Thoughts On Which Party Is Possibly Best When It Comes To The Issue Of Trans Rights

This past Sunday morning I was as per usual watching the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show being the political anorak that I’m & completely out of nowhere Andrew Marr asked Labour’s Angela Rayner whether the party was planning to make it easier for those people choosing to transition gender when it comes to legally self-identifying? Err? What? Marr you transphobic plank, I can testify as a trans woman myself that you don’t choose to be trans it’s ain’t a lifestyle choice! Angela Rayner did pull Andrew Marr up for making out that being transgender was a ‘lifestyle choice’ & then proceeded to detail many of the issues trans people face & that she fully supports trans equality.

I know that members of the Labour leadership such as Angela Raynor & Dawn Butler are strong supporters of trans people & trans rights, in fact I met Dawn Butler last year when she gave a speech in support of trans people at a conference that I was attending & her speech I remember was something which triggered a tsunami of abuse on social-media directed at Dawn personally from transphobic gobshite bigots. Transphobic bigots are again unhappy with Dawn because as Labour’s shadow equalities minister she has said there should be no discrimination against trans people regards single-sex spaces, yes I know it’s a fucking outrageous idea that trans people should be able to eat at the same lunch counter as cis people, for us be able to drink from the same water fountain, trans people we should know our place at the back of the bus & we must absolutely never use the same toilets as cis people. Despite from what Dawn Butler & Angela Raynor have said in support of trans people during the election campaign, some trans people have accused Labour of dog whistle transphobia in its manifesto as it states in the manifesto that a Labour government would enforce exemptions regards single-sex spaces, in other words they’d enforce discrimination against trans people, so there does seem to be a contradiction between what the manifesto states regards equality for trans people & what Labour politicians are saying regards equality for trans people.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson appeared directly after Angela Rayner on this past Sunday’s edition of the Andrew Marr Show & Andrew Marr asked Swinson in a similar manner about the Lib Dems support to make it easier for trans people to self-identify & not have to jump through hoops to validate our gender identity as we have to currently, the Lib Dems have certainly been banging the drum as loud as they are able to this election campaign about their support for trans equality & there is a decent chance at this election that one of their parliamentary candidates Helen Belcher being elected as Britain’s first trans MP. But how much the Lib Dems love to loudly trumpet that they’re uber champions of trans equality, they don’t think other oppressed minorities such as disabled people deserve greater social-justice & though at a national level the Lib Dems are all very pro LGBTQ that’s not necessarily the same at a local level because I do recall a local Lib Dem councillor telling round the time civil partnerships became legal for same-sex couples that she had nothing against gays & lesbians just so long as they didn’t live next door to her.

Tory slime ball & cokehead Michael was also on the Andrew Marr Show this past Sunday, but Andrew Marr didn’t ask the Tory slime-ball & cokehead where the Tories stood regards making it easier for trans people to self-identify, strange to me as he’d asked Labour’s Angela Rayner & Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson where they stand on the issue & strange because it was the Tories who first under David Cameron & then Theresa May were pushing to make it easier for trans people to self-identify. My understanding is that the Tories have dropped support for reforms to the Gender Recognition Act since Boris moved into No10 & he’s also appointed known Tory transphobes to top jobs in the cabinet such as Liz Truss who has links with a transphobic hate group. Obvious to me the Tories are moving to the hard right with Boris Johnson at the helm, which likely means if they’re re-elected on December 12th then there’s going to be a government far less supportive of trans people & far less friendly to the wider LGBTQ community.

I often get complaints from fellow trans people about not writing enough about trans issues, maybe I don’t write enough about trans issues but there are other issues which equally affect me because I’m much more then just trans. What I’m essentially saying to trans people is don’t get to wrapped up in the importance of trans rights that it blinds you to other issues at stake with this General Election which will affect you, yes most definitely trans rights are important you needn’t tell me as I’m a trans woman who in her time has been an extremely vocal trans activist, but what good are rights & equality if the environment is becoming so fucked up its become inhabitable.

Nigel Farage Has A Ben Shapiro Type Tantrum On The BBC’s Andrew Marr Show

Following Ben Shapiro’s tantrum on a recent edition of Politics Live, Nigel Farage had a similar kind of tantrum when asked probing questions on yesterday’s edition of the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

Andrew Marr asking hard questions of Nigel Farage

Oh deary fucking me, how utterly fucking ludicrous for a BBC journalist to actually do their job in asking hard questions of a politician wanting the electorate to vote for him & his nazi like cultish political party, the electorate shouldn’t worry about trivial things like a policy platform, they should just blindly vote for Nige’s party because he he’s a charismatic bloke who enjoys a beer & a cigarette & wants to give the finger to Johnny Foreigner.

Though I’m more then gleeful that Andrew Marr probed Nigel Farage as hard as he did, I’m actually somewhat surprised that Andrew Marr went as hard as he did, being as Andrew Marr use to be a lot more ‘friendly’ (in fact too much so) in his interviews with Farage when Farage was a far more frequent guest on the show, of course this was a few years back when if Farage wasn’t a guest on the Andrew Marr Show then he’d be panellist on that same week’s edition of Question Time & BBC journalists as a general rule seemed to constantly be conducting soft-peddle interviews with Farage or any other UKIP spokesperson, well something seems to have changed with the attitude of some BBC journalists & fuzzy lefties like myself might finally be getting our money’s worth from the TV Licence when it comes to BBC’s news & current affairs division.

One of the things which Marr’s probing of Farage revealed wax that Farage doesn’t give a shit about climate-change & climate-change is a far more important issue then Brexit, but obviously with climate-change you have to educate people whereas with Brexit you just have to exploit the fears of ignorant knuckle-draggers.

I’ve been trying to point out for some time that Nigel Farage had said prior to 2016’s EU Referendum he would have been happy with a Norway Plus type Brexit deal as being proposed by MPs such as Stephen Kinnock & I’m so glad that Marr embarrassed him with this revelation & of course Farage gave a load of waffle as to the reason he’s now wanting a No-Deal-Brexit, though the real truth as why Farage is now supporting a No-Deal-Brexit is something which no one else has mentioned & that is Farage is a careerist politician yes he’s as bad as the political classes he so often criticizes!

Andrew Marr didn’t challenge Farage on comments he’s made in the recent past about picking up a rifle if he doesn’t get the kind of Brexit he wants, I really wish broadcast journalists in particular would challenge him on these comments considering we are currently living in a climate where MPs who oppose Brexit such as Anna Soubry who are constantly deluged with death threats & it’s the loaded language from the likes of Nigel Farage which is fuelling the fire of this fucked up behaviour of intolerance.

Though Marr challenged Farage on his positions on various issues, he didn’t bring up the positions taken by some of the other individuals involved with the Brexit Party, people such as Annunziata Rees-Mogg (sister of arch Tory Brexiter MP Jacob Rees-Mogg) who thinks its perfectly ethical to exploit crisis situations inflicting poor people for personal gain, oh & then there’s the involvement of Ann Widdecombe, the former Tory MP & moralising Catholic hag who’s a raging homophobe, oh come now you didn’t expect the Farage’s Brexit Party cult to be LGBTQ friendly did you, for fucks sake the Brexit Party are the new nazi party but you just don’t see it largely due to Nigel Farage seeming to more acceptable thanks to his previous party UKIP becoming a clown car of an extremist far-right political party.