Soph’s Response To Ben Shapiro’s Tantrum On BBC

There are many incidents which I could point to where Andrew Neil as a BBC journalist has exhibited shall we say tory bias, I mean this is a guy who’s a former editor of The Times & held other positions in the Murdoch empire & as far back as 1970 spoke from the podium at the Tory Party Conference, but just as he’s about to retire from the BBC he for once actually does his fucking job & when interviewing Ben Shapiro actually asked him some tough questions, the only problem was Shapiro didn’t seem like the idea of being asked probing questions.

Andrew Neil & Ben Shapiro

Oh I’m sorry (NOT!) Ben but the BBC ain’t Fox News where conservatives get a free pass, anyways you’d think a supposed leading intellectual light of the conservative movement would be able to handle being challenged about his point of view rather then have a fucking hissy fit, of course this is because Shapiro isn’t the great intellectual voice he’s being purported to be rather he’s just another YouTube shit lord & we’ve seen how other YouTube shit lords such as Carl Benjamin can’t handle it when journalists start asking tough questions about odious opinions they’ve expressed, they seem to think they can express odious opinions with impunity.

I bet Ben Shapiro is one of those conservatives who often had the shit beaten out of him when he was at school & now he’s trying to get his own back upon society by attempting to bully various groups such as Jews, women & trans people about how it ought to be. The reason I originally knew of Ben Shapiro was the 2015 confrontation he had with Zoey Tur when discussing Caitlyn Jenner coming out as trans, okay it was unwise for Zoey to threaten to send Shapiro home in an ambulance, though I don’t know how I’d have reacted if I were sitting there as a trans woman with Shapiro sitting beside me acting like an annoying brat who’s being totally offensive towards trans people, he’d not of liked it if Zoey or the other panellist had made offensive remarks about him being Jewish (I’d not liked it!) but he was doing likewise in being offensive towards trans people & if you don’t understand how he was being as offensive towards trans people as it is to call a Jew a k*** or a y** then your not trans are you, oh & by the way Shapiro likes to repeatedly say facts don’t care about feelings whilst wearing a kippah which denotes he believes in an imagery sky daddy, yeah Ben facts don’t care about feelings well he’s a fact for you god is a imagery entity, you believe you’ve an imaginary friend.

The other day I wrote an article in which I mention there are some saying your not a real Jew unless you are militantly pro the Israeli government without question, well Ben Shapiro has been one of those who’s been propagating this uber Zionist rhetoric as Andrew Neil touched upon in his interview with Shapiro asking him about the pretty ripe things he’s said about Palestinians which are just utter garbage, but its not just the tweet about Jews build things & Arabs like to blow crap up mentioned by Andrew Neil, he has insinuated that Palestinians aren’t real people, which I guess isn’t surprising as Newt Gingrich pretty much said the same racist bullshit when a few years back he was running to be the GOP’s presidential nominee,

No Longer Is It Sargon Of Akkad It Is Sardine Of UKIP

Kristi Winters is a anti far-right YouTuber & she’s raised questions as to whether UKIP’s Carl Benjamin has broken British campaign finance law, the issue is he’s likely been financing his EU elections campaign to be elected a MEP with foreign donations made in support of his Sargon Of Akkad YouTube channel. It wouldn’t surprise me Benjamin along with Tommy Robinson are receiving foreign donations to finance their campaigns to be elected MEPs thus breaking British electoral law, but I’m not sure if anyone cares particularly as with Benjamin he’s highly unlikely to get elected being as he’s not even on top UKIP’s candidate list for the South West & as it goes UKIP are likely to get trounced at these European Elections by Farage’s Brexit Party cult.

People should actually care about the likes of Carl Benjamin & Tommy Robinson breaking electoral law because the far-right often don’t think the law seems to apply to them & so should be made an example of, plus these far-right wankers who pretend they’re anti-establishment are always propagating how the establishment political classes are always fiddling the law to suit themselves & yet the likes of Benjamin & Robinson are also doing so.

YouTube have announced that Benjamin will no longer receive advertising revenue on any video posted on his Sargon Of Akkad channel, though it’s good Benjamin will no longer get a slice of advertising revenue from making rape threats to female politicians, YouTube really need to takedown Benjamin’s Sargon Of Akkad channel as there are enough numbskull fanboys of Benjamin who’ll pay him to preach hate, however whatever further action YouTube does or doesn’t take, it’s no longer Sargon of Akkad whom Carl Benjamin should be referred to as, nor Sargon Of Wankhard as I’ve often referred to him as, from now on Benjamin should be referred to as Sardine Of UKIP.

