Nigel Farage Reckons The Brexit Party Will Win The Next General Election & Jeremy Corbyn Is Calling For That General Election To Happen

Following Farage’s Brexit Party cult coming out top at the European Elections, Nigel Farage reckons the Brexit Party will now storm to power at the General Election, err dream the fuck on Nige, a General Election is a very different proposition to the European Elections. People were mad enough to vote for a single-issue party at the European Election because bluntly the vast majority of people don’t give a flying fuck about the European Elections as reflected by the turnout being way below 40%, the turnout at a General Election will be far higher & there will be an expectation from voters for any party wanting to get elected to government to have their party platform feature more than one issue, there’d be an expectation for any party seriously wanting to be elected to government to have a swathe of constructive policies not just be backed by Russian Roubles in an attempt to turn the masses into Brexit precious Brexit Gollum like creatures whilst practicing stochastic terrorism, so things would certainly be different for the Labour Party then at the European Elections because Labour does have a swathe of policies & a vision of a better tomorrow.

No surprise that with Tory scumbags all knifing each other in the back to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister & with the Tories electoral collapse to less than 10% at European Elections & lets not forget their worse ever local election results earlier this month, Jeremy Corbyn was being opportunist in calling for a General Election, sure I’d be up for a General Election to put the boot into this fuck awful Tory government & particularly as I’m fed up with the Tory party exclusively having a say who will be the next Prime Minister & the wider electorate not having any say, yes I understand that’s the way our parliamentary system works but it doesn’t mean I have to fucking like it.

Jeremy Corbyn

As well as calling a General Election Jeremy Corbyn has refused to commit Labour to supporting a second referendum, but before I start banging my head repeatedly on the desk because it’s support for a second referendum which I & the majority of Labour supporters would prefer to be Labour’s official policy, I think its more important Labour just comes down one side or the other on the issue of Brexit rather attempt to sit on the fence as the current policy seems to be, sure I’d not be happy if Labour backed Brexit but at least it would be a clear & fucking concise policy & having a clear & concise policy on Brexit is the point I’m making.

It does appear the issue of Britain’s relation with European Union is where Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly trips up, remember it was post the 2016 EU Referendum when there was last a serious coup to oust him as Labour leader because the Blairite contingent within Labour blamed him for the Brexit outcome of that referendum when in fact it was the fault of then Tory Prime Minister David Cameron. I guess it shouldn’t be any surprise that following the woeful results for Labour at European Elections there’s today been a chorus of ‘Corbyn must go’, yeah well I’m not one of those joining in with that chorus no matter how disappointed I might be with Labour’s current approach to Brexit.

When it comes to axing student tuition fees, renationalising the railways, saving our NHS, tackling poverty & tackling climate-change, Jeremy Corbyn scores top marks as far as a socialist like myself is concerned & I know these policies are also popular with the electorate, its just Brexit where I think Labour is failing, but at any General Election I’m not going to just vote for a party on the basis of one policy nor are the majority of the electorate, so lets not get stupid in the aftermath of the European Elections where the vast majority of people stayed at home no doubt due to many of them having Brexit fatigue. If the remainder of the Blairite contingent within Labour does encourage the chorus of ‘Corbyn must go’ to get ever louder & as consequence manage to oust Jeremy Corbyn & move the party back to the right, I’d permanently swap my vote to the Green Party & I know I’d not be the only one who’d do so.

Today Soph Will Be Voting Green

Today is polling day in the UK for the 2019 European Elections & I’ll being casting my vote for the Green Party. So why am I voting Green Party? Why not Change UK? Why not vote for the Lib Dems? Why not vote Labour when I’ve claimed that if you cut me open I’d bleed Labour?!?!?

It’s not as if I disagree very much with Anna Soubry MP when it comes to opposing Brexit & championing the need for a second referendum, but Change UK are a fucking joke, I mean this is a party who select candidates who then promptly defect to the Liberal Democrats, despite essentially being a bunch of careerist politicians they can’t even organise registering a party logo with Electoral Commission, a party originally formed complaining of racism with the Labour Party only for one of those MPs who split from Labour complaining about racism within Labour to then go on the BBC & make racist remarks merely hours after the initial launch of what’s now become Change UK, it’s the fucking Keystone Cops & then some with Change UK, but my biggest gripe with Change UK is they don’t in fact want Change, they’re a bunch of disgruntled Blairites who want to continue with the Blairite doctrine of neoliberalist capitalism which caused the 2008 Financial Crisis & will keep on reeking misery on the many & only rewarding the few.

