Britain First Leader Proves With The Use Of His Fists Far Right Misogyny

There was a BBC documentary a few years ago which followed the hatemongering gobshite antics of Jayda Fransen who was then Britain First’s deputy leader & I remember coming away from originally watching that documentary with a strong suspicion Britain First’s leader Paul Golding had some kind of bullying hold over her, so no frigging surprise to me what-so-fucking-ever there were revelations last week in the news media that Golding & Fransen had been involved in a sexual relationship & for periods of time he had imprisoned her in her own home & repeatedly assaulted her physically.

Paul Golding & Jayda Fransen

Oh the hypocrisy, oh the fucking hypocrisy, aren’t Britain First the far-right gobshites who have often terrorised town centres on a Saturday afternoon protesting about Muslamic men treating women like shit by locking them away & only allowing them out if they’re covered from head-to-toe, despite the fact most Muslim women live pretty independent lives & choose to wear a hijab or a burka. As well as covert recordings revealing Paul Golding physically abused & treated then deputy Britain First leader Fransen like shit, you can hear Golding use the excuse of being driven mentally crazy to be physically abusive against Fransen, oh yet more far-right hypocrisy me thinks because essentially Golding is saying he was ‘triggered’ & aren’t far-right shitlords accusing us ‘libtards’ of being precious snowflakes way too easily ‘triggered’, yeah well I don’t hear about any lefty beating the shit out any woman who’s stupid enough to be a far-right hatemongering gobshite spouting whatever repugnant bullshit.

Paul Golding isn’t the only far-right criminal thug guilty of domestic abuse, Tommy Robinson’s first of many criminal offences was for assaulting an off-duty policeman who had staged an intervention when Tommy was physically assaulting his then girlfriend, but it’s not is if there isn’t a strong vein of misogynistic bigotry when it comes to the far-right, what with recent UKIP candidate & YouTube shitlord Carl Benjamin threatening to rape Jess Philips MP & continuously raging about feminism because he’s not getting his cock sucked enough. It’s not if Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad or rapey tweet man as he probably should now be known as, isn’t the only current UKIP member & who’s a YouTube shitlord who’s a raging misogynist, Paul Joseph Watson who from mom’s basement produces videos about how women are shite at football & should know their place, which I presume for Paul is either the kitchen or the bedroom & next he’ll be posting a video that women developed two legs so they don’t leave a slimy trail from getting the kitchen to the bathroom.

Paul Joseph Watson use to work for Alex Jones at Infowars, yeah well Jones there’s another utter misogynistic bigoted motherfucker who seems to have a bit of an issue when women stand up to him & will accuse just about any woman who’s a loudmouth liberal of being a Satan worshipping lesbian. I’m glad to know plenty of mouthy lesbians, but none which I know worship Satan, in fact some are practicing Christians, I also know a good deal of heterosexual women with leftwing sensibilities & don’t worship Satan & who can be really outspoken, but anyways the point is Jones saying any outspoken woman who has views he disagrees with are lesbian Satan worshippers just illustrates his far-right misogyny that women should really be subservient to dickheads like him & if they’re not they’re evil deviants.

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