Carl Benjamin being anointed Sardine Of UKIP

Somebody unsuccessfully tried to chuck a strawberry milkshake over Benjamin whilst he was out on the campaign stump in Plymouth, but protesters did manage to pelt him with fish, yep the Kipper got kippered & should from now on be known as Sardine Of UKIP!

Whilst Benjamin was out campaigning (if that’s what you can call it) he had Milo Yiannopoulos in-tow as part of his entourage, how fitting another far-right troll who thinks its okay to have sex with underage boys would be out on the stump campaigning for Benjamin, but Milo wasn’t the only odious character who was a member of Benjamin’s campaign entourage, a member of his security is known to be a holocaust denying YouTuber, yeah just before you thought Benjamin couldn’t sink UKIP any lower he manages to do so.

The Jewish Advocacy Group Who Won’t Be Protesting Nigel Farage Spouting Antisemitic Tropes

Nigel Farage has gotten himself into a bit of bother for spouting Antisemitic tropes whilst appearing a few days ago on the Alex Jones Show, which is a US based far-right conspiratorial radio talk show which has a long & infamous history of broadcasting hate & bigotry.

No surprise to me that Farage would be spouting antisemitic tropes whilst appearing on a US radio talk show as he has history of spouting antisemitic bullshit when it comes to making appearances on US broadcast media nor does it surprise me there’d be antisemitic bullshit associated with Alex Jones as the basis for Jones’s whole conspiratorial repertoire is the New World Order conspiracy theory which itself derives from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion an antisemitic diatribe written just over a century about the Jews supposedly controlling the world economy.

You’d expect there to be an outcry from Jewish advocacy groups about Nigel Farage’s blatant antisemitic bigotry as much as there’s been an outcry about Jeremy Corbyn possibly being antisemite, but Joseph Cohen & his Israeli Advocacy Movement are one British based Jewish advocacy group who won’t be protesting in the slightest about Nigel Farage being an obvious antisemitic bigot, no Joseph Cohen & his Israeli Advocacy Movement group only ever attack the political left when they suspect it of antisemitism & this is because they’re funded by Israeli conservatives & its rumoured they’re funded by same Israeli conservatives who fund Tommy Robinson. Oh sure Joseph Cohen claims to be of the left in several videos but he also claims in one video he’s a gay man & yet in another he says he’s married to a female wife, so in other words he’s full of shit, you only have to trawl through a few videos on the Israeli Advocacy Movement YouTube channel to see they have an anti leftwing bias, but it’s not this which most annoys me about Joseph & his group, it’s their racism, sectarianism & general disrespect towards Jews such as myself who disagree with uber Zionism & the policies of the current Israeli government when it comes to the treatment of the Palestinian people.

Joseph Cohen: sectarian & racist bigot

Here’s a link to a video where about a year ago Joseph & co attempt to disrupt a group of leftwing Jewish activists from saying Kaddish for the 50 plus Palestinians protesters who were shot dead at the Gaza border by the Israeli Defence Forces, obviously Joseph & his uber Zionist cohorts think those Palestinians were all ‘Hamas operatives’ but uber Zionists generally suspect all Palestinians of being ‘Hamas operatives’, even if all those protesters shot by the IDF were Hamas operatives (which I seriously doubt), they were firstly human beings & some people will mourn all loss of life on all sides in an armed conflict as they value all human life to be precious & some people will oppose all armed conflicts because of the death & mayhem it causes for innocent people, Joseph & his cohorts attempt to disrupt Jewish activists being respectful about the loss of life well its deliberate trolling & it’s frigging sickening!

