Michael you fucking loved it despite being yet another hypocritical politician preaching drugs are bad & supporting the asinine war on drugs, fucking admit it Michael cocaine is your drug dude because an ambitious careerist politician like yourself needs your ego tickled & massaged & inflated which is exactly what cocaine provides as well as a shrivelled up dick but no worries there you’re an ugly fucker. This all kind of reminds me of those evangelical Christian preachers in the Mid-West of the United States who preach homophobic bile but get continuously caught out for having had sex with underage male prostitutes in some scuzzy motel room & then say how sorry they are for their ‘homosexual experiences’ & deeply regret it, yeah like fuck they regretted it, for fuck’s sake what’s with these repressed conservative motherfuckers, why can’t conservatives just admit they like getting their dicks sucked & snorting illicit substances as much as the rest of us. I’d actually have been less surprised to hear Michael Gove liked the odd Gay BDSM session then him being a cokehead, he seems the kind of conservative who’s seriously sexually repressed, well I guess those revelations are yet to come out hehehe.