Hopefully The Last Word On The Milkshake Election

Nigel Farage refused last Wednesday to get off his Brexit Party campaign bus because the bus had been surrounded with people drinking milkshakes, I wonder if Nigel is going to be now cowering in the backroom closet with PTSD anytime the milk man delivers to the family home, I heard that last Thursday that there were free milkshakes at Nigel’s local polling station & didn’t see any photos of him casting his vote, I think we’ve now found what truly terrifies Nigel Farage.

Brexit Party gammon faking having a milkshake chucked at him

Last Thursday I saw reports of an army veteran who was wearing a Brexit Party rosette having a milkshake chucked at him outside a polling station in Aldershot, I did originally think this was taking the ‘milkshakes against racism’ a bit far, however its now transpired that Don McNaughton the army veteran in question actually spilled a milk or yoghurt based drink on himself & tried to use it as ruse to smear the left & possibly gain the sympathy vote for the Brexit Party, yes the gammon fucker faked it! It’s also transpired as well as faking having a milkshake chucked at him because he’s a gammon Brexiter, Don McNaughton has been investigated for having shot unarmed civilians in Northern Ireland whilst serving in the army.

Considering how much of an attention seeking fuckwod Milo Yiannopoulos happens, I bet it was a real pisser there were no headlines about him having a milkshake chucked at him when he was travelling around as part of Carl Benjamin’s entourage as Carl aka Sargon of Akkad campaigned as a MEP candidate for UKIP in the South West, I bet it was even more of a pisser for Milo that at least at least three milkshakes were chucked successfully at Carl during the campaign for the European Elections as well as the fish & horse shit & everything else being chucked getting the headlines for Carl not him.

If Milo had had a milkshake chucked at him only a couple of years ago it would have been as much headline news as that antifa activist punching White Supremacist Richard Spencer, but alas conservatives nor civil society in general are as keen as Milo is on Catholic priests raping alter boys & so now nobody cares if Milo gets a milkshake in the face, but hey Milo there’s hope because if your mate Carl Benjamin is successful in taking over UKIP he can appoint you as UKIP’s youth spokesperson because he’s just as keen on underage boys having sex & bet there’s a never ending supply of milkshake for you both when you advocate such repugnant shite.

Still Time Enough With The 2019 European Elections Campaign For The Far Right Likes Of Tommy Robinson & Carl Benjamin to Exploit The Fears Of Voters & To Have Milkshakes Chucked At Them For Doing So

Today is May 22nd which in recent years has become somewhat of a bad day in contemporary British history, as today is the 6th anniversary of the murder of Lee Rigby who was a soldier beheaded on the streets of Greenwich in South London & today is also the 2nd anniversary of the suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena which killed 22 people, both of these horrific incidents were replenishable acts of terrorism & totally 110% indefensible & if anybody does try defending these despicable acts of terrorism they should be seriously castigated & ostracized from mainstream society, but equally as repugnant are those on the far-right who use these contemptable acts of barbarism from the murder of Lee Rigby to the Manchester Terrorist Attack as a means of pushing their far right agenda of hate & intolerance, from crazed GOP politicians in the United States blaming the murder of Lee Rigby upon Britain having a far too liberal & tolerant society to that infamous tweet by Katie Hopkins in the aftermath of Manchester Terrorist Attack suggesting a ‘final solution’ for Muslims.

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson more then just about every other far-right grifter has repeatedly used the murder of Lee Rigby to push his agenda of hate & I bet today will be no exception particularly considering it’s the 6th anniversary of that dreadful murder & the last day of campaigning for the European Elections, yes I know people can campaign on election day if you want to get fucking pedantic about it but traditionally the last day before election day is considered the last full day of campaigning for that particular election, anyways the point is Tommy & his far-right horde of knuckle-dragging fanboys will no doubt be milking fearful memories people have of the murder of Lee Rigby along with the more recent Manchester Terrorist Attack being as Manchester is the largest city in the North West region & it’s the North West region where Tommy is standing as a candidate.

