Unlike Harry & Meghan I Won’t Be Stepping Back As A Senior Royal Nor As A Socialist Shitlord

I’d like to announce that I won’t be stepping back from being a senior socialist shitlord unlike Prince Harry & Meghan Markle who stepping back as senior royals, in fact I intend to continue to be as steadfastly gobshite about the monarchy as I’ve always been though Ironically I’m actually somewhat sympathetic as to the reasoning why Harry & Meghan have ostensibly resigned from the royal family.

Meghan & Harry

The mainstream news media publish a myriad of racist shite about Meghan Markle since before she married Harry Windsor then gets all upty about it not being becoming of Meghan & Harry wanting out of the royal rat-race because of all the shite they’ve published about the couple, yeah this kind of sums it up doesn’t it. Oh sure Harry & Meghan are currently living the high life courtesy of the public purse & their official abode Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate has just received a multi-mi;;ion pound renovation courtesy of the taxpayer, so I do understand how some people might feel as if their noses are being put out of joint by all this & I do find it somewhat laughable the line in the couple’s statement about stepping back as senior royals in wanting to become ‘financially independent’, what is Harry going to get a job as a nazi strip-a-gram which is going pay £3million a year.

Actually what scares me about Harry & Meghan wanting to become ‘financially independent’ is if they move to North America etc then they could become embroiled with some Jeffrey Epstein type character in the need to pay for the life they’ve become accustomed to & if that happens then there’s another fucking royal scandal for the mainstream news media to be fucking obsessing about. I’m not saying the mainstream news media shouldn’t hold the privileged & wealthy to account for any wrongdoings they might be guilty of committing & let us be honest Prince Andrew is more then likely a child molester who should be serving time at his mum’s pleasure, but I’m so fucking fed up with the royals being this real life soap opera for the mainstream news media to constantly obsess about as a mass distraction to the real stories there are about war & poverty, call me idealistic but I still believe in the news media being the fourth estate, All The President’s Men is still one of my favourite films, I think its beholden upon us all who work in the political news media to inform & enlighten not to dumb down gammon with continuous irrelevant shite about spats between members of the Royal Family.

If want to go enjoy a soup opera then go watch Dynasty or EastEnders or what ever shite which these days passes for being a soup opera, you know shitty acting & ludicrous scripts etc, I really can do without hearing about riffs between Harry & his brother William or that Harry wanting to quit the royals being hard on Queen Lizzy. Of course some royalist fuckwits will no doubt say Harry quitting & Prince Andrew kiddy fiddling has been hard on Her Majesty wanting to keep the institution of monarchy intact with dignity & integrity blahdy bullshit blah, hey I don’t give shit, because I don’t give a shit about the monarchy, sooner the better we have an elected head of state thus accountable head of state then having somebody who happened to be squeezed out the correct fanny with correct silver-spoon shoved up their arse, my mantra has been & always will be FUCK THE MONARCHY!

Here’s Some Tory Hypocrisy This Festive Hols

I ended up spending Christmas with a trans friend who lives the other side of Surrey, so I actually had a far better Christmas then I was expecting, in fact it was an intensely restful Christmas I had & thus a thoroughly lovely Christmas I had, though I could have done without one of friend’s housemate’s hyperactive dogs one of whom introduced themselves to me by licking my face at 4am in the morning when I was trying to sleep.

Yep I was fortunate enough to have had a lovely Christmas with a true friend, vegging out in front of the television watching season 1 of the X Files (people forget what an awesome series the X Files once was). It might not sound terribly festive to some watching old episodes of the X Files whilst scoffing yourself silly on sugary treats, oh for fucks sake it’s a far more a tradition of a modern British Christmas then fairies on top of Christmas trees & going the midnight mass to veg out in front of the television half comatosed from all the food & drink you’ve consumed, oh but of course your meant to veg out in front of television watching the Queen’s Speech then the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special. Oh dear I didn’t watch the Queen’s Speech nor did I watch Gavin Stacey, so what makes me far more unpatriotic not having watched the Queen’s Speech or the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special?