I applaud the Liberal Democrats for having entitled their European Elections manifesto ‘Bollocks To Brexit’, but I will NEVER vote for the Lib Dems ever again, not after I voted for them at the 2010 General Election thinking they represented the progressive vote only for them to betray progressives who voted for them by propping up David Cameron’s Tory administration & the austerity that Tory administration inflicted on the most vulnerable in society which has contributed to deaths of over 100,000 disabled people & as a disabled person myself yeah I take it fucking personally.

Labour’s official policy on Brexit seems to change on a daily basis, so what is Labour’s official policy today being it’s polling day for the European Elections, is the official policy on Brexit different for voters in the north who tend to support Brexit then it is for voters down south who tend to oppose Brexit, is it Labour will honour the outcome of 2016’s EU referendum or is Labour will push for second referendum, even Labour’s own MPs are confused as what the party’s official policy on Brexit happens to be & Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t given much clarity during the entire European Elections campaign other to say Labour opposes a No-Deal-Brexit, with whatever else is going on with Theresa May currently she was right when in parliament yesterday she essentially said Jeremy Corbyn had to get off the fence on the issue of Brexit. I know Jeremy Corbyn would rather discuss tackling poverty & climate change & sure those issues are of far greater importance then Brexit, but the European Elections are very much about Brexit & Jeremy’s constantly ambiguous waffling on the issue during the entirety of European Elections campaign has put me off voting Labour today.

The Green Party oppose austerity & oppose Brexit & they’re more likely then Labour to get MEPs elected in the South East region then Labour, I’ll probably revert back to voting Labour at the next round of local elections & at the next General Election because Jeremy Corbyn is pretty bang fucking on when it comes to domestic policy, it’s just on the issue of Brexit where Jeremy Corbyn has lost his way.

So is what I’m doing to today a protest vote? I’d say no because I’m actually voting for the party which is closest to my own political stances at the European Elections & isn’t that how one should vote.

What’s Labour’s Policy On Brexit Today?

On Sunday’s edition of the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, John McDonnell said it was Labour’s policy on Brexit for Britain to remain within the Customs Union & it makes a great deal of economic sense for us to remain part of the European-Single-Market & it’s a definitely clear & concise policy , trouble is though this might have been Labour’s Brexit policy on Sunday fuck knows what Labour’s Brexit policy is today, Labour’s policy on Brexit seems to change pretty much as often as one Labour frontbench MP appears on television to talk Brexit & in doing so contradicts what another Labour frontbench MP previously said about Labour’s policy on Brexit, one Labour frontbencher says Labour will honour the result of 2016’s EU referendum only for another Labour frontbencher to say Labour backs a second referendum & if any Labour MP attempts to explain what Labour’s actual official policy on Brexit really happens to be they take fucking eons in attempting to do so & sound milli-mouthed as they’re probably confused as anybody as to Labour’s official policy on Brexit happens.

If the Labour leadership are clear as mud about Labour’s policy on Brexit happens to be then Labour backbench MPs are even more confused as to what Labour’s official policy on Brexit happens to be as illustrated by Wes Streeting & Gloria De Piero saying two completely contradictory things on where Labour officially stands on supporting a second referendum & if Labour MPs themselves are getting confused as fuck about Labour’s utter mess of a policy on Brexit then no wonder we the electorate are clueless as Labour’s actual official policy on Brexit.

It could be said that Labour’s policy on Brexit isn’t in fact confusing but it fact Labour’s policy is clear in not wanting to rule any option out when it comes to Brexit which on the face of it might seem sensible with such a complex issue, but actually it is confusing, it’s creating ambiguity as to what Labour would do on the issue of Brexit if there were a snap general election & Labour were elected to government & because Labour are seeming to be ambiguous as to what they’d do in government regards Brexit this is creating distrust from all quarters of the Brexit debate, for which we’ve already seen reflected electorally with Labour losing council seats at last week’s local elections.

I can sympathise that Jeremy Corbyn is between a rock & hard place when it comes to Brexit, over 70% of the party membership back a second referendum but 61% of Labour constituencies voted for Brexit at the EU referendum, so sure this might be why Jeremy & the Labour leadership have adopted a policy on Brexit which attempts to be all things to all people. There definitely seems to be utter worry with Jeremy & the Labour leadership to have the balls to come down one side or another on the issue of Brexit with a definite policy due to the fear of losing votes, yeah well Labour are losing votes due their current policies creating confusion & thus distrust amongst voters. Oh & I don’t just speak off the top of my head about Labour’s ambiguity on the issue of Brexit counting against them at the ballot box, this isn’t me just repeating what I heard some Tory puppet of a BBC political commentator say, this what Labour activists have told me about the feedback they’ve received from voters on the doorstep during the local elections campaign.