Considering how dense some of his gammon neanderthal supporters are, I reckon there’ll be a few or more of them turning up at polling stations in places like the Midlands & the North East complaining the ballot paper doesn’t have Tommy’s name on it because they’re too ignorant to understand its only in the North West where he’s standing as a MEP candidate that his name will be on the ballot paper & thus their displeasure in not being able to vote for Tommy could possibly manifest itself in them violently remonstrating with the staff at the polling station that they’re conspiring with the ray gun tooting Muslamic infidels against Tommy. Joking aside I’m genuinely concerned that Tommy Robinson’s gammon fanboys might very well intimidate & bully voters outside or in the vicinity of polling stations across the North West, you’d think that this is an issue the police would be very much aware of as just about everywhere Tommy goes violence & mayhem ensues, as for the police taking appropriate action well recent evidence with the police not dealing with yellow vest thugs intimidating MPs outside parliament leads me to cast doubt on whether the police will take appropriate action. Thankfully its unlikely Tommy is going to get elected as he’s currently polling at about 3% in the North West, but of course when the vote tally is revealed on Sunday night this might trigger Tommy’s gammon army in kicking off with knuckle sandwiches about how the election has been rigged against him by Cultural Marxist establishment & by the Muslamic infidels armed with their ray guns.

Just as Tommy Robinson’s legion of gammon neanderthal fanboy supporters will claim the election was rigged against Tommy by the establishment, it’ll be the same bullshit with supporters of UKIP’s Carl Benjamin in the South West & of course Carl will blame everybody but himself because that’s what Carl typically does. Carl Benjamin is actually polling worse in South West then Tommy Robinson is in the North West, so fuck all chance Carl is going to get elected & every chance he’s going help kill UKIP as any kind of electoral force, there’s in fact a conspiracy theory doing the rounds that Gerard Batten who’s UKIP’s leader has deliberately let Carl off the leash with his odious clown car antics to help get more Brexit Party candidates elected MEPs as he reckons there’s a better chance of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party cult to apply serious pressure on the government in delivering Brexit, what I do know is Carl’s clown car antics have certainly made the Brexit Party look far more sane & palatable to the electorate during this election campaign.

Carl Benjamin

I don’t think there’s been a single rally UKIP’s Carl Benjamin has staged during the entire European Elections campaign where somebody hasn’t tried to throw something or other at Carl, I’ve counted at least 3 times when a milkshake has been successfully chucked at him & there’s still plenty of time before the polls close tomorrow for one or two more to be chucked at the odious bigot, there’s of course still plenty of time for one or two milkshakes to be chucked in the direction of Tommy Robinson, however I don’t condone people chucking milkshakes at far-right wanker politicians no matter how much of a hatemongering wanker they might be, I especially advise most strenuously against doing so if Tommy Robinson or Carl Benjamin are seen near a polling station tomorrow, I’m not being sarcastic or ironic, just don’t be fucking doing it! Sure chucking a milkshake at far-right bigots is nowhere as bad as them intimidating the families of journalists in the middle of the night or threatening to rape female Labour MPs & it hardly registers as political violence if it actually registers as political violence period, just ill advised to be doing it anywhere near a polling station tomorrow.

Milkshakes Vs Murder

I actually think it might be fake news that a milkshake was chucked over Nigel Farage when yesterday he was on a campaign walkabout in Newcastle city centre, I think the truth is that whitish stuff which Nigel Farage is covered in is a product of his spunk trumpet from loving himself too much, same with UKIP’s Carl Benjamin & gobshite hatemongering Tommy Robinson who have looked like they had milkshakes chucked over them at various occasions during the European Elections campaign, because all these egotistical far-right megalomaniacal sociopaths are compulsive masturbaters loving themselves far too much, ha fucking ha!

It’s not milkshake they’re covered in nut their own spunk

In all seriousness was Nigel Farage murdered yesterday, err no he wasn’t, an anarchist chucked a fucking milkshake over him whoopee frigging do, but a far-right nutcase murdered a Labour MP a week before the 2016 EU referendum. Has an antifa activist invaded a Brexit Party rally with an assault weapon murdering multiple Brexit Party members & supporters, err no I think not, but far-right nutcases over the past decade have invaded a socialist youth camp, mosques, synagogues, churches which have large Black congregations, committing mass fucking murder numbering in the tens if not hundreds of innocent lives slaughtered, all of course with the use of assault weapons. I’m not condoning lefties chucking milkshakes over far-right wanker politicians, but a lefty activist chucking milkshakes over far-right wanker politicians hardly ranks as the most atrocious atrocity when it comes to political violence does it & when it comes to the worse atrocities of political violence me thinks it’s the far-right who top the chart of the worse atrocities committed, Anders Breivik, Brenton Tarrant, Dylan Roof & the list of far-right nutcase terrorists goes on & on &..

