Boris Johnson Should Be An Electoral Gift To Labour But…..

Dominic Raab is an antifeminist & transphobic Tory scumbag who Boris Johnson has appointed Foreign Secretary. Priti Patel is an antiabortion, pro capital punishment, anti LGBTQ, social-conservative headbanger who Boris has appointed Home Secretary. Theresa Villiers is pro fracking & a climate change denier, who Boris has without any sense of irony appointed Environment Secretary! But the fucking cherry of nutty brown bullshit when it comes to ministerial appointments in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s first cabinet has to be Jacob Rees Mogg, not only is he anti LGBTQ equality, antiabortion, antifeminist, not only a climate-change denier, but surprise not a fucking surprise a Christian fundamentalist. it’s more then fucking evident when you look at the ministerial appointments in Boris’s first cabinet that the Tory lunatics have well & truly taken over the fucking asylum, pretty evident to me looking at the ministerial appointments in Boris’s first cabinet he has the intent of having the Tory government lurching to the hard-right slash far-right (as if there’s a difference) which means a great deal more pain & misery for the likes of disabled me as well fuck knows how many millions of others, all of which should make it far more inevitable for a Labour government to be elected sooner rather than later.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson should be an electoral gift to the Labour Party, the British Trump should be a fucking gift to the Labour Party!

Boris Johnson, a wealthy privileged toff who has a long history of espousing racist & homophobic & misogynistic bullshit, who has propagated fake news & not given a damn for detail when giving a damn for detail truly mattered, who’s only interested in government will be pursuing the interests of those who like himself are wealthy & privileged, all the while blinding those who are poor & ignorant with nationalistic jingoism & duping them that its Muslims or immigrants or Johnny Foreigner shafting them, when the truth it’s the wealthy elite shafting them & it’s the wealthy elite who Boris with his hard-right chums in government represent, all of which for Labour should be low hanging political fruit ripe for the picking, so why is it I get the awful frigging suspicion that Jeremy Corbyn might miss the opportunity to exploit such easy pickings.

No I’ve not turned against Jeremy Corbyn as some of his most ardent fans might fear when reading this, I’m still a steadfast Corbynista as Jeremy Corbyn has been by some margin the most principled British politician with the greatest amount of integrity there’s been in my lifetime & I’m certain if elected Prime Minister he’d head up a Labour government who’ll revolutionise my life & the lives of countless others for the better, so when I voice concerns of what I’ve seen so far with Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour leadership’s approach in tackling Tories led by Boris Johnson, it’s not some Blairite ruse to have Jeremy Corbyn ousted as Labour leader, it’s because as a trans woman with multiple disabilities I desperately need Jeremy Corbyn to succeed as with the Tories lurching to the hard-right slash far-right I’ve never been as scared as I’m right now about my future.

I despise Boris Johnson for all I’ve detailed above & more, but he’s an effective rabble-rousing (with gusto) manipulative political performer which I can as to why people might be attracted to in comparison to Jeremy Corbyn’s far more earnest style, this was very much on display when yesterday Boris gave his first Prime Ministerial statement in the House of Commons & the manner of Jeremy Corbyn’s response. Effectively manipulative is how I’d describe Boris’s first performance as Prime Minister in the House of Commons & Jeremy Corbyn’s response was shall we say somewhat underwhelming. Yes Jeremy Corbyn can rattle off statistic after statistic about how fucking woeful the Tories record in government has been & the Tories record in government has definitely been fucking woeful, but rattling off statistics bores the fuck out of most people & unfortunately we now live in a post truth world so rattling off figures counts for shit.

Donald Trump has proven in the United States that people can be attracted to somebody who says whatever shite they want to no matter what the facts happen to be & Boris Johnson has already substantial record doing likewise, now I’d like to think here in the UK we’d be a bit more cynical to this kind of bullshit seeing it as all mouth & no trousers, plumping for something far more earnest as in substance over style, but we know how it is with Brexiters. It doesn’t matter how many facts any Remainer confronts any Brexiter with about how Brexit is going to cripple this country economically, Brexiters will still dwell fully in their Gollum malaise wanting Brexit precious fucking Brexit, this is the post truth world we now find ourselves in & it’s the world Jeremy Corbyn needs to contend with.