According to Joseph in this video you’re not a proper or real Jew unless you’re visiting temple daily, Joseph you really should know better, I’m an atheist & I’ve not been near a synagogue in over 20yrs but it doesn’t mean I’m any less of a Jew, I mean if Joseph really wants to get into a pissing contest about who’s more Jewish, well he’s from Newcastle & I was conceived on an Israeli kibbutz, my father served in the Israeli Air Force & was killed in action during the Yom Kippur War, what about your parents Joseph? Yeah I think I’ve just blown Joseph Cohen out of the water when it comes to the whole I’m more Jewish then you bullshit. As well as telling fellow Jews they’re not real Jews for not visiting Temple daily & he’d probably say the same if you don’t eat Kosher or observe Shabbat, he’s made remarks in the past about Liberal Jews not being ‘real’ Jews & sadly it’s not uncommon for Orthodox Jews to make such remarks about Liberal-Judaism, but I think the Jewish diaspora can do without such sectarian bigotry.

Jackie Walker is a Pro Palestinian activist who recently was unjustly expelled from the Labour Party, Jackie is a friend of mine & we wouldn’t be friends if I thought in the slightest she was antisemitic, oh & when I say Jackie & I are friends I don’t just mean ‘Facebook friends’, I mean in the past she’s heard my tears & didn’t run away which to me is sign of a true friend. Now I’m not going to deny that on the face of it Jackie has said some pretty controversial things about Israel & the Jewish people, I say on the face of it but delve deeper & you find out what Jackie has said whilst campaigning for Palestinian justice has been taken way out of context & definitely been extremely distorted, plus I think people forget Jackie herself is Jewish, but of course Joseph Cohen of the Israeli Advocacy Movement has attempted to cast doubt on Jackie’s Jewish heritage which itself is racism though typical of uber Zionists. I’ve had uber Zionists try to cast aspersions about my Jewishness (I’d refer them to the paragraph above) when I’ve spoken out against Benjamin Netanyahu & his Likud government operating an apartheid regime against the Palestinian people, because according to Zionists the only true Jew is a Jew sucking Benjamin Netanyahu’s cock & praising him for massacring innocent Palestinian protesters & if you disagree you’re an antisemitic bigot, this is racism, casting doubt on somebody’s ethnic identity is racism but of course this how nationalistic extremists have always operated & uber Zionists are just that they’re nationalist extremists with all ugliness & prejudice you get from any other extreme nationalist movement.

I’m sure in the next day or so Joseph Cohen will post a video whining about BDS Israel’s campaign to boycott the Eurovision Song Contest & I just know somebody is bound to ask because I’m trans if I’ve heard of Dana International, yes of course I’ve heard of fucking Dana International & I’ve also heard of Aderet another trans singer from Israel but Euro-disco & cocktails doesn’t do it for me, try a folky punk rock band such as the Levellers or New Model Army & crate of cider then you’d be talking, all of which means I don’t do Eurovision anyways but I’d be urging friends who usually do to boycott it as a protest against the apartheid regime being operated against the Palestinian people.

Farage’s ‘Brexit Party’ Cult

Obviously, it’s been widely reported that Nigel Farage resigned towards the end of last year from UKIP citing the decision of Gerard Batten his successor as UKIP leader to appoint Tommy Robinson as a party adviser.

My opinion as to the reason Farage resigned from UKIP is that with the current UKIP leader’s decision to have a closer association with Tommy Robinson it obliterated UKIP’s veneer of middle-class respectability Nigel Farage had attempted to craft, when resigning from the party Farage said of Batten’s leadership that he was wanting to turn UKIP into the successor to British National Party (BNP), well my reckoning is UKIP have always been the successor to the BNP just they’re the middle-class BNP, the BNP in a blazer & tie, the party of middle-class bigots for middle-class, yep Nige had wanted UKIP to be a party for Little Englanders who live Tunbridge Wells & drive a Mercedes giving it the unthreatening veneer of respectability & not for the party to be represented by violent chavvy louts such as Tommy Robinson which has generally been over the years the mainstay of far-right politics in Britain, despite the fact that Tommy’s real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon & to my knowledge he owns several businesses which in my estimations is hardly a name or background of somebody who’s salt of the earth working-class.

Its my thinking also that Farage resigned from UKIP when Tommy Robinson was appointed an adviser because he’d have to share the limelight with Tommy & Farage couldn’t be having that being the egotistical megalomaniac prick which he is, when Farage was UKIP leader & another party member got more attention than he was getting then those party members found themselves excommunicate from the party one way or another, Godfrey Bloom, Nikki Sinclaire, Kellie Maloney, Winston McKenzie, etc.