Chucking a milkshake over Nigel Farage is nowhere in comparison to the murder of Jo Cox when it comes to political violence, but believe it or not far-right fuckwits were trying yesterday afternoon to make a comparison with Nigel Farage getting a milkshake chucked at with the murder of Jo Cox, for fucks sake, the two incidents aren’t even in the same ballpark when it comes to political violence, Jo Cox was brutally stabbed to death whilst out fetching lunch in her constituency & her murder left two children motherless, Nigel Farage got a milkshake chucked over him whilst in Newcastle city centre resulting in a bit of a bruised ego & a dry cleaning bill, me thinks he’ll survive to fight another day, but of course the far-right always love play the victim don’t they.

As I pointed paragraph before last the worse atrocities when it comes to political violence are by a exceedingly large margin committed by far-right nutcases, yet the far-right constantly try to play the victim & I think its sickening not laughable they frigging do so, The Finsbury Mosque attacker cited Tommy Robinson as inspiring him, Carl Benjamin threatening & harassing Jess Philips has led to her being harassed & abused in the street by his fanboys as she’s trying to do her job as an MP in representing the interests of her constituents, as for Nigel Farage well its his rhetoric which helps to stoke hate & intolerance which lead to murders such as Jo Cox.

Again let me reiterate that I’m not saying it was right nor just for milkshakes to have been chucked during this European Elections campaign at Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage & with Carl Benjamin it being a bit more then milkshakes chucked, but what I’m saying is having a milkshake chucked at you isn’t committing murder is it. Its lefties who chuck milkshakes but the far-right who commit murder.

Nigel Farage & Carl Benjamin & Milkshakes

Nigel Farage was a couple of days ago speaking at Brexit Party rally in Edinburgh & the police asked the nearby branch of McDonald’s to stop selling milkshakes during the duration of the rally for Farage’s Brexit Party cult, Burger King responded to the news story McDonald’s had stopped selling milkshakes in Edinburgh as you’d expect a major competitor to do by tweeting they were still selling milkshakes throughout Scotland & far-right fuckwits were beside themselves with anger thinking this somehow constituted Burger King endorsing political violence against Nigel Farage, huh? Err? What the fuck?!?!?! I bet there are branches of Costa Coffee in Edinburgh which sell those creamy cooler type drinks which are a bit like milkshakes & I bet they didn’t stop selling them whilst Nigel Farage was in town, bet there are other restaurants in Edinburgh who sell milkshakes & I bet they didn’t stop selling them whilst Nigel Farage was spouting racist bullshit at some rally for his Brexit Party cult, does this constitute endorsing political violence? Do all restaurants which sell milkshake now have to cease doing so when some far-right wanker politician is preaching hate nearby encase there’s the chance their fragile egos are hurt by being humiliated from being drenched in milkshake?

I bet dairy farmers in the South West love Carl Benjamin as when he rolls into any town during the European Elections campaign I reckon there’s probably been a 10 fold increase in the purchase of milk based products to chuck at the bigoted turd, I don’t think there’s been a single rally staged by Carl Benjamin AKA Sargon of Akkad during his campaign to be elected as a UKIP MEP where somebody hasn’t tried to chuck something or other at the odious fucker & yesterday’s rally in Salisbury was no exception, though I’m not actually sure that’s milkshake he’s drenched in or his own jizzum from loving himself too much, I mean he mistook horse shit being flung at him in Totnes for what was coming out of his mouth.

Carl Benjamin gets drenched with milkshake at a rally in Salisbury

Yes chucking milkshakes at far-right wanker politicians is definitely a form of political violence & I don’t endorse activists doing so, but its not as if Carl Benjamin ain’t going to survive being drenched in milkshake even if her were lactose intolerant, yeah chucking a milkshake at a far-right asshole doesn’t even register on harm done compared to the murder of Jo Cox when it comes to acts of political violence or the Christchurch massacre which happened a few months ago & which in part Carl tried to defend & neither let us forget the attacks which Nigel Farage has launched upon the husband of the late Jo Cox.

