The LE2019 Results Weren’t A ‘Remain Backlash’ But A Return To The Lib Dems Being The Vote Of Protest

Because the Liberal Democrats & The Green Party were the two parties who had the best local election results & because both parties have been the two parties who put the most effort into vigorously opposing Brexit, Remainers have drawn the conclusion that the local election results equal there being a ‘remain backlash’, I’m personally far more cautious in drawing the conclusion these local election results are a ‘remain backlash’, as often said one swallow does not a summer make & I’d wait until after May 23rd & we know the results of the European Parliamentary Elections to draw any conclusions as to whether there’s a definite change in attitude towards Brexit amongst the electorate.

Yes on the face of it, UKIP’s vote collapsing & the two parties who have been most ardent in opposing Brexit coming out on top with net seats gained at the local elections does seem as if there might be a change of attitude amongst the electorate towards Brexit, it’s certainly weird considering time & time again during the local elections campaign it was reported that canvassers from all parties were being met on the doorstep with hostility about Brexit not being delivered, however my explanation for the Lib Dems doing as well as they did is that this is a return to the Lib Dems being the electorate’s favourite protest vote.

The Lib Dems returning to being everybody’s favourite protest vote

Prior to the 2010 General Election the Liberal Democrats were always the electorate’s favourite protest vote, but in the aftermath of the 2010 General Election & the Lib Dems jumping into bed with the Tories, it was UKIP who emerged as the alternate protest vote whilst the Lib Dems were busy propping up David Cameron’s Tory government & losing their deposits at by-elections & having lousy local election results, I guess now enough time has passed since the end of the coalition government & peeps are now willing to vote Lib Dem again, even though I’d never vote Lib Dem ever again after betray the progressive vote back in 2010 & other local misdeeds, I’m actually glad that things seemed to have reverted back to how they use to be prior to the 2010 General Election, I mean I’d much prefer peeps voted for a party which is supposedly progressively slightly left of centre then vote UKIP who’ve I always thought had a far-right stench about them.

As for the Green Party doing well at these local elections, I think it’s a different reason as why the Lib Dems did well, it was a still a protest vote but a protest vote which has come as a consequence of the recent Extinction Rebellion protests in London pushing the issue of climate change up the political agenda.

Me thinks averting climate catastrophe is a far more important issue then fucking Brexit, yet the Tories by the admissions of their own ministers have been fiddling the figures on carbon reduction to make them look better then the real figures actually are, UKIP are so troglodyte they don’t think man made climate-change is a real thing, the Lib Dems say they want to take action to tackle climate-change but in my experience the Lib Dems perpetually say one thing & do another, as for Labour well there’s talk if they get back into government of reopening frigging coal mines (err what the fuck?!?!), so no wonder peeps might have been voting for the Green Party in larger numbers at these local elections, yes to truly make a difference in tackling climate change it takes multilateral action at an international level, but there’s plenty which can be done at a local level to improve the environment & I hope those Green Party councillors elected on Thursday can make a difference.

Soph’s Post LE2019 Mortem (& message to Jeremy Corbyn)

2019’s local election results are for me pretty frigging weird, take Swindon for instance where there was the recent announcement of an end to production at the Honda Plant which is situated in the area & this no doubt being a consequence of the Tories incompetent handling of Brexit & yet the voters of Swindon returned a Tory controlled council, but it’s the overall general outcome across the country of these local elections which has me scratching my head totally perplexed, I mean it was reported time & time again during the local elections campaign that canvassers from all parties were being met with hostility on the doorstep (including incidents of both verbal & physical abuse) about Brexit not being delivered & yet it’s the Liberal Democrats & the Green Party who’ve made the biggest council seat gains & these are very much the two parties who are the parties most vigorous in opposing Brexit, results worth noting included arch Tory Brexiter Jacob Rees Mogg now living in a Lib Dem controlled council in his Somerset constituency, the Lib Dems gaining control of former Tory PM David Cameron’s local Cotswold council & the Lib Dems controlling my local council though I didn’t vote Lib Dem & never will as I’ll never forget not forgive them for having jumped into bed in the aftermath of the 2010 General Election.

Of course as predicted the Tories got a drubbing at the ballot box, last time I checked the Tories had lost nearly a 1000 council seats & thus for the Tories this is now the worse ever set of local election results, so no wonder there were Tory activists heckling Theresa May to resign when today she spoke at the Welsh Tory conference as well as her own Tory MPs on BBC News calling for her to be ousted, If these local election results are any kind of barometer on Theresa May then she’s a far worse leader of the Tories then John Major was, but unlike when the Tories under the leadership of John Major were losing hundreds of council seats at the local elections, it’s not Labour who are gaining those seats, yes we have to talk about Labour’s underwhelming Local Elections performance.

Actually Labour’s local elections results weren’t underwhelming, Labour’s local election results were fucking woeful! At this mid stage cycle of a parliament, the party in opposition should be making significant gains at the local elections, probably for Labour somewhere in the range of 300–500 net seat gain, Labour however have made a net loss of around about 100 seats, oh it’s not just that Labour have made a net loss at these local elections, it’s also where Labour lost seats & lost control of local councils, Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Bolsover, yes Labour lost control of the council in Dennis Skinner’s fucking constituency, these should be safe as safe Labour strongholds!

Going on Labour’s 2019 local election performance they’re not going to be forming a government post the next general election, so why is this, we need to ask why Labour performed so poorly electorally yesterday? Well when Barry Gardner MP speaking on behalf of the Labour leadership appears on BBC News’s local election coverage takes near on 10 minutes to explain Labour’s policy on Brexit I think you have your answer as to why Labour performed woefully at the local elections.

Yes the local elections should be about bin collections not Brexit, but national politics have always been a factor when comes to local elections & one would be naïve to deny otherwise, so I agree with the general consensus of political pundits that it’s Labour’s lack of clarity on Brexit which cost them seats at these local elections. I’m a Labour Party supporter & a hardcore political animal & yet I’m pretty clueless as to Labour’s policy on Brexit, okay I kind of know what Labour’s position is but I certainly couldn’t explain it in clear & concise terms which is the point here. UKIP, the Lib Dems, The Green Party, even the Tories are one way or another pretty clear where they stand on Brexit, but Labour & Brexit, it’s about as clear as mud because Jeremy Corbyn has tried to be all things to all peeps on the issue, which leads one to think oh for fucks sake will you just come down one side or another on the issue! If Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour leadership want to back Brexit then fine that’s a definite & clear policy, alternatively so would backing a second referendum be a definite & clear policy, anything would be better then current mess of a position where you have Labour frontbenchers taking eons in attempting to explain Labour’s position on Brexit coming off sounding milli-mouth in the process & peeps tuning out & saying fuck you at the ballot box.

On many issues Jeremy Corbyn is bang on, but my support for Jezza is not unequivocal & I’m losing patience with his & Labour’s ambiguity on Brexit & so are voters less supportive of Labour then myself who are also less politically knowledgeable then myself, I’m no Blairite calling for Jeremy to be ousted, but what I’m calling for is Jeremy to get a grip & be clear as to where Labour stand on Brexit that’s all.