Nigel Farage has a history of saying hateful shite about Muslims, immigrants & the LGBTQ community, which has been no less incendiary then any racist & bigoted shite which Tommy Robinson has spouted. I in fact consider Nigel Farage far more dangerous then Robinson & an individual who has done a great deal of damage to this country, its not just that Farage was a central figure who helped duped millions into voting for Brexit back in 2016, it’s that with his ‘veneer of respectability’ Farage has helped to manipulate the masses into obsessing about Brexit at the detriment of other important issues, you know stuff like homelessness, child poverty, climate change, knife crime, the stuff Nigel Farage can seemingly afford not to give a shit about whereas many people definitely can’t afford to not give a shit about, I mean Nigel Farage wants to privatise the NHS, thinks man made climate-change isn’t real & has essentially said Britain’s ban on handguns is ludicrous, the only thing Nige truly seems to care about is obsessing about Brexit fucking Brexit & as he does so inflating his own ego, which brings me to Farage’s new Brexit Party cult.

Nigel Farage — the self appointed leader of the Brexit Party

Oh yes the Brexit Party is most definitely the cult of Farage, seen interviews with any other party member or party candidates standing in the European elections, no me neither, all I’ve seen has been interviews with its party leader who happens to be Nigel Farage & who the fuck elected him leader, I suspect he appointed himself leader & other Eurosceptic xenophobes so enamoured with him blindly obliged in supporting him as party leader, as for the policies of the Brexit Party, well obviously it’s for there to be Brexit, but the kind of Brexit Nigel wants, as for other party policies on issues such as immigration well by the sounds of it it’s whatever Nigel decides on the hoof which essentially adds up to the usual xenophobic/racist/regressive shite you’d expect from him, Oh & incidentally Farage is refusing to say who’s bankrolling his new Brexit Party cult, only to say they’ve received substantially large donations, hmm wonder if some of those donations have come from shell companies which can be traced back to Vladimir Putin?

Ultimately I realise it really doesn’t make a jot of difference what I or any other lefty politico says in opposing Nigel Farage & the bullshit he spouts, a fortnight tomorrow I suspect with the with the exception of London & Scotland that the Brexit Party will sweep the board at the European Elections, because far too many people have been allowed to be caught up in a malaise of Brexit, Brexit, precious Brexit, which in more than one way is damaging this country in the long term, fuck you Nigel Farage fuck you!

Carl Benjamin — The UKIP Candidate Who Thinks Its Funny To Threaten Female Labour MPs With Rape

Anita Sarkeesian once described Carl Benjamin as a garbage human being, yep in my reckoning Carl Benjamin is an utterly despicable human being without any redeeming qualities who British politics (if not the world in general) could do without, he’s better known as far-right YouTube shitlord Sargon of Akkad though I personally prefer to refer to him as Sargon of Wankhard as he seems to spend his days in some dank dingy basement intellectually masturbating thinking himself some great public intellectual when the truth is their supposed ‘intellectual pontifications’ add up to generally being seriously abusive towards various individuals & groups of people.

Carl Benjamin AKA Sargon of Akkad

Hilariously fanboys of Sargon claim he isn’t far-right but centre Left, yes & North Korea is officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, but I think the one thing we can all agree upon is that North Korea is definitely not a democracy, so just because Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Wankhard claims to be centre-left doesn’t mean he actually is, I’ve been a lefty as long as I’ve been interested & involved in politics (practically my entire adult life) & I can say with absolute certainty that Carl Benjamin is definitely not politically centre left. You’re definitely not ‘centre-left’ if you’re a misogynistic, racist, disabilist, transphobic, Trump supporting Brexiter piece of shit all of which Carl Benjamin is, this is a guy who’s continuously used racially abusive language, called disabled children retarded, I know he’s recently umped on the transphobic bandwagon by claiming trans women are really men, oh & thinks threatening to rape feminists is funny.

Carl Benjamin has now hit the headlines because in a PR stunt by Gerard Batten who is UKIP’s current leader, he & one other YouTuber shitlord have been selected as MEP candidates standing at the European Elections on May 23rd & Carl specifically seems have no real concrete policy proposals other then he might rape Jess Philips MP.

