Theresa May Is Going But She Will Only To Be Replaced By Another Tory Scumbag & If That Tory Scumbag Is Boris Johnson Then Things Could Be Far Worse

If its not Brexit which the mainstream media love obsessing about then it’s which Tory MP will replace Theresa May as Prime Minster & the mainstream media have just begun to salivate even more when it comes to obsessing about who’ll replace Theresa May as she announced late last week of her plans to stepdown as Prime Minster over the summer.

I remember back in 1990 when Margret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minster & because she had been in office for as long as she had, many people thought automatically that whoever replaced her would be some kind of sweeping wind of change & I just thought one Tory scumbag who’s tried to make my life a misery will just be replaced by another Tory scumbag who’ll attempt to make my life a misery & that’s how I feel about Theresa May announcing her departure, yes Theresa May is departing only to be replaced by another Tory scumbag & if that Tory scumbag is Boris Johnson then things could be an awfully lot fucking worse with Boris Johnson as Prime Minster.

Boris Johnson the racist toff

Regardless of the performance of the Brexit Party at the European Elections having an influence on whether this country is heading for a No-Deal-Brexit, if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minster then a No-Deal-Brexit is absolutely fucking guaranteed!

The Americans might like Boris Johnson for being the quintessential stereotype of a British toff, yeah well Boris might pose as the bubbling British which for some bizarre reason is endearing to them across the pond, but the truth is Boris Johnson is the British version of Donald Trump & just much of a racist motherfucker, ‘watermelon smiles’ & ‘Muslim women wearing burqas looking like bank robbers’ & all that, so as well wanting to steer this country into an economic crisis with a No-Deal-Brexit, Boris the racist toff as Prime Mister will be igniting race riots with the bullshit coming out his mouth.

If Boris the racist toff becomes Prime Minster then for damn sure the Tories will move further to the hard right, which would mean a fuck lot more pain for the most vulnerable in society, if you think a decade of Tory austerity has been painful it’ll be nothing compared to the shit Boris Johnson & chums will do, okay the Tories moving to the hard right would be a gift to Labour, I’m sure Labour would have an utter fucking field day if Boris Johnson was elected leader of the Tory Party & Prime Minster as he’s a wealthy racist toff who’s hardly in touch with hardships of the common man, but the fact remains that if Boris becomes Prime Minster he’ll reek even greater hardships upon the most vulnerable & I’m getting too long in the tooth as a disabled person to bear even greater economic pain in the hope it incentivises people to possibly vote Labour at the next election.

Nigel Farage Has A Ben Shapiro Type Tantrum On The BBC’s Andrew Marr Show

Following Ben Shapiro’s tantrum on a recent edition of Politics Live, Nigel Farage had a similar kind of tantrum when asked probing questions on yesterday’s edition of the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

Andrew Marr asking hard questions of Nigel Farage

Oh deary fucking me, how utterly fucking ludicrous for a BBC journalist to actually do their job in asking hard questions of a politician wanting the electorate to vote for him & his nazi like cultish political party, the electorate shouldn’t worry about trivial things like a policy platform, they should just blindly vote for Nige’s party because he he’s a charismatic bloke who enjoys a beer & a cigarette & wants to give the finger to Johnny Foreigner.

Though I’m more then gleeful that Andrew Marr probed Nigel Farage as hard as he did, I’m actually somewhat surprised that Andrew Marr went as hard as he did, being as Andrew Marr use to be a lot more ‘friendly’ (in fact too much so) in his interviews with Farage when Farage was a far more frequent guest on the show, of course this was a few years back when if Farage wasn’t a guest on the Andrew Marr Show then he’d be panellist on that same week’s edition of Question Time & BBC journalists as a general rule seemed to constantly be conducting soft-peddle interviews with Farage or any other UKIP spokesperson, well something seems to have changed with the attitude of some BBC journalists & fuzzy lefties like myself might finally be getting our money’s worth from the TV Licence when it comes to BBC’s news & current affairs division.

One of the things which Marr’s probing of Farage revealed wax that Farage doesn’t give a shit about climate-change & climate-change is a far more important issue then Brexit, but obviously with climate-change you have to educate people whereas with Brexit you just have to exploit the fears of ignorant knuckle-draggers.

I’ve been trying to point out for some time that Nigel Farage had said prior to 2016’s EU Referendum he would have been happy with a Norway Plus type Brexit deal as being proposed by MPs such as Stephen Kinnock & I’m so glad that Marr embarrassed him with this revelation & of course Farage gave a load of waffle as to the reason he’s now wanting a No-Deal-Brexit, though the real truth as why Farage is now supporting a No-Deal-Brexit is something which no one else has mentioned & that is Farage is a careerist politician yes he’s as bad as the political classes he so often criticizes!

