Rebecca Long-Bailey Got The Backing Of Unite But If Elected Labour Leader Will The Parliamentary Party Unite In Support Of Her?

It’s been a while since the last time I let rip about the 2020 Labour leadership contest as all last week my health could be best described as being utter shite & my health both my physical & mental health takes priority over any concerns when it comes to writing or blogging or vlogging or whatever other creative outlet I desire to get stuff off my chest.

Rebecca Long-Bailey

Anyways in the absence of me obsessively writing about the current Labour leadership contest due to ill health, Rebecca Long-Bailey has got the backing of the Unite union & it wasn’t a forgone conclusion she would as there was rumour doing the rounds that Unite’s General Secretary Len McCluskey had been considering to direct the union to back Lisa Nandy. There might now be a bit more oomph & momentum in Rebecca Long-Bailey’s campaign to be elected Labour leader as a result of securing the endorsement of Unite, there is a real need for her campaign to have some much needed oomph put into it, her campaign has sadly seemed to have lacked momentum despite having the backing of socialist activist group Momentum who were instrumental in getting Jeremy Corbyn elected Labour leader, the momentum has seemed to be with Lisa Nandy to challenge frontrunner Keir Starmer for the Labour leadership.

Oh what the fuck is it with Keir Starmer playing to the gallery at Labour leadership election hustings? First there was him at the hustings in Liverpool telling the audience he’d not give an interview to The Sun during the Labour leadership election campaign which is going to obviously go down well in Liverpool due to The Scum’s appalling coverage of the Hillsborough Disaster, now there’s been his cringe worthy attempt to speak Welsh at the Cardiff hustings which was almost as cringe worthy as that time John Redwood when he was the Tory Welsh Secretary getting caught out not knowing the words to the Welsh national anthem. You just get the feeling that generally Keir Starmer is just telling Labour members stuff they want to hear so in return they’ll be conned into voting for him, though interestingly he’s been the one candidate who’s sounded less convincing when at any hustings there’s a question about Labour keeping it’s pledge to nationalise rail & utilities & the postal service, me thinks a tell-tale sign he’s in fact a Blairite, well that & he’s been appointing individuals to his leadership election campaign team who have spent the best part of the last 5 years involved with groups which have had the express purpose of undermining Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of Labour.

Though Rebecca Long-Bailey has got the backing of Unite which is important as it’s one of the two big unions (the other being UNISON) that back the Labour Party, there’s a rumour if she was elected Labour leader the parliamentary party might not be so united in supporting her as Labour leader. According to Dawn Butler who’s currently running for the post of Deputy leader, there are some in the Labour Parliamentary Party already plotting & scheming to overthrow Rebecca Long-Bailey or leave the party altogether if she was to be elected Labour leader, oh Jesus fucking wept we’ve been here before with the inability of Blairites to accept democracy & it’s not just Blairites having never accepted the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader but also when it came to 17.4 million people having voted for Brexit which seriously pisses me off no end!

Keir Starmer

Blairites used Brexit to nearly the same extent to undermine the Labour leadership of Jeremy Corbyn as helping the mainstream news media to use Jeremy’s past associations to smear him to fuck with all the bullshit allegations about him being antisemitic & an IRA sympathiser. Rather then have Labour propose a soft Brexit which wouldn’t have had the party lose as many seats at the 2019 General Election as it catastrophically did, Blairites were marching up & down the seaside promenade outside Labour’s annual conference screaming for a second referendum whilst inside the conference hall it was Keir Starmer advocating for the stage for a second referendum. It was Keir Starmer who was the architect of Labour’s Brexit policy which I guess was devised to please Brexiter & Remainer alike however managed to please neither & all round just came off sounding as a seriously nonsensical fudge, proposing if Labour had been elected to government then they’d have negotiated a new Brexit deal with the European Union then would have held a second referendum where they would have advised people to vote against that Brexit deal they’d negotiated with the EU, but despite Keir Starmer being architect of this policy & that he along with fellow leadership candidate Emily Thornberry having been the ones in the Shadow Cabinet for Labour to support a second referendum neither are being challenged at any leadership election husting so far about this helping to have brought ruin upon Labour electorally & its starting to seriously fucking annoy me because if Starmer is elected Labour leader then I’m certain the mainstream news media with all it’s anti Labour bias will ensure Starmer having been an agitator for a second referendum hangs over him like a bad cloud.

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