I’ve not watched a single episode of Gavin & Stacey nor am I planning on ever watching a single episode anytime soon or even in the far off future, though I have spent Christmases in households where I was literally forced to watch the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day, my grandmother was Jewish so really didn’t do Christmas but if you were round her house come Christmas Day afternoon you had to watch the Queen lecture one & all about how we all should be living our lives. Am I the only one who objects being lectured about how I ought to be living my life by somebody who’s uber fucking wealthy & overprivileged on the count she happened to be born with the correct silver spoon shoved up her muff?

Queen Lizzy in 2018 lecturing us all about poverty whilst the billionaire sat in front of gold piano

I’d imagine whatever Lizzy lectured the nation about this Christmas was not dissimilar to bullshit she was lecturing the nation about last year, yeah remember last year when we had billionaire Lizzy sitting in front of a gold piano lecturing all about poverty, yeah because Lizzy knows an awful lot about poverty bouncing about in golden horse drawn carriages & living in palaces of splendour, nah I don’t somehow ever expect to see Lizzy skimping for pennies anytime soon, nor do I ever expect to see her come Christmas time handing out food parcels at the local food bank or helping out the local homeless shelter.

Jeremy Corbyn

Maybe we ought to listen to a Christmas message about poverty & homelessness from somebody who actually knows something about how the other half live, you know somebody like Jeremy Corbyn. Remember how during the recent GE2019 campaign the Tory press went ape shit in calling Jeremy Corbyn traitorous when it was revealed he doesn’t watch the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day afternoon, well the reason he doesn’t is because he’s been more often than not been busy volunteering at his local homeless shelter.

I personally would have preferred to had a Prime Minister who helped feed the homeless Christmas Day then fuck off to sun themselves in the Caribbean, yes whilst Jeremy Corbyn was busy volunteering at his local homeless shelter this festive season, Boris Johnson is jetting off the private luxurious Carribean island of Mustique. So let me get this straight, the self-described ‘people’s Prime Minister’ of the self-described ‘people’s government’ is jetting off to a place which 99.9% of people will never be able to afford to go, yeah that’s on par with billionaire Lizzy sitting in front of gold piano lecturing all about poverty when it comes to egregiously sickening hypocrisy of the Tory establishment.

Have Yourself A Very Tory Christmas

This is my final article until after Christmas as even a hardcore political animal such as myself occasionally needs a few days off to kick back & chill, play some videogames & smoke some weed & pig out on all my favourite Christmassy foods, well all that would most definitely make a not-so-bad Christmas for me personally but due to circumstance I’m actually not going to be having much of a Christmas this year, in fact those confided at her majesty’s pleasure will likely be scoffing down a more luxurious Christmas dinner then me, her actual majesty will of course definitely be having a far more luxurious dinner then me.

I see Lizzy & co have been photographed making Christmas puddings for charity, yeah as if Queen Lizzy was helping to make puddings for real, if you think this is more than anything then a staged photo op you’ll fucking believe anything, she’s waited on hand & foot by a legion of servants, there literally is a position in the royal household dedicated to wiping the monarch’s arse, it’s official title is Groom Of The Stool. Oh & what gift has Lizzy gotten members of royal household this Christmas, a Tesco’s voucher worth a stonking £6, geez how fucking generous of her NOT! Yeah while Lizzy enjoys a slap up luxurious multiple course Christmas dinner those serving it up to her will have a gift voucher worth enough for them to buy a few cans of baked beans & fucking Cornetto for pudding if they’re lucky, oh yeah wonder if members of the royal household will receive their whopping £6 Tesco’s gift voucher in one of those Tesco’s greeting cards which have been manufactured in a Chinese prison camp.

I kind of find it beyond ironic that if anybody on Benefits Street treated themselves to a half decent Christmas dinner there’d be a fucking outcry from the likes of Katie Hopkins & the Daily Mail, yet the very same Tory cunts like the Daily Mail & Katie Hopkins would be bitching if Queen Lizzy & family weren’t served up a luxurious Christmas dinner on a silver fucking platter despite fact the family Windsor are the nation’s biggest welfare spongers.

