Labour Leadership Election: Then There Were Three

I had thought last week just as Emily had scraped through the first round of nominations from MPs/MEPs that she might scrape through the second round with the requisite number of nominations from Constituency Labour Parties to have her name on the final ballot put forward to all party members in the Labour leadership election, but alas Emily Thornberry had fell short in getting the nomination of 33 CLPs & now there are three names which will be on the final ballot, Keir Starmer, Lisa Nandy & Rebecca Long-Bailey.

Emily Thornberry had been along with Keir Starmer one of the most dogged proponents in the Shadow Cabinet for Labour supporting a second Brexit referendum & at last I’ve seen Keir Starmer being pressed about having ostensibly been the architect of Labour’s incoherent & nonsensical Brexit policy which led to the party’s catastrophic GE2019 defeat but it didn’t come from the floor or chair at any Labour leadership election hustings as it should have, surprisingly it was Sophy Ridge on Sky News who pressed Keir Starmer on being the architect of Labour’s Brexit policy. It was a surprise to have been Sophy Ridge on Sky News who was pressing Keir Starmer because Sky News is of course part of the evil Murdoch media empire & thus you’d have thought Sky News would have gone easy on Starmer as he’s seen by many as the ‘establishment candidate’, but as well as Sophy Ridge giving Starmer a hard time about being the architect of Labour’s disastrous Brexit policy, she voiced the concern many Labour members have about not actually knowing Starmer’s real politics. I’m alone in thinking that just about everything Starmer has been saying throughout this Labour leadership election campaign has been a façade as a means of playing to the Corbynista gallery & what is behind that façade is far more Blairite.

It might have come as somewhat of a surprise to some political watchers that it was Lisa Nandy not Keir Starmer who was endorsed by the Jewish Labour Movement, but having watched the leadership election hustings hosted by Jewish Labour Movement its actually obvious as to why she got the endorsement of the JLM as she was a far better communicator then the other three leadership candidates who on stage, plus Nandy having not been in the Shadow Cabinet is far less tainted by all the bullshit there’s been regarding the Labour leadership & antisemitism. Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey & Emily Thornberry have all said they spoke up as members of Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet against antisemitism, but I know many Jews who are saying they didn’t do so nearly as loudly as they should have & those fellow Jews have got a point, sure I do think there’s an element of truth to that accusations of antisemitism were used as means of smearing Jeremy Corbyn but I’ve never denied that antisemitism isn’t a persistent issue amongst the Labour membership particular instance being the pervasive claim of some Labour members the Israeli state is a racist endeavour & calling into question its legitimacy.

I’ve long been of the opinion as somebody who’s both Jewish & a trans woman that Labour has a far greater problem when it comes to transphobia then with antisemitism & I can tell you from my own personal experiences that the Labour Party is institutionally transphobic, which is why I was more then pleased to see that both Lisa Nandy & Rebecca Long-Bailey have signed up to a campaign to stamp out transphobia within the Labour Party. I’ve already written a lengthy article specifically about Lisa Nandy & Rebecca Long-Bailey pledging to stamp out transphobia within the Labour Party, but to add to this I see that militant transphobic gobshite Julia Long attempted to troll Lisa Nandy at a campaign event & well Nandy utterly destroyed Long for her hatred of trans women. My recommendation to any trans member of the Labour Party is to vote for either Lisa Nandy or Rebecca Long-Bailey, sure I’ve personally endorsed Rebecca Long-Bailey because yeah I’m on the left of the Labour Party & she is the what the mainstream-news-media have dubbed the continuity Corbyn the candidate who has the backing of the Socialist Campaign Group & Momentum, but I’ve been impressed more & more with Lisa Nandy as this Labour leadership election has unfolded & I think either Rebecca Long-Bailey or Lisa Nandy would be an awesome Labour leader.

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