Here’s Some Tory Hypocrisy This Festive Hols

I ended up spending Christmas with a trans friend who lives the other side of Surrey, so I actually had a far better Christmas then I was expecting, in fact it was an intensely restful Christmas I had & thus a thoroughly lovely Christmas I had, though I could have done without one of friend’s housemate’s hyperactive dogs one of whom introduced themselves to me by licking my face at 4am in the morning when I was trying to sleep.

Yep I was fortunate enough to have had a lovely Christmas with a true friend, vegging out in front of the television watching season 1 of the X Files (people forget what an awesome series the X Files once was). It might not sound terribly festive to some watching old episodes of the X Files whilst scoffing yourself silly on sugary treats, oh for fucks sake it’s a far more a tradition of a modern British Christmas then fairies on top of Christmas trees & going the midnight mass to veg out in front of the television half comatosed from all the food & drink you’ve consumed, oh but of course your meant to veg out in front of television watching the Queen’s Speech then the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special. Oh dear I didn’t watch the Queen’s Speech nor did I watch Gavin Stacey, so what makes me far more unpatriotic not having watched the Queen’s Speech or the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special?

I’ve not watched a single episode of Gavin & Stacey nor am I planning on ever watching a single episode anytime soon or even in the far off future, though I have spent Christmases in households where I was literally forced to watch the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day, my grandmother was Jewish so really didn’t do Christmas but if you were round her house come Christmas Day afternoon you had to watch the Queen lecture one & all about how we all should be living our lives. Am I the only one who objects being lectured about how I ought to be living my life by somebody who’s uber fucking wealthy & overprivileged on the count she happened to be born with the correct silver spoon shoved up her muff?

Queen Lizzy in 2018 lecturing us all about poverty whilst the billionaire sat in front of gold piano

I’d imagine whatever Lizzy lectured the nation about this Christmas was not dissimilar to bullshit she was lecturing the nation about last year, yeah remember last year when we had billionaire Lizzy sitting in front of a gold piano lecturing all about poverty, yeah because Lizzy knows an awful lot about poverty bouncing about in golden horse drawn carriages & living in palaces of splendour, nah I don’t somehow ever expect to see Lizzy skimping for pennies anytime soon, nor do I ever expect to see her come Christmas time handing out food parcels at the local food bank or helping out the local homeless shelter.

Jeremy Corbyn

Maybe we ought to listen to a Christmas message about poverty & homelessness from somebody who actually knows something about how the other half live, you know somebody like Jeremy Corbyn. Remember how during the recent GE2019 campaign the Tory press went ape shit in calling Jeremy Corbyn traitorous when it was revealed he doesn’t watch the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day afternoon, well the reason he doesn’t is because he’s been more often than not been busy volunteering at his local homeless shelter.

I personally would have preferred to had a Prime Minister who helped feed the homeless Christmas Day then fuck off to sun themselves in the Caribbean, yes whilst Jeremy Corbyn was busy volunteering at his local homeless shelter this festive season, Boris Johnson is jetting off the private luxurious Carribean island of Mustique. So let me get this straight, the self-described ‘people’s Prime Minister’ of the self-described ‘people’s government’ is jetting off to a place which 99.9% of people will never be able to afford to go, yeah that’s on par with billionaire Lizzy sitting in front of gold piano lecturing all about poverty when it comes to egregiously sickening hypocrisy of the Tory establishment.