I might not be having the greatest time of it what with currently having a seriously fucked up knee & there being ongoing family issues, however I’m personally thankful to be fortunate enough to have a roof over my head this Christmas because there are many people in this country who aren’t as fortunate. Now the Tories have a thumping majority in parliament I suspect there will be with Christmases to come an ever-increasing number of people who’ll be penniless & homeless. The Tories truly are the enemies of all that should be good about the festive season, not just preventing people from getting the maximum amount of joy from Christmas, they’re literally preventing people getting any joy from Christmas what-so-fucking-ever, but I’m sure the Tories will always ensure Queen Lizzy gets her slap up Christmas dinner & the groom of the stool is employed afterwards to wipe her arse.

Lizzy Once Again Tells Us What HER Government Is Going To Be Doing

Royalists always tell you that Queen Lizzy does a damn difficult job, yeah because living in palaces with butlers & servants waiting on her hand & foot, travelling about in golden horse drawn carriages or (as was the case today) chauffer driven luxury cars, sitting on thrones pronouncing what HER government is going to be doing is a really difficult fucking job isn’t it. Oh what a chore it must have been for Lizzy have visited HER parliament for the second time in two months to tell us all what HER shitty poxy Tory government is going to do to further fuck up the lives of the masses now it has a thumping parliamentary majority.

Queen Lizzy at the State Opening Of Parliament

Oh there was you thinking it was the people’s parliament & it was the people’s government, no it’s all Lizzy’s because she happened to be squeezed out of the correct muff, at the correct time, with the correct silver shoved up her arse. I remember years ago Terry the Tory Troll who use to cyberstalk me in the comment sections of blogs I’ve previously written for, getting upset when I referred to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II as Queen Lizzy & getting annoyed at me being pedantic about Lizzy using the phrase “my government will…”, bitching that I knew exactly what that meant, yeah of course I know what that phrase really means but its an outmoded phrase from an outdated institution. There’s much I love about this country, rolling green hills & the White Cliffs of Dover, The Rolling Stones, fish & chips, Dr Who, the Jaguar E-Type, but I will NEVER grasp nor respect the concept of unaccountable hierarchical political power, I will FOREVER be a rabid republican so long as this country has a hereditary head-of-state not a head-of-state elected by the people.

There were more then 30 bills announced in the Queen’s Speech at the State Opening Of Parliament, unsurprisingly the Tory government’s program of legislation was dominated by Brexit, yeah because for fucks sake all we heard from Boris Johnson during the GE2019 campaign was ‘get Brexit done’ ad fucking nauseam, well if that wasn’t enough to have racist Brexiter gammon drowning in their own jiz then the news the Tories are to institute an Australian points-based immigration system definitely will have racist gammon choking on their own jiz whilst lounging about in mom’s basement as an Australian points-based immigration system has long been a wet dream of xenophobes & racists.

It was announced in Queen’s Speech that there was to be increased investment in the NHS, how good that might happen to sound the truth is even with the Tories proposed increase to the NHS budget, the NHS budget will still be lower in real terms then it was under the last Labour government in 2010.

Queen Lizzy also announced whilst upon her throne that the Tories were going to bring about tougher prison sentences for various offences, hmm I wonder if that includes tougher sentences for domestic abuse because if so Boris could find himself behind bars as rumour has it he’s in the habit of physically assaulting his girlfriend.

Despite Jeremy Corbyn being on his way out as Labour leader, he actually gave one of his best ever parliamentary performances as Labour leader ripping into the Queen’s speech & ripping apart the Tories horrific record in government over the past decade.

There was no mention in the Queen’s Speech of tackling poverty but hey that’s because the poor are easy fodder for the Tories to exploit so of course the Tories will do nothing to tackle poverty, neither was there any mention of tackling the homeless epidemic but hey shocked I’m not as its been well established the Tories seriously don’t give a shit about that issue.

Remember during the GE2019 campaign the Tories when not bollocking on about getting Brexit done made a big play about how they actually cared about environmentalism & were serious about tackling climate-change, well now the election is done & dusted they’re back to not giving a shit as there was fuck all mention in the Queen’s Speech about tackling climate-change by moving us to a zero-carbon economy.

So whole load more Tory bullshit causing further anguish & pain amongst the most vulnerable in society is essentially what was laid out today in the Queen’s Speech, oh more pain & suffering what a lovely prospect NOT!