I’d love to think Jeremy Corbyn’s earnest approach of honesty, integrity & principle will win the day as it’s what I personally prefer to see in a political leader, I’m just not sure currently it’s the approach which will currently win the day. I think Jeremy Corbyn along colleagues in the Labour leadership need to get together over the summer parliamentary recess t devise a better strategy to undermine & eventually topple Boris for the sake of many such as myself, nothing wrong with Labour policy but there possibly is in how it’s being conveyed, because the irony is at the moment though Boris is far more out of touch with the man in the street Boris is far more in touch in how to manipulate them.

What’s Labour’s Policy On Brexit Today?

On Sunday’s edition of the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, John McDonnell said it was Labour’s policy on Brexit for Britain to remain within the Customs Union & it makes a great deal of economic sense for us to remain part of the European-Single-Market & it’s a definitely clear & concise policy , trouble is though this might have been Labour’s Brexit policy on Sunday fuck knows what Labour’s Brexit policy is today, Labour’s policy on Brexit seems to change pretty much as often as one Labour frontbench MP appears on television to talk Brexit & in doing so contradicts what another Labour frontbench MP previously said about Labour’s policy on Brexit, one Labour frontbencher says Labour will honour the result of 2016’s EU referendum only for another Labour frontbencher to say Labour backs a second referendum & if any Labour MP attempts to explain what Labour’s actual official policy on Brexit really happens to be they take fucking eons in attempting to do so & sound milli-mouthed as they’re probably confused as anybody as to Labour’s official policy on Brexit happens.

If the Labour leadership are clear as mud about Labour’s policy on Brexit happens to be then Labour backbench MPs are even more confused as to what Labour’s official policy on Brexit happens to be as illustrated by Wes Streeting & Gloria De Piero saying two completely contradictory things on where Labour officially stands on supporting a second referendum & if Labour MPs themselves are getting confused as fuck about Labour’s utter mess of a policy on Brexit then no wonder we the electorate are clueless as Labour’s actual official policy on Brexit.

It could be said that Labour’s policy on Brexit isn’t in fact confusing but it fact Labour’s policy is clear in not wanting to rule any option out when it comes to Brexit which on the face of it might seem sensible with such a complex issue, but actually it is confusing, it’s creating ambiguity as to what Labour would do on the issue of Brexit if there were a snap general election & Labour were elected to government & because Labour are seeming to be ambiguous as to what they’d do in government regards Brexit this is creating distrust from all quarters of the Brexit debate, for which we’ve already seen reflected electorally with Labour losing council seats at last week’s local elections.

I can sympathise that Jeremy Corbyn is between a rock & hard place when it comes to Brexit, over 70% of the party membership back a second referendum but 61% of Labour constituencies voted for Brexit at the EU referendum, so sure this might be why Jeremy & the Labour leadership have adopted a policy on Brexit which attempts to be all things to all people. There definitely seems to be utter worry with Jeremy & the Labour leadership to have the balls to come down one side or another on the issue of Brexit with a definite policy due to the fear of losing votes, yeah well Labour are losing votes due their current policies creating confusion & thus distrust amongst voters. Oh & I don’t just speak off the top of my head about Labour’s ambiguity on the issue of Brexit counting against them at the ballot box, this isn’t me just repeating what I heard some Tory puppet of a BBC political commentator say, this what Labour activists have told me about the feedback they’ve received from voters on the doorstep during the local elections campaign.

I’m personally in favour of a second referendum with three options, May’s Brexit deal (or whatever Brexit deal May & Corbyn might eventually cook up), a Brexit without a deal & the option to remain in the EU, as I see no other option to break the Brexit deadlock at parliament, but if Jeremy Corbyn wants to back Brexit & not support a second referendum then okay a majority of the party membership might not buy into supporting it, but at least it’s a policy which is clear & concise & isn’t ambiguous, nor would it be ambiguous for Labour to advocate with certainty to remain within the European-single-market, so not just have John McDonnell say this is Labour policy only to have another Labour frontbencher colleague contradict him but for all Labour frontbenchers to be singing from the same hymn sheet, I think the majority of the party membership would buy into this & support it, but whatever Labour just needs to get a fucking grip regards Brexit.