More Megxit Bullshit

I literally spat my morning coffee out in shock when tuning into Kay Burley @Breakfast last Thursday or Friday because Kay Burley wasn’t standing outside Buckingham Palace where she & just about every other Sky News anchor had been broadcasting from for the past week, interviewing a procession of Tory journalists working for the Tory press denying the Tory press has ever been racist towards Meghan Markle despite people having produced countless comparisons of the mainstream news media coverage of Meghan Markle has been far more negative as compared to coverage been given to Kate Middleton (she’s the one who married Harry’s older brother William). Meanwhile whilst Kay Burley (who I can’t believe is nearly 60?!?!?) parked her arse outside Buckingham Palace entertaining members of the Tory press in denial, Piers Morgan over on ITV’s Good Morning Britain for a change wasn’t bullying trans people or vegans & instead was himself raging about he’s not being racist about Meghan Markle but… & proving with every angry word he spouted he is indeed being a racist gammon when it comes to Meghan Markle.

Oh & what the fuck is this bullshit with the mainstream news media having gotten its panties in a bind about Meghan Markle eating avocado on toast & it somehow contributing to fucking up the environment, yeah as if the fucking Tory press care about the environment, I mean if they did shouldn’t they be leading a campaign to stop supermarkets from stocking avocados or something. Why doesn’t the Tory press just come out with the suggestion that the only fruit Meghan Markle should be eating are bananas & start making monkey chants at her being the institutionally racist cunts the Tory press happen to fucking be! The Tory press are just bad as any National Front skinhead racist scumbag who has thrown banana peels & made monkey noises at Black people, the difference with the Tory press is it’s a highbrow form of racism not the lowbrow form of chavvy gammon racism we come to expect racism to be.

One irony is not lost on me in regards to Harry & Meghan & the mainstream news media, that being it’s pretty apparent Harry & Meghan have had enough of the shitty coverage & press intrusion they’ve received from the mainstream news media & so in response the mainstream news media are now obsessing about Meghan & Harry having had enough of the mainstream news media which includes having photographers camped outside where ever it is in Canada Meghan Markle has holed herself up waiting to get an unsolicited snap to accompany some story full of sensationalism untruths, fuck me challenge the mainstream news media establishment in this country & it triggers them to be even more cuntish something which of course in a speech at a private function this past weekend Harry addressed. But Harry taking on the mainstream news media establishment leads me to another irony from a different perspective, which is Harry might complain about the coverage given to him & Meghan but when there’s a cause he supports or something he needs to promote etc when he & Meghan are attempting to be more financially independent then he’s going to be calling on the mainstream news media for broadcast time & column inches.

Meghan & Harry

In the deal that seems to have been struck with grandma Lizzy, sorry royalist sycophants I meant her royal highness grandma Queen Lizzy, it’s now definitely going to be harder for Meghan & particularly Harry to dine out on having been members of the royal family, I mean not being able to use the title of HRH is going to knock a zero maybe a few zeros off any fee on the after dinner speaker circuit. With the deal struck with Queen Lizzy, Meghan & Harry are going to have to financially contribute to the multi-million pound renovation of the couples Frogmore Cottage residence despite the fact its on the royal estate at Windsor & thus (not sure this makes sense to anybody else?) wouldn’t it be more appropriate for those who want to be members of the royal family to pay for the renovation of any residences on any royal estate & then charge rent to whoever gwts to live there. One thing I did think a little unfair to Harry in regards to deal struck with Queen Lizzy for him & Meghan to step down as senior royals is that he’s going to have to relinquish many of his military appointments, now an acquaintance of mine who did serve in the military did explain to me this was because these appointments were royal appointments as in honouree head of the marines etc, but Harry Windsor did serve for real on the frontline in Afghanistan & though I might not always agree with imperialist misadventures of the Military Industrial Complex I do have some grudging respect for those troops who believe they’re helping defend the realm etc.

I know many comrades on the left of political spectrum who despite might wanting to abolish the monarchy are expressing solidarity with Harry & Meghan in wanting out of the royal rat-race & with the stance they’re taking against the mainstream news media establishment, but for me personally I think there’s irony of hypocrisy on all sides, actually as you might be able to tell from the title of this article I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about having to write yet again about the supposed royal crisis surrounding Harry & Meghan. Yes it might be my job as a political commentator to write articles about stuff which is apparent in its political relevance because its dominating the news headlines or sometimes stuff which isn’t hitting the headlines that I think is of political relevant, a rabid republican I might be who’s taken many opportunities in the past to knock the institution of the monarchy,  but with this supposed royal crisis I just can’t help thinking royal crisis I royally don’t give shit about there being a royal crisis, maybe it’s because I think all this Megxit bullshit is really just some posh family having a tiff & there are more important things in this world for us to be obsessing about.

Unlike Harry & Meghan I Won’t Be Stepping Back As A Senior Royal Nor As A Socialist Shitlord

I’d like to announce that I won’t be stepping back from being a senior socialist shitlord unlike Prince Harry & Meghan Markle who stepping back as senior royals, in fact I intend to continue to be as steadfastly gobshite about the monarchy as I’ve always been though Ironically I’m actually somewhat sympathetic as to the reasoning why Harry & Meghan have ostensibly resigned from the royal family.

Meghan & Harry

The mainstream news media publish a myriad of racist shite about Meghan Markle since before she married Harry Windsor then gets all upty about it not being becoming of Meghan & Harry wanting out of the royal rat-race because of all the shite they’ve published about the couple, yeah this kind of sums it up doesn’t it. Oh sure Harry & Meghan are currently living the high life courtesy of the public purse & their official abode Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate has just received a multi-mi;;ion pound renovation courtesy of the taxpayer, so I do understand how some people might feel as if their noses are being put out of joint by all this & I do find it somewhat laughable the line in the couple’s statement about stepping back as senior royals in wanting to become ‘financially independent’, what is Harry going to get a job as a nazi strip-a-gram which is going pay £3million a year.

Actually what scares me about Harry & Meghan wanting to become ‘financially independent’ is if they move to North America etc then they could become embroiled with some Jeffrey Epstein type character in the need to pay for the life they’ve become accustomed to & if that happens then there’s another fucking royal scandal for the mainstream news media to be fucking obsessing about. I’m not saying the mainstream news media shouldn’t hold the privileged & wealthy to account for any wrongdoings they might be guilty of committing & let us be honest Prince Andrew is more then likely a child molester who should be serving time at his mum’s pleasure, but I’m so fucking fed up with the royals being this real life soap opera for the mainstream news media to constantly obsess about as a mass distraction to the real stories there are about war & poverty, call me idealistic but I still believe in the news media being the fourth estate, All The President’s Men is still one of my favourite films, I think its beholden upon us all who work in the political news media to inform & enlighten not to dumb down gammon with continuous irrelevant shite about spats between members of the Royal Family.

If want to go enjoy a soup opera then go watch Dynasty or EastEnders or what ever shite which these days passes for being a soup opera, you know shitty acting & ludicrous scripts etc, I really can do without hearing about riffs between Harry & his brother William or that Harry wanting to quit the royals being hard on Queen Lizzy. Of course some royalist fuckwits will no doubt say Harry quitting & Prince Andrew kiddy fiddling has been hard on Her Majesty wanting to keep the institution of monarchy intact with dignity & integrity blahdy bullshit blah, hey I don’t give shit, because I don’t give a shit about the monarchy, sooner the better we have an elected head of state thus accountable head of state then having somebody who happened to be squeezed out the correct fanny with correct silver-spoon shoved up their arse, my mantra has been & always will be FUCK THE MONARCHY!