Maybe some people need to ask themselves why people are wanting to chuck milkshakes at Carl Benjamin, it’s not that Carl Benjamin’s ideas frighten people because the odious fucker doesn’t have any fucking ideas, it’s because he threatens female Labour MPs & other feminists with rape & is an all round obnoxious woman hater, its because he thinks its okay for underage boys to have sex & trapes around Milo Yiannopoulos who also thinks its okay for Catholic priests to abuse young boys, it’s because Carl Benjamin has no fucking redeeming qualities & has fuck all empathy for the feelings of others, this why people are chucking milkshakes & whatever else at him during the European Elections Campaign.

Oh & just because McDonald’s or any other restaurant in the vicinity of Nigel Farage preaching shite might be asked by the authorities to stop selling milkshakes, it doesn’t mean the pompous racist ain’t safe from a drenching, somebody could easily piss in a cup & chuck it over him.

Sargon Gets Milkshaked & TERFs Care Not About His Rape Threats

If Nigel Farage gets a milkshake chucked over him during the 2019 European Elections campaign, I’m wondering if it will be considered some kind of triple crown achievement of far-right asshole candidates to have been ‘milkshaked’ following Tommy Robinson last week having had a milkshake thrown over him in Warrington & UKIP’s Carl Benjamin yesterday getting a milkshake thrown over him whilst campaigning in Totnes, this of course follows on from the weekend where Carl & odious entourage were campaigning in Plymouth & there was unsuccessful attempt to milkshake him though Carl the Kipper did get kippered when during that Plymouth outing as he was pelted with fish.

Carl The Kipper gets K kippered!

If there was anywhere in the South West of England where Carl Benjamin was finally going to get milkshaked it was going to be the Devon town of Totnes, as Totnes is a town which is renowned for having something of an hippy liberal alternative vibe about it, I think it might’ve been the town which told Costa Coffee & Starbucks to fuck off with the idea of opening branches in its town centre as they prefer to support independently artisan tea rooms & coffee shops, of course I don’t condone anybody in Totnes telling Carl Benjamin to fuck off by chucking a milkshake over hum but I perfectly understand the impulse to do so, what I will say is at least chucking milkshake over him is better than raping the podgy bastard.

Sargon AKA Carl Benjamin just after he got milkshaked

As well as having a milkshake chucked over him, the wheels on his campaign bus were slashed, I can understand the anger of antifascist activists but I don’t condone such action as far-right fuckwits will just reply in kind or worse, but talking of campaign vans, I reckon Carl either has a deep-seated fear or has a very dark sexual fantasy that a bunch of radical feminists are going to bungle him into the back of some van & roger him to death with a 13” dildo in revenge for the rape threats he’s made against Jess Philips & all the other misogynistic shite he’s said about women , though I doubt any feminist would go anywhere near Carl without wearing a hazmat suit, well if its less fear & more sexual kink for Carl to be rogered by a bunch of feminists wearing big fuck off dildos then maybe this is something he needs to discuss with his wife, yeah believe it or not somebody as odious & immature as Carl actually has a wife & kid & every time the revenue for his hatemongering is threatened he always loudly bemoans that this will undermine is ability to support his wife & kids, hey Carl if you’re so damn concerned about supporting your wife & kid then go get a steady 9-to-5 day job & stop trying to make your living from threatening female politicians with rape!

TERFs is an acronym for ‘trans exclusionary radical feminist’ though they’ve feminist only in name, the truth is they’re just the worse of the worse transphobic bigots, anyways last week some TERF scumbag on Twitter was pestering Lily Madigan who’s a trans Labour activist for supposedly making comments belittling the threat of rape towards cis women, my response to this was if TERFs are so concerned about the threat of rape towards cis women then why aren’t TERFs speaking out against Carl Benjamin because they seemed awfully quiet about Benjamin & his threats of rape towards female politicians, I mean TERFs are always propagating their concerned with the safety of women & its people like Carl Benjamin who are a direct threat to the safety of women, just about every right minded feminist & radical feminist I know has been attempting to publicly lambast Benjamin & raise awareness about how odious his opinions are towards women, the reason TERFs haven’t been as loud as about the shit Benjamin spews about women being a threat to the safety of cis women as they are about existence of trans women being a threat to the safety of cis women is they don’t give a shit about the safety of cis women, TERFs just want to persecute trans women for being trans women, oh & being as Carl Benjamin is just much a transphobic bigot as he’s a misogynistic & racist bigot TERFs will probably give him a free pass for the misogyny & racism so long as he keeps up the hate on trans women.

