A trans woman I once knew who lent politically to the left literally started frothing at the mouth when I told her I preferred Fox News to BBC News because I’m not forced to pay for the conservative shite Fox News propagates whereas I’m forced to pay for BBC News with all it’s Tory bias. Hey BBC News can be as biased as it wants towards the fucking Tories, it can employ out & out Tories like Andrew Neil to verbally beat up Labour politicians all it wants, it can have Laura Kuenssberg disappear up the arse of Boris Johnson all it wants, just please stop forcing me to pay for a TV licence to fund the Tory propaganda which the BBC spews.

Tony Hall let it be known yesterday that he’ll be stepping down as Director General of the BBC amidst what appears to be a crisis about the future of the BBC & fuck me wonders never cease because I find myself in agreement with Boris Johnson who’s supposedly uttered that in the TV Licence is unsustainable in the multimedia & multiplatform age we now live. Seems to me in the age of satellite & cable television, in the age of online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime, all of which you choose to subscribe to or not, the question is why the fuck can’t the frigging BBC become a voluntary subscription service?

The BBC these days only seems to appeal these days to those over the age of 40 who are affluently middle class & in my experience it’s always the older generation who tend to be the most vehement defenders of not only the BBC but forcing every fucker to pay for the TV Licence fearing if the TV Licence were scrapped then that somehow would be the death of the BBC, hey old fogie fuckwits no one is talking of killing off the BBC you’ll still be able to listen to the Archers & fall asleep watching Last Of The Summer Wine, but what’s being proposed is making the BBC a voluntary subscription service in line with other media broadcasting services in the modern digital online age.

I’ll give it to the last night’s edition of BBC Newsnight for acknowledging the BBC only now appeal to the middle aged & older affluent middle classes whilst the under 35s would rather watch YouTube, but isn’t it a bit self-obsessive of Newsnight a BBC program to be dedicating nearly an entire edition of a BBC program to debating the future of the BBC, well that’s a question to explore another time because what’s more important at this time is David Dimbleby’s inane whining about social-media on last night’s edition of Newsnight whilst debating the future of the BBC. Legacy media such as the BBC have never been big fans of social-media platforms such as YouTube so no fucking surprise you’d have a BBC stalwart such as David Dimbleby whining about the ‘threat’ of social-media to the BBC, though the weird thing is I’ve never heard any Netflix executive whine about social-media platforms being a ‘threat’ to the streaming service.

Hey I’m not denying that social-media platforms such as YouTube haven’t helped to amplify some pretty heinous far-right bullshit which I despise but its not like there’s anything stopping any political lefty activist starting their own YouTube channel to counter such far-right bullshit & maybe more leftwing activists should do so! I realise some people would prefer there was a filter of acceptability & decency applied to what media they consume & I appreciate reasoning as to why they want that, but this brings us back to the root issue when it comes to the filter being applied to the output of BBC News isn’t just upholding acceptability but ensuring there’s Tory bias.

I know some people might say isn’t Thatcherites who have a hard on for axing the TV Licence & privatising the BBC & aren’t I meant to be a redder then red socialist & thus shouldn’t I support the airwaves being in common ownership etc, hey I’m not proposing the BBC is privatised & if the BBC were operated by being a voluntary subscription service then why can’t those who were subscribers not be owners or stake holders etc.

I might be a redder then red socialist but I think you’ll find it’s not just the Thatcherite hard-right or the far-right who want rid of the TV Licence, just ask anybody who’s solidarity leftwing what they think these days of Laura Kuenssberg & the BBC & having to pay the TV Licence. Personally I’ve always been nervous of the government ever regulating the news media as the news media is supposedly meant to be the fourth estate & well the BBC depends on a parliamentary charter to broadcast which if you ask me is the fucking problem not the solution, plus you have to understand my weariness about the government regulating the news media stems from growing up in a country which at that time had heavy press censorship as a means of propping up a repugnantly racist regime.

Rant #1 About BBC Question Time

Tonight sees a new series of the BBC’s topical debate program Question Time no doubt with the customary panel which has a Tory or rightwing bias, I’m sure now there’s a Tory government with a 80 seat parliamentary majority the BBC will use this against any accusations of stacking Question Time panels with gobshites who have a Tory bias blahdy bullshit blah, which has me wondering what the fuck was the BBC’s fucking excuse in having stacked BBC Question panels over the past decade with Tory gobshites considering the number of years we technically had a hung parliament because you tuned in week after week & it was always the same bullshit of having at least Tories beating up on the one Labour panellist.