Sargon of Wankhard seems to think making rape threats towards a female Labour MP is somehow funny, err Carl there’s nothing funny about rape, I’m on the autistic spectrum & even I know you don’t with a swinging dick taunt a complete female stranger about raping her, you particularly don’t do it to a female stranger who’s known to have been a survivor sexual abuse which Jess is, I mean for fucks sake you wouldn’t even joke about rape with your closest female friends, Christ if you think taunting women about rape is amusing then there’s something severely disturbingly maladjusted about you.

Thankfully the police are now investigating Carl Benjamin’s latest taunts of rape towards Jess Philips, I say ‘latest taunts’ because to my knowledge this started at least 3 years ago when Jess Philips stood up to Philip Davies who’s a misogynistic Tory MP for which she received a deluge of online abuse including rape & death threats & her personal response as a MP to this was to make it a priority to campaign against online abuse & cyberbullying, which of course was an affront to Sargon of Wankhard as this would no doubt threaten his livelihood of being abusive towards various individuals as well as sections of society & so his response was first to claim it was ‘satirical’ to say Jess Philips wasn’t worth raping & in the intervening years has continued to harass her via YouTube & social-media, now he’s explicitly made a direct threat of rape against her & well here’s hoping his arse is eventually dragged into court & he receives a custodial sentence.

I have to ask where have YouTube been in all this? Yes YouTube took down the video Sargon posted saying he might now rape Jess Philips after there was an avalanche of complaints about it, but considering YouTube has taken down entire channels which have (rightfully) criticised the Israeli government for operating an apartheid regime against the Palestinians, they only take down one or maybe two videos from Sargon’s channel & leave him a platform from where he can continue to taunt Jess Philips & whichever other female public figure he despises about raping them as well as all the other fuck awful hateful shite he regularly espouses.

What disturbs me nearly as much as Sargon’s threats of rape against Jess Philips, is the indifference of Labour grassroots activists to Philips being threatened with rape, true to say because Jess Philips hasn’t been quiet about criticising Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the party thus she’s not made herself the most popular MP with the Labour grassroots, however the bottom line isn’t what she has said or not said about Jeremy Corbyn, the bottom line is she’s being threatened with rape & being harassed by a fascist fuck, if you’re not prepared to defend her & speak out against the far-right harassment she’s receiving from the likes of Sargon then shame on you because essentially you’re insinuating she deserves it for having differing politics to you, which by the way gives weight to the argument of those critics who claim support for Corbyn is a cult, me thinks Corbyn supporters should do as Jeremy has done himself & publicly condemn the rape threats made against Jess Philips & do so fucking loudly!

What’s Labour’s Policy On Brexit Today?

On Sunday’s edition of the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, John McDonnell said it was Labour’s policy on Brexit for Britain to remain within the Customs Union & it makes a great deal of economic sense for us to remain part of the European-Single-Market & it’s a definitely clear & concise policy , trouble is though this might have been Labour’s Brexit policy on Sunday fuck knows what Labour’s Brexit policy is today, Labour’s policy on Brexit seems to change pretty much as often as one Labour frontbench MP appears on television to talk Brexit & in doing so contradicts what another Labour frontbench MP previously said about Labour’s policy on Brexit, one Labour frontbencher says Labour will honour the result of 2016’s EU referendum only for another Labour frontbencher to say Labour backs a second referendum & if any Labour MP attempts to explain what Labour’s actual official policy on Brexit really happens to be they take fucking eons in attempting to do so & sound milli-mouthed as they’re probably confused as anybody as to Labour’s official policy on Brexit happens.

If the Labour leadership are clear as mud about Labour’s policy on Brexit happens to be then Labour backbench MPs are even more confused as to what Labour’s official policy on Brexit happens to be as illustrated by Wes Streeting & Gloria De Piero saying two completely contradictory things on where Labour officially stands on supporting a second referendum & if Labour MPs themselves are getting confused as fuck about Labour’s utter mess of a policy on Brexit then no wonder we the electorate are clueless as Labour’s actual official policy on Brexit.

It could be said that Labour’s policy on Brexit isn’t in fact confusing but it fact Labour’s policy is clear in not wanting to rule any option out when it comes to Brexit which on the face of it might seem sensible with such a complex issue, but actually it is confusing, it’s creating ambiguity as to what Labour would do on the issue of Brexit if there were a snap general election & Labour were elected to government & because Labour are seeming to be ambiguous as to what they’d do in government regards Brexit this is creating distrust from all quarters of the Brexit debate, for which we’ve already seen reflected electorally with Labour losing council seats at last week’s local elections.

