Hopefully The Last Word On The Milkshake Election

Nigel Farage refused last Wednesday to get off his Brexit Party campaign bus because the bus had been surrounded with people drinking milkshakes, I wonder if Nigel is going to be now cowering in the backroom closet with PTSD anytime the milk man delivers to the family home, I heard that last Thursday that there were free milkshakes at Nigel’s local polling station & didn’t see any photos of him casting his vote, I think we’ve now found what truly terrifies Nigel Farage.

Brexit Party gammon faking having a milkshake chucked at him

Last Thursday I saw reports of an army veteran who was wearing a Brexit Party rosette having a milkshake chucked at him outside a polling station in Aldershot, I did originally think this was taking the ‘milkshakes against racism’ a bit far, however its now transpired that Don McNaughton the army veteran in question actually spilled a milk or yoghurt based drink on himself & tried to use it as ruse to smear the left & possibly gain the sympathy vote for the Brexit Party, yes the gammon fucker faked it! It’s also transpired as well as faking having a milkshake chucked at him because he’s a gammon Brexiter, Don McNaughton has been investigated for having shot unarmed civilians in Northern Ireland whilst serving in the army.

Considering how much of an attention seeking fuckwod Milo Yiannopoulos happens, I bet it was a real pisser there were no headlines about him having a milkshake chucked at him when he was travelling around as part of Carl Benjamin’s entourage as Carl aka Sargon of Akkad campaigned as a MEP candidate for UKIP in the South West, I bet it was even more of a pisser for Milo that at least at least three milkshakes were chucked successfully at Carl during the campaign for the European Elections as well as the fish & horse shit & everything else being chucked getting the headlines for Carl not him.

If Milo had had a milkshake chucked at him only a couple of years ago it would have been as much headline news as that antifa activist punching White Supremacist Richard Spencer, but alas conservatives nor civil society in general are as keen as Milo is on Catholic priests raping alter boys & so now nobody cares if Milo gets a milkshake in the face, but hey Milo there’s hope because if your mate Carl Benjamin is successful in taking over UKIP he can appoint you as UKIP’s youth spokesperson because he’s just as keen on underage boys having sex & bet there’s a never ending supply of milkshake for you both when you advocate such repugnant shite.

Nigel Farage & Carl Benjamin & Milkshakes

Nigel Farage was a couple of days ago speaking at Brexit Party rally in Edinburgh & the police asked the nearby branch of McDonald’s to stop selling milkshakes during the duration of the rally for Farage’s Brexit Party cult, Burger King responded to the news story McDonald’s had stopped selling milkshakes in Edinburgh as you’d expect a major competitor to do by tweeting they were still selling milkshakes throughout Scotland & far-right fuckwits were beside themselves with anger thinking this somehow constituted Burger King endorsing political violence against Nigel Farage, huh? Err? What the fuck?!?!?! I bet there are branches of Costa Coffee in Edinburgh which sell those creamy cooler type drinks which are a bit like milkshakes & I bet they didn’t stop selling them whilst Nigel Farage was in town, bet there are other restaurants in Edinburgh who sell milkshakes & I bet they didn’t stop selling them whilst Nigel Farage was spouting racist bullshit at some rally for his Brexit Party cult, does this constitute endorsing political violence? Do all restaurants which sell milkshake now have to cease doing so when some far-right wanker politician is preaching hate nearby encase there’s the chance their fragile egos are hurt by being humiliated from being drenched in milkshake?

I bet dairy farmers in the South West love Carl Benjamin as when he rolls into any town during the European Elections campaign I reckon there’s probably been a 10 fold increase in the purchase of milk based products to chuck at the bigoted turd, I don’t think there’s been a single rally staged by Carl Benjamin AKA Sargon of Akkad during his campaign to be elected as a UKIP MEP where somebody hasn’t tried to chuck something or other at the odious fucker & yesterday’s rally in Salisbury was no exception, though I’m not actually sure that’s milkshake he’s drenched in or his own jizzum from loving himself too much, I mean he mistook horse shit being flung at him in Totnes for what was coming out of his mouth.

