Tory Lies & Lack Of Responsibility In The Aftermath Of The London Bridge Terrorist Attack

In the hours that followed Friday’s terrorist attack on London Bridge in which the terrorist responsible Usman Khan was shot dead by armed police, far-right gammon were circulating on social-media a fake Jeremy Corbyn tweet which implied Corbyn was critical of the police shooting dead Usman Khan. Though it might have been gullible gammon who were circulating a fake Jeremy Corbyn tweet implying he was critical of the police shooting dead Usman Khan, I strongly suspect the fake tweet originated from whatever dark propaganda department there is within the Tory election campaign apparatus, it’s not as it would be the first time during the GE2019 that the Tories had been spreading fake news.

Corbyn in the past has been critical of the police’s shoot to kill policy & I’m glad he has been particularly when thinking of cases such as Jean Charles de Menezes & Mark Duggan, but in regards to the police shooting dead Usman Khan, well if anybody had bothered to tune in this morning to Sky News’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday program they’d of seen an interview with Jeremy Corbyn where he said the police were perfectly justified in shooting dead Usman Khan. The police were indeed perfectly justified in shooting Usman Khan as he had already killed two people & looked as if he was going to try to kill more by triggering what looked very much like a suicide vest, there are however serious questions surrounding why the security services weren’t keeping closer tabs on an individual who’d already been convicted of terrorist offences & in fact had been sentenced to indeterminate prison sentence, so yeah why the fuck was this loon allowed out of prison as early as he had been? Well you’re not going to get any credible answers from Boris Johnson as his only answer for the London Bridge terrorist attack is to blame Labour.

Boris Johnson on this morning’s edition of The Andrew Marr Show

Whilst Jeremy Corbyn was being interviewed this morning on Sky News’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday, Boris Johnson was being interviewed on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show & oh fuck me it was a car crash interview, some people might remember Piers Morgan’s interview on CNN with far-right shock Alex Jones from a few years back, well Marr’s interview with Boris was reminiscent as Boris essentially loudly waffled on regardless of any questions Marr was asking him refusing to take any responsibility for Tory government possibly having been able to prevent the London Bridge terrorist attack rather he did what the Tories always seem to do which of course is to blame Labour, this is despite the fact Labour haven’t been in government for almost a decade. Hey it wasn’t Labour who drastically cut policing numbers, it wasn’t Labour who have been trying to privatise the Probation Service, it’s not been Labour who’ve had a decade to bring tougher terrorist prevention & yet haven’t, all of which we can now see is putting lives at risk, I mean what nutty brown crazed capitalist bullshit is outsourcing the probation service what next out sourcing GCHQ to a Chinese telecoms corporation.

Boris Johnson is using the London Bridge terrorist attack to propose tougher prison sentences for terrorists which I doubt many would disagree with, oh wait you thought that Boris & the Tories weren’t going to use the London Bridge terrorist attack to electioneer, hey never be foolish enough to hold the Tories in high esteem nor foolish enough to think the Tories wouldn’t go as far as killing people to win an election, don’t you find it suspiciously coincidental & convenient that during both the 2017 & 2019 General Election campaigns when the Tories are starting to coming under pressure & are starting to sag in the polls there are suddenly terrorist attacks for them to take advantage of on the election trail. Even if the London Bridge terrorist attack wasn’t a false flag & I’m definitely not saying it was just posing the question it could be, at the very least the Tory government with Boris Johnson at the helm have failed to in the first duty of any government which is keeping its citizens safe because they’ve wanted to do policing & security on the cheap.

Alex Jones & Infowars Caught With Child Porn

Alex Jones is a far-right hatemongering conspiratorial shock-jock & chief purveyor of fake news with his Infowars website, Jones has time again bellowed on his talk radio show & propagated on his Infowars website, conspiracy theory slash fake news bullshit about Hilary Clinton being amongst other senior members of the Democrat Party getting their kicks from Satanic child sex orgies as well as operating a child-sex-trafficking-ring out pizza parlour basement, yeah I’m obviously talking here about the hideous bullshit which was Pizzagate, well it appears it was a case of the man does protest too much as Jones has now been caught with email correspondence containing child porn.