I can sympathise that Jeremy Corbyn is between a rock & hard place when it comes to Brexit, over 70% of the party membership back a second referendum but 61% of Labour constituencies voted for Brexit at the EU referendum, so sure this might be why Jeremy & the Labour leadership have adopted a policy on Brexit which attempts to be all things to all people. There definitely seems to be utter worry with Jeremy & the Labour leadership to have the balls to come down one side or another on the issue of Brexit with a definite policy due to the fear of losing votes, yeah well Labour are losing votes due their current policies creating confusion & thus distrust amongst voters. Oh & I don’t just speak off the top of my head about Labour’s ambiguity on the issue of Brexit counting against them at the ballot box, this isn’t me just repeating what I heard some Tory puppet of a BBC political commentator say, this what Labour activists have told me about the feedback they’ve received from voters on the doorstep during the local elections campaign.

I’m personally in favour of a second referendum with three options, May’s Brexit deal (or whatever Brexit deal May & Corbyn might eventually cook up), a Brexit without a deal & the option to remain in the EU, as I see no other option to break the Brexit deadlock at parliament, but if Jeremy Corbyn wants to back Brexit & not support a second referendum then okay a majority of the party membership might not buy into supporting it, but at least it’s a policy which is clear & concise & isn’t ambiguous, nor would it be ambiguous for Labour to advocate with certainty to remain within the European-single-market, so not just have John McDonnell say this is Labour policy only to have another Labour frontbencher colleague contradict him but for all Labour frontbenchers to be singing from the same hymn sheet, I think the majority of the party membership would buy into this & support it, but whatever Labour just needs to get a fucking grip regards Brexit.

Lets Talk Tommy, Milkshakes & Trans Women Being Assaulted

Not sure if there’s any special significance in chucking a strawberry milkshake over Tommy Robinson as oppose to any other flavour of milkshake such as banana or chocolate, but it does seem to be becoming something of trend to chuck strawberry milkshakes over the the former leader of the English Defence League & convicted violent criminal, as last week on two separate occasions the fascist fuck had a strawberry milkshake chucked over him whilst out harassing people to vote for him at the European Parliamentary Elections on May 23rd, now unsurprisingly one of those who chucked milkshake over Tommy is being deluged with death threats, because the only policy Tommy Robinson seems to have in his bid to become a MEP is a knuckle sandwich for anybody who doesn’t vote for him & particularly for anybody who dare publicly oppose him.

Tommy Robinson getting drenched in milkshake

Mike Stuchbery is a journalist who’s written a series of artiopposition to Tommy Robinson & his brand of far-right hate, in response to this Tommy turned up at Mike’s home in the middle of the night in attempt to intimidate Mike & his family, this was then followed by various Tommy Robinson fanboys also turning at his house & making threats against Mike & his family, this is very much how fascists operate & this isn’t an isolated incident regards Tommy Robinson & his fanboys. Tommy Robinson & his knuckle-dragging fanboys are sociopathic thugs who’ll literally harass at all hours any politician or journalist who speaks out against their fascist bully boy antics, so considering this maybe a disabled trans woman such as myself should be more hesitant in speaking out against Tommy Robinson & his legion of fanboy goons, well lucky for me there’s pretty tight security on the entrance of the apartment block where I live, but even if I didn’t live in such a secure location I’d not keep quiet about the rise of far-right politics & hate & intolerance it espouses, because its in fact not in my best interests as a disabled trans woman to keep quiet as ultimately to keep silent would be letting the fascist bully boys win.

I will never keep quiet, I will never sit idly by & let British politics descend to where you get threatened with a bunch of fives because you didn’t vote for the hatemongering candidate, I will not sit idly by & let the far-right politics of hate gain any more of a foothold in mainstream British politics then its already nefariously has, because consequentially it would mean far more oppressive & violent victimisation of innocent people for simply being themselves, thus I will always speak out against the slightest prejudice & hate against any group of people on the basis of their skin colour or what side of a line on a map they were born on or what god they pray to or not pray to or their sexual orientation or their gender identity, I have & always will champion tolerance of pluralism & diversity & militantly oppose those bigoted thugs like Tommy Robinson who only ever spouse hate & intolerance.