I’m personally in favour of a second referendum with three options, May’s Brexit deal (or whatever Brexit deal May & Corbyn might eventually cook up), a Brexit without a deal & the option to remain in the EU, as I see no other option to break the Brexit deadlock at parliament, but if Jeremy Corbyn wants to back Brexit & not support a second referendum then okay a majority of the party membership might not buy into supporting it, but at least it’s a policy which is clear & concise & isn’t ambiguous, nor would it be ambiguous for Labour to advocate with certainty to remain within the European-single-market, so not just have John McDonnell say this is Labour policy only to have another Labour frontbencher colleague contradict him but for all Labour frontbenchers to be singing from the same hymn sheet, I think the majority of the party membership would buy into this & support it, but whatever Labour just needs to get a fucking grip regards Brexit.

Soph’s Post LE2019 Mortem (& message to Jeremy Corbyn)

2019’s local election results are for me pretty frigging weird, take Swindon for instance where there was the recent announcement of an end to production at the Honda Plant which is situated in the area & this no doubt being a consequence of the Tories incompetent handling of Brexit & yet the voters of Swindon returned a Tory controlled council, but it’s the overall general outcome across the country of these local elections which has me scratching my head totally perplexed, I mean it was reported time & time again during the local elections campaign that canvassers from all parties were being met with hostility on the doorstep (including incidents of both verbal & physical abuse) about Brexit not being delivered & yet it’s the Liberal Democrats & the Green Party who’ve made the biggest council seat gains & these are very much the two parties who are the parties most vigorous in opposing Brexit, results worth noting included arch Tory Brexiter Jacob Rees Mogg now living in a Lib Dem controlled council in his Somerset constituency, the Lib Dems gaining control of former Tory PM David Cameron’s local Cotswold council & the Lib Dems controlling my local council though I didn’t vote Lib Dem & never will as I’ll never forget not forgive them for having jumped into bed in the aftermath of the 2010 General Election.

Of course as predicted the Tories got a drubbing at the ballot box, last time I checked the Tories had lost nearly a 1000 council seats & thus for the Tories this is now the worse ever set of local election results, so no wonder there were Tory activists heckling Theresa May to resign when today she spoke at the Welsh Tory conference as well as her own Tory MPs on BBC News calling for her to be ousted, If these local election results are any kind of barometer on Theresa May then she’s a far worse leader of the Tories then John Major was, but unlike when the Tories under the leadership of John Major were losing hundreds of council seats at the local elections, it’s not Labour who are gaining those seats, yes we have to talk about Labour’s underwhelming Local Elections performance.

Actually Labour’s local elections results weren’t underwhelming, Labour’s local election results were fucking woeful! At this mid stage cycle of a parliament, the party in opposition should be making significant gains at the local elections, probably for Labour somewhere in the range of 300–500 net seat gain, Labour however have made a net loss of around about 100 seats, oh it’s not just that Labour have made a net loss at these local elections, it’s also where Labour lost seats & lost control of local councils, Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Bolsover, yes Labour lost control of the council in Dennis Skinner’s fucking constituency, these should be safe as safe Labour strongholds!

Going on Labour’s 2019 local election performance they’re not going to be forming a government post the next general election, so why is this, we need to ask why Labour performed so poorly electorally yesterday? Well when Barry Gardner MP speaking on behalf of the Labour leadership appears on BBC News’s local election coverage takes near on 10 minutes to explain Labour’s policy on Brexit I think you have your answer as to why Labour performed woefully at the local elections.

Yes the local elections should be about bin collections not Brexit, but national politics have always been a factor when comes to local elections & one would be naïve to deny otherwise, so I agree with the general consensus of political pundits that it’s Labour’s lack of clarity on Brexit which cost them seats at these local elections. I’m a Labour Party supporter & a hardcore political animal & yet I’m pretty clueless as to Labour’s policy on Brexit, okay I kind of know what Labour’s position is but I certainly couldn’t explain it in clear & concise terms which is the point here. UKIP, the Lib Dems, The Green Party, even the Tories are one way or another pretty clear where they stand on Brexit, but Labour & Brexit, it’s about as clear as mud because Jeremy Corbyn has tried to be all things to all peeps on the issue, which leads one to think oh for fucks sake will you just come down one side or another on the issue! If Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour leadership want to back Brexit then fine that’s a definite & clear policy, alternatively so would backing a second referendum be a definite & clear policy, anything would be better then current mess of a position where you have Labour frontbenchers taking eons in attempting to explain Labour’s position on Brexit coming off sounding milli-mouth in the process & peeps tuning out & saying fuck you at the ballot box.

On many issues Jeremy Corbyn is bang on, but my support for Jezza is not unequivocal & I’m losing patience with his & Labour’s ambiguity on Brexit & so are voters less supportive of Labour then myself who are also less politically knowledgeable then myself, I’m no Blairite calling for Jeremy to be ousted, but what I’m calling for is Jeremy to get a grip & be clear as to where Labour stand on Brexit that’s all.