Alex Jones

Jones as well as propagating the bullshit fake news that Hilary Clinton was amongst senior Democrats operating a child-sex-trafficking-ring out pizza parlour, has infamously propagated the conspiracy theory slash fake news bullshit that the Sandy Hook massacre was a false flag & was doing so only hours after news broke about horrendous mass shooting on that dark day in December of 2012 , he was saying the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax before the bodies of those victims shot dead at that Newtown elementary school in the US state of Connecticut were even fucking cold, if that wasn’t insulting enough in the immediate aftermath he then accused the families of those victims killed of being crisis actors. Considering outrageously reprehensible bullshit Jones has said concerning the Sandy Hook massacre, it’s not at all surprising the victims’ families of the Sandy Hook massacre are now suing Jones for deformation & personally I hope they sue the motherfucker to the extent he no longer has a pot to piss in, because at least one parent of a child killed at Sandy Hook has taken their life due to harassment they received from Jones’s crazed fanbase, another family of child shot dead has had to move 7 times yet again due to harassment from Jones’s crazed unhinged trailer trash fanbase buying into the bullshit Sandy Hook was faked, in fact a woman from Florida was jailed for having harassed families of the Sandy Hook victims which included sending those families death threats & by court order has been prohibited from listening to Jones’s radio show or reading his Infowars website. What Jones has helped encouraged is fucking unconscionable, it’s fucking appalling, I mean the families of those children killed during the Sandy Hook massacre have already lost their children in the most horrific of ways & now they’re get dogpile abuse & harassment from Jones’s listenership who are typically unhinged crazed trailer trash with too few braincells & way too many guns.

So during the discovery phase of deformation suit against Jones, he was ordered to send the lawyers representing Sandy Hook families a whole load of email correspondence & when lawyers for the Sandy Hook families set about going through the email correspondence from Jones & Infowars hard-drives they discovered email correspondence containing child porn. The response from Jones about lawyers representing the Sand Hook families finding child porn among his & Infowars email correspondence was weird to say the least, firstly he posted a video offering a million dollars to have the head of one the lawyers representing the Sandy Hook families to be put on a pike & then issued a statement in which he said I quote “I’m not into kids like your Democratic party cocksuckers” & “I don’t like having sex with children”, err Alex you do know threats of violence aren’t protected under the First Amendment nor is incitement to violence which you were obviously doing with your audience & how do you know you don’t like having sex with children?!?!

Of course Jones, Infowars & nutcase kook fans are all saying that the child porn discovered amongst email correspondence has been planted, oh yeah like the time Jones got caught with trans porn on his phone & he claimed it just happened to accidently pop up on his phone, this of course was after he had continuously encouraged hate & bigotry towards the trans community which I myself am a member, yeah just about every sane person called bullshit on Jones for trans porn happening to just accidently pop up on his phone & well I call bullshit that child porn was planted amongst his & Infowars email correspondence. How many times in recent years have we witnessed evangelical Christian preachers who preach homophobic hate or those who manage anti-LGBTQ conversion programs being revealed to be to be in fact gay or LGBTQ, yeah me thinks when Jones is bollocking on about Hilary Clinton participating in Satanic child sex orgies he’s quite possibly revealing his own preferred sexual proclivities.

The whole bullshit about lawyers representing the Sandy Hook victims’ families planting child porn amongst email correspondence of Jones & Infowars is just that, it’s bullshit because if there’s criminal charges against Jones & any other Infowars employee from the ensuing FBI investigation there’ll now be, then any criminal trial which could come as consequence of those charges would take priority over any civil suit & so it’s not actually in the interests the lawyers representing the victims’ families of the Sandy Hook massacre to be planting child porn as means of setting Alex Jones up because they don’t get paid unless damages are awarded to the Sandy Hook families & as I’ve explained a criminal trail might very well hamper that from happening.

Jones was quoted as saying “I am so sick of their filth & living off the dead kids of Sandy Hook” along with all the other shite he’s said in response to child porn being found amongst his & Infowars email correspondence, yeah well the families of those children killed at Sandy Hook are sick of you Jones profiting from the fucking emotional torment you’ve fucking caused them! I hope one way or another Jones is removed from airwaves thus preventing him radicalising the stupid with hate & lies, either by being sued into destitution for the deformation he’s peddled or thrown in jail for being a kiddie fiddler.