As well as Tommy Robinson getting strawberry milkshakes chucked over him by those who oppose his hateful bullshit, his fanboy supporters last Thursday were practically having a running pitch battle on the streets of Warrington with those who oppose Tommy & his racist bullshit, well violence nearly always ensues wherever Tommy with his fanboy supporters broadcast their politics of hate, this time when violence ensued some of those innocent people caught up in the mayhem were mothers with their babies shopping in the town centre & a trans woman had her nose broken by one of Tommy’s fanboy goons.

I’m not sure if Alice Edwards was specifically assaulted by Tommy Robinson’s knuckle-dragging fanboy goons because she’s trans, but I’d not be surprised as trans people & trans women in particular are just as much a target for far-right hate as Muslims & immigrants. The far-right Justice For Women group have practically made transphobic hate a central plank of their odious platform, far-right shit lords such as Paul Joseph Watson & Sargon of Akkad have made various videos over the past year or so targeting trans women with hate, at UKIP/Tommy Robinson rallies there have been plenty transphobic placards & in general the most militant of transphobic bigots who’ve been disowned by the political left are now aligning themselves with anybody who hates trans women as much as they do which of course means they’re aligning themselves with far-right groups, I’ve been warning leading figures in the trans community of all this & more, it’s long over due for those leading figures to pull their heads out their middle-class arses & help to mobilise the trans community to against the threat the far-right pose to our community.

The LE2019 Results Weren’t A ‘Remain Backlash’ But A Return To The Lib Dems Being The Vote Of Protest

Because the Liberal Democrats & The Green Party were the two parties who had the best local election results & because both parties have been the two parties who put the most effort into vigorously opposing Brexit, Remainers have drawn the conclusion that the local election results equal there being a ‘remain backlash’, I’m personally far more cautious in drawing the conclusion these local election results are a ‘remain backlash’, as often said one swallow does not a summer make & I’d wait until after May 23rd & we know the results of the European Parliamentary Elections to draw any conclusions as to whether there’s a definite change in attitude towards Brexit amongst the electorate.

Yes on the face of it, UKIP’s vote collapsing & the two parties who have been most ardent in opposing Brexit coming out on top with net seats gained at the local elections does seem as if there might be a change of attitude amongst the electorate towards Brexit, it’s certainly weird considering time & time again during the local elections campaign it was reported that canvassers from all parties were being met on the doorstep with hostility about Brexit not being delivered, however my explanation for the Lib Dems doing as well as they did is that this is a return to the Lib Dems being the electorate’s favourite protest vote.

The Lib Dems returning to being everybody’s favourite protest vote

Prior to the 2010 General Election the Liberal Democrats were always the electorate’s favourite protest vote, but in the aftermath of the 2010 General Election & the Lib Dems jumping into bed with the Tories, it was UKIP who emerged as the alternate protest vote whilst the Lib Dems were busy propping up David Cameron’s Tory government & losing their deposits at by-elections & having lousy local election results, I guess now enough time has passed since the end of the coalition government & peeps are now willing to vote Lib Dem again, even though I’d never vote Lib Dem ever again after betray the progressive vote back in 2010 & other local misdeeds, I’m actually glad that things seemed to have reverted back to how they use to be prior to the 2010 General Election, I mean I’d much prefer peeps voted for a party which is supposedly progressively slightly left of centre then vote UKIP who’ve I always thought had a far-right stench about them.

As for the Green Party doing well at these local elections, I think it’s a different reason as why the Lib Dems did well, it was a still a protest vote but a protest vote which has come as a consequence of the recent Extinction Rebellion protests in London pushing the issue of climate change up the political agenda.

Me thinks averting climate catastrophe is a far more important issue then fucking Brexit, yet the Tories by the admissions of their own ministers have been fiddling the figures on carbon reduction to make them look better then the real figures actually are, UKIP are so troglodyte they don’t think man made climate-change is a real thing, the Lib Dems say they want to take action to tackle climate-change but in my experience the Lib Dems perpetually say one thing & do another, as for Labour well there’s talk if they get back into government of reopening frigging coal mines (err what the fuck?!?!), so no wonder peeps might have been voting for the Green Party in larger numbers at these local elections, yes to truly make a difference in tackling climate change it takes multilateral action at an international level, but there’s plenty which can be done at a local level to improve the environment & I hope those Green Party councillors elected on Thursday can make a difference.