Andrew Marr didn’t challenge Farage on comments he’s made in the recent past about picking up a rifle if he doesn’t get the kind of Brexit he wants, I really wish broadcast journalists in particular would challenge him on these comments considering we are currently living in a climate where MPs who oppose Brexit such as Anna Soubry who are constantly deluged with death threats & it’s the loaded language from the likes of Nigel Farage which is fuelling the fire of this fucked up behaviour of intolerance.

Though Marr challenged Farage on his positions on various issues, he didn’t bring up the positions taken by some of the other individuals involved with the Brexit Party, people such as Annunziata Rees-Mogg (sister of arch Tory Brexiter MP Jacob Rees-Mogg) who thinks its perfectly ethical to exploit crisis situations inflicting poor people for personal gain, oh & then there’s the involvement of Ann Widdecombe, the former Tory MP & moralising Catholic hag who’s a raging homophobe, oh come now you didn’t expect the Farage’s Brexit Party cult to be LGBTQ friendly did you, for fucks sake the Brexit Party are the new nazi party but you just don’t see it largely due to Nigel Farage seeming to more acceptable thanks to his previous party UKIP becoming a clown car of an extremist far-right political party.

Farage’s ‘Brexit Party’ Cult

Obviously, it’s been widely reported that Nigel Farage resigned towards the end of last year from UKIP citing the decision of Gerard Batten his successor as UKIP leader to appoint Tommy Robinson as a party adviser.

My opinion as to the reason Farage resigned from UKIP is that with the current UKIP leader’s decision to have a closer association with Tommy Robinson it obliterated UKIP’s veneer of middle-class respectability Nigel Farage had attempted to craft, when resigning from the party Farage said of Batten’s leadership that he was wanting to turn UKIP into the successor to British National Party (BNP), well my reckoning is UKIP have always been the successor to the BNP just they’re the middle-class BNP, the BNP in a blazer & tie, the party of middle-class bigots for middle-class, yep Nige had wanted UKIP to be a party for Little Englanders who live Tunbridge Wells & drive a Mercedes giving it the unthreatening veneer of respectability & not for the party to be represented by violent chavvy louts such as Tommy Robinson which has generally been over the years the mainstay of far-right politics in Britain, despite the fact that Tommy’s real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon & to my knowledge he owns several businesses which in my estimations is hardly a name or background of somebody who’s salt of the earth working-class.

Its my thinking also that Farage resigned from UKIP when Tommy Robinson was appointed an adviser because he’d have to share the limelight with Tommy & Farage couldn’t be having that being the egotistical megalomaniac prick which he is, when Farage was UKIP leader & another party member got more attention than he was getting then those party members found themselves excommunicate from the party one way or another, Godfrey Bloom, Nikki Sinclaire, Kellie Maloney, Winston McKenzie, etc.

Nigel Farage has a history of saying hateful shite about Muslims, immigrants & the LGBTQ community, which has been no less incendiary then any racist & bigoted shite which Tommy Robinson has spouted. I in fact consider Nigel Farage far more dangerous then Robinson & an individual who has done a great deal of damage to this country, its not just that Farage was a central figure who helped duped millions into voting for Brexit back in 2016, it’s that with his ‘veneer of respectability’ Farage has helped to manipulate the masses into obsessing about Brexit at the detriment of other important issues, you know stuff like homelessness, child poverty, climate change, knife crime, the stuff Nigel Farage can seemingly afford not to give a shit about whereas many people definitely can’t afford to not give a shit about, I mean Nigel Farage wants to privatise the NHS, thinks man made climate-change isn’t real & has essentially said Britain’s ban on handguns is ludicrous, the only thing Nige truly seems to care about is obsessing about Brexit fucking Brexit & as he does so inflating his own ego, which brings me to Farage’s new Brexit Party cult.

Nigel Farage — the self appointed leader of the Brexit Party

Oh yes the Brexit Party is most definitely the cult of Farage, seen interviews with any other party member or party candidates standing in the European elections, no me neither, all I’ve seen has been interviews with its party leader who happens to be Nigel Farage & who the fuck elected him leader, I suspect he appointed himself leader & other Eurosceptic xenophobes so enamoured with him blindly obliged in supporting him as party leader, as for the policies of the Brexit Party, well obviously it’s for there to be Brexit, but the kind of Brexit Nigel wants, as for other party policies on issues such as immigration well by the sounds of it it’s whatever Nigel decides on the hoof which essentially adds up to the usual xenophobic/racist/regressive shite you’d expect from him, Oh & incidentally Farage is refusing to say who’s bankrolling his new Brexit Party cult, only to say they’ve received substantially large donations, hmm wonder if some of those donations have come from shell companies which can be traced back to Vladimir Putin?

Ultimately I realise it really doesn’t make a jot of difference what I or any other lefty politico says in opposing Nigel Farage & the bullshit he spouts, a fortnight tomorrow I suspect with the with the exception of London & Scotland that the Brexit Party will sweep the board at the European Elections, because far too many people have been allowed to be caught up in a malaise of Brexit, Brexit, precious Brexit, which in more than one way is damaging this country in the long term, fuck you Nigel Farage fuck you!