Lets Talk Tommy, Milkshakes & Trans Women Being Assaulted

Not sure if there’s any special significance in chucking a strawberry milkshake over Tommy Robinson as oppose to any other flavour of milkshake such as banana or chocolate, but it does seem to be becoming something of trend to chuck strawberry milkshakes over the the former leader of the English Defence League & convicted violent criminal, as last week on two separate occasions the fascist fuck had a strawberry milkshake chucked over him whilst out harassing people to vote for him at the European Parliamentary Elections on May 23rd, now unsurprisingly one of those who chucked milkshake over Tommy is being deluged with death threats, because the only policy Tommy Robinson seems to have in his bid to become a MEP is a knuckle sandwich for anybody who doesn’t vote for him & particularly for anybody who dare publicly oppose him.

Tommy Robinson getting drenched in milkshake

Mike Stuchbery is a journalist who’s written a series of artiopposition to Tommy Robinson & his brand of far-right hate, in response to this Tommy turned up at Mike’s home in the middle of the night in attempt to intimidate Mike & his family, this was then followed by various Tommy Robinson fanboys also turning at his house & making threats against Mike & his family, this is very much how fascists operate & this isn’t an isolated incident regards Tommy Robinson & his fanboys. Tommy Robinson & his knuckle-dragging fanboys are sociopathic thugs who’ll literally harass at all hours any politician or journalist who speaks out against their fascist bully boy antics, so considering this maybe a disabled trans woman such as myself should be more hesitant in speaking out against Tommy Robinson & his legion of fanboy goons, well lucky for me there’s pretty tight security on the entrance of the apartment block where I live, but even if I didn’t live in such a secure location I’d not keep quiet about the rise of far-right politics & hate & intolerance it espouses, because its in fact not in my best interests as a disabled trans woman to keep quiet as ultimately to keep silent would be letting the fascist bully boys win.

I will never keep quiet, I will never sit idly by & let British politics descend to where you get threatened with a bunch of fives because you didn’t vote for the hatemongering candidate, I will not sit idly by & let the far-right politics of hate gain any more of a foothold in mainstream British politics then its already nefariously has, because consequentially it would mean far more oppressive & violent victimisation of innocent people for simply being themselves, thus I will always speak out against the slightest prejudice & hate against any group of people on the basis of their skin colour or what side of a line on a map they were born on or what god they pray to or not pray to or their sexual orientation or their gender identity, I have & always will champion tolerance of pluralism & diversity & militantly oppose those bigoted thugs like Tommy Robinson who only ever spouse hate & intolerance.

As well as Tommy Robinson getting strawberry milkshakes chucked over him by those who oppose his hateful bullshit, his fanboy supporters last Thursday were practically having a running pitch battle on the streets of Warrington with those who oppose Tommy & his racist bullshit, well violence nearly always ensues wherever Tommy with his fanboy supporters broadcast their politics of hate, this time when violence ensued some of those innocent people caught up in the mayhem were mothers with their babies shopping in the town centre & a trans woman had her nose broken by one of Tommy’s fanboy goons.

I’m not sure if Alice Edwards was specifically assaulted by Tommy Robinson’s knuckle-dragging fanboy goons because she’s trans, but I’d not be surprised as trans people & trans women in particular are just as much a target for far-right hate as Muslims & immigrants. The far-right Justice For Women group have practically made transphobic hate a central plank of their odious platform, far-right shit lords such as Paul Joseph Watson & Sargon of Akkad have made various videos over the past year or so targeting trans women with hate, at UKIP/Tommy Robinson rallies there have been plenty transphobic placards & in general the most militant of transphobic bigots who’ve been disowned by the political left are now aligning themselves with anybody who hates trans women as much as they do which of course means they’re aligning themselves with far-right groups, I’ve been warning leading figures in the trans community of all this & more, it’s long over due for those leading figures to pull their heads out their middle-class arses & help to mobilise the trans community to against the threat the far-right pose to our community.