If isn’t that BBC Question Time nearly always appearing to have a majority of panellists who have a Tory bias, then it’s always nearly the same panellists with a Tory bias. I remember the middle years of the last decade when Question Time practically became Farage Time because Nigel Farage the pompous racist twat was on the Question Time panel nearly other fucking week & if it weren’t Farage the pompous racist twat then it was some other UKIP racist/xenophobic cunt, nothing much has changed as there’s always the likes of Julie Hartley-Tory appearing on Question Time more often then her Tory gobshiteness stature fucking deserves, if not Julie Hartley-Tory or some other Daily Mail columnist then there’s some rightwing wank stain who writes for The Spectator despite the fact only Tory toffs ever read the Spectator, then there’s always the Ayn Rand Libertarian on speed from some rightwing thinktank such as the Institute Of Economic Affairs Tax Dodgers Alliance, oh & remember there’s always a Tory government spokesperson on panel these days most commonly James Cleverly & Grant Shapps which is what I mean by there’s two Tories on a Question Time panel beating up on the sole panellist who’ll be speaking for Labour.

Paris Lees on BBC Question Time

It’s obvious that the producers of BBC Question Time have tried to give the show greater mass appeal by having famous musicians or actors or authors as panellists, but if you ask me the only person to have appeared on the Question Time Panel who’s truly broken the mould in the past decade has been Paris Lees, I know some people might be thinking I’m only bigging up Paris appearing on Question Time because she’s a trans woman & you’d be absolutely correct, Paris was the first bonafide trans woman not to be seen as a fucking joke to have been a Question Time panellist thus could seriously articulate a positive trans perspective which has always been lacking in the mainstream news media & in all her appearances as a panellist on Question the audience has always warmed to her which is great if something of a surprise considering the audience always seem to be something of a mob of Daily Mail readers.

The issue with the Question Time audience isn’t just week after week having it made up of rent Daily Mail readers no matter where any edition of BBC Question Time is being held, it’s the audience is packed with Tory Party plants & I’m not only talking about talking about Tory boy from the edition of Question Time held in Brighton during the GE2019 campaign or from a while back the young Tory girl who for some reason reminded me of Daenerys Targaryen, I’m talking about audience members who are paid up Tory councillors & some who have been in the Question Time audience on multiple occasions & gotten to ask the panel questions on those multiple times they’ve been an audience participant, err you’d have thought the BBC Question Time production team might have employed researchers to prevent this kind of bullshit, oh who the fuck am I kidding this is the Tory biased BBC.

Now We’ve Had Farage Question Time Will We Get Green Party Question Time?

Jo Swinson might whine she was excluded from last night’s ITV Leaders Debate, in fact when is the yellow-tory leader of Liberal Democrats not whining about what the fuck ever reminiscent of Veruca Salt, but ITV did air a program featuring interviews with leaders from all the smaller parties of electoral significance about an hour after the debate between Corbyn & Johnson, so Jo Swinson got an opportunity to whine some more, anyways along with Swinson being interviewed so were Nigel Farage being as he’s the leader of the Brexit Party & Sian Berry co-leader of the Green Party & I guess should applaud ITV for appearing to give equal election coverage to both the Brexit Party & the Green Party because over on BBC1 at about the same time in the late evening guess which pompous racist twat got his own special half an hour edition of Question Time.

The Brexit Party have ZERO local councillors elected whereas the Green Party have 300 plus elected, the Brexit Party have ZERO Members of Parliament elected & GE2019 will result in them continuing to have ZERO Members of Parliament whereas the Green Party have one MP elected & GE2019 will at the very least have Caroline Lucas re-elected to parliament & who knows the Remain Alliance might pay dividends resulting in Caroline Lucas not being the only Green Party MP, but do you reckon either of the Green Party co-leaders Sian Berry or Jonathan Bartley will have their special half an hour edition of Question Time, I certainly haven’t heard the BBC planning to do so, but of course this is the BBC we are talking about who long ago jumped the shark when it comes to the direction they’re moving the Overton Window, this is the BBC who’ve given Nigel Farage the pompous racist twat a seat on the Question Time panel more times then any other politician over the past decade & then give a half an hour special edition anytime there’s a General Election whereas the leadership representative from the Green Party are lucky to get a 15 minute slot on a shared edition of Question Time with the leader of Plaid Cymru airing close to midnight on a Sunday night.

Jonathan Bartley & Sian Berry

Its not I object to the BBC giving Nigel Farage a media platform because he’s a pompous racist twat, yes I despise him for being a pompous racist twat but what I’m specifically objecting to here is to the BBC giving Farage & the Brexit Party get disproportionally far more of media platform then the likes of the Green Party who are domestically more electorally successful.