Soph’s Post LE2019 Mortem (& message to Jeremy Corbyn)

2019’s local election results are for me pretty frigging weird, take Swindon for instance where there was the recent announcement of an end to production at the Honda Plant which is situated in the area & this no doubt being a consequence of the Tories incompetent handling of Brexit & yet the voters of Swindon returned a Tory controlled council, but it’s the overall general outcome across the country of these local elections which has me scratching my head totally perplexed, I mean it was reported time & time again during the local elections campaign that canvassers from all parties were being met with hostility on the doorstep (including incidents of both verbal & physical abuse) about Brexit not being delivered & yet it’s the Liberal Democrats & the Green Party who’ve made the biggest council seat gains & these are very much the two parties who are the parties most vigorous in opposing Brexit, results worth noting included arch Tory Brexiter Jacob Rees Mogg now living in a Lib Dem controlled council in his Somerset constituency, the Lib Dems gaining control of former Tory PM David Cameron’s local Cotswold council & the Lib Dems controlling my local council though I didn’t vote Lib Dem & never will as I’ll never forget not forgive them for having jumped into bed in the aftermath of the 2010 General Election.

Of course as predicted the Tories got a drubbing at the ballot box, last time I checked the Tories had lost nearly a 1000 council seats & thus for the Tories this is now the worse ever set of local election results, so no wonder there were Tory activists heckling Theresa May to resign when today she spoke at the Welsh Tory conference as well as her own Tory MPs on BBC News calling for her to be ousted, If these local election results are any kind of barometer on Theresa May then she’s a far worse leader of the Tories then John Major was, but unlike when the Tories under the leadership of John Major were losing hundreds of council seats at the local elections, it’s not Labour who are gaining those seats, yes we have to talk about Labour’s underwhelming Local Elections performance.

Actually Labour’s local elections results weren’t underwhelming, Labour’s local election results were fucking woeful! At this mid stage cycle of a parliament, the party in opposition should be making significant gains at the local elections, probably for Labour somewhere in the range of 300–500 net seat gain, Labour however have made a net loss of around about 100 seats, oh it’s not just that Labour have made a net loss at these local elections, it’s also where Labour lost seats & lost control of local councils, Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Bolsover, yes Labour lost control of the council in Dennis Skinner’s fucking constituency, these should be safe as safe Labour strongholds!

Going on Labour’s 2019 local election performance they’re not going to be forming a government post the next general election, so why is this, we need to ask why Labour performed so poorly electorally yesterday? Well when Barry Gardner MP speaking on behalf of the Labour leadership appears on BBC News’s local election coverage takes near on 10 minutes to explain Labour’s policy on Brexit I think you have your answer as to why Labour performed woefully at the local elections.

Yes the local elections should be about bin collections not Brexit, but national politics have always been a factor when comes to local elections & one would be naïve to deny otherwise, so I agree with the general consensus of political pundits that it’s Labour’s lack of clarity on Brexit which cost them seats at these local elections. I’m a Labour Party supporter & a hardcore political animal & yet I’m pretty clueless as to Labour’s policy on Brexit, okay I kind of know what Labour’s position is but I certainly couldn’t explain it in clear & concise terms which is the point here. UKIP, the Lib Dems, The Green Party, even the Tories are one way or another pretty clear where they stand on Brexit, but Labour & Brexit, it’s about as clear as mud because Jeremy Corbyn has tried to be all things to all peeps on the issue, which leads one to think oh for fucks sake will you just come down one side or another on the issue! If Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour leadership want to back Brexit then fine that’s a definite & clear policy, alternatively so would backing a second referendum be a definite & clear policy, anything would be better then current mess of a position where you have Labour frontbenchers taking eons in attempting to explain Labour’s position on Brexit coming off sounding milli-mouth in the process & peeps tuning out & saying fuck you at the ballot box.

On many issues Jeremy Corbyn is bang on, but my support for Jezza is not unequivocal & I’m losing patience with his & Labour’s ambiguity on Brexit & so are voters less supportive of Labour then myself who are also less politically knowledgeable then myself, I’m no Blairite calling for Jeremy to be ousted, but what I’m calling for is Jeremy to get a grip & be clear as to where Labour stand on Brexit that’s all.