Carl Benjamin gets drenched with milkshake at a rally in Salisbury

Yes chucking milkshakes at far-right wanker politicians is definitely a form of political violence & I don’t endorse activists doing so, but its not as if Carl Benjamin ain’t going to survive being drenched in milkshake even if her were lactose intolerant, yeah chucking a milkshake at a far-right asshole doesn’t even register on harm done compared to the murder of Jo Cox when it comes to acts of political violence or the Christchurch massacre which happened a few months ago & which in part Carl tried to defend & neither let us forget the attacks which Nigel Farage has launched upon the husband of the late Jo Cox.

Maybe some people need to ask themselves why people are wanting to chuck milkshakes at Carl Benjamin, it’s not that Carl Benjamin’s ideas frighten people because the odious fucker doesn’t have any fucking ideas, it’s because he threatens female Labour MPs & other feminists with rape & is an all round obnoxious woman hater, its because he thinks its okay for underage boys to have sex & trapes around Milo Yiannopoulos who also thinks its okay for Catholic priests to abuse young boys, it’s because Carl Benjamin has no fucking redeeming qualities & has fuck all empathy for the feelings of others, this why people are chucking milkshakes & whatever else at him during the European Elections Campaign.

Oh & just because McDonald’s or any other restaurant in the vicinity of Nigel Farage preaching shite might be asked by the authorities to stop selling milkshakes, it doesn’t mean the pompous racist ain’t safe from a drenching, somebody could easily piss in a cup & chuck it over him.

No Longer Is It Sargon Of Akkad It Is Sardine Of UKIP

Kristi Winters is a anti far-right YouTuber & she’s raised questions as to whether UKIP’s Carl Benjamin has broken British campaign finance law, the issue is he’s likely been financing his EU elections campaign to be elected a MEP with foreign donations made in support of his Sargon Of Akkad YouTube channel. It wouldn’t surprise me Benjamin along with Tommy Robinson are receiving foreign donations to finance their campaigns to be elected MEPs thus breaking British electoral law, but I’m not sure if anyone cares particularly as with Benjamin he’s highly unlikely to get elected being as he’s not even on top UKIP’s candidate list for the South West & as it goes UKIP are likely to get trounced at these European Elections by Farage’s Brexit Party cult.

People should actually care about the likes of Carl Benjamin & Tommy Robinson breaking electoral law because the far-right often don’t think the law seems to apply to them & so should be made an example of, plus these far-right wankers who pretend they’re anti-establishment are always propagating how the establishment political classes are always fiddling the law to suit themselves & yet the likes of Benjamin & Robinson are also doing so.

YouTube have announced that Benjamin will no longer receive advertising revenue on any video posted on his Sargon Of Akkad channel, though it’s good Benjamin will no longer get a slice of advertising revenue from making rape threats to female politicians, YouTube really need to takedown Benjamin’s Sargon Of Akkad channel as there are enough numbskull fanboys of Benjamin who’ll pay him to preach hate, however whatever further action YouTube does or doesn’t take, it’s no longer Sargon of Akkad whom Carl Benjamin should be referred to as, nor Sargon Of Wankhard as I’ve often referred to him as, from now on Benjamin should be referred to as Sardine Of UKIP.

Carl Benjamin being anointed Sardine Of UKIP

Somebody unsuccessfully tried to chuck a strawberry milkshake over Benjamin whilst he was out on the campaign stump in Plymouth, but protesters did manage to pelt him with fish, yep the Kipper got kippered & should from now on be known as Sardine Of UKIP!

Whilst Benjamin was out campaigning (if that’s what you can call it) he had Milo Yiannopoulos in-tow as part of his entourage, how fitting another far-right troll who thinks its okay to have sex with underage boys would be out on the stump campaigning for Benjamin, but Milo wasn’t the only odious character who was a member of Benjamin’s campaign entourage, a member of his security is known to be a holocaust denying YouTuber, yeah just before you thought Benjamin couldn’t sink UKIP any lower he manages to do so.