Time Soph Wrote About The Scottish National Party & Scottish Independence

Very much to my own detriment as a political commentator I didn’t pay as much attention to the Scottish National Party as I ought to have during the 2019 General Election campaign because I knew full well that if Labour had any hope of getting into government they would have had to rely upon the support of Scottish National Party MPs, in fact overall I didn’t even write half as much about the 2019 General Election as I did about the 2019 European Parliamentary elections however seriously fucking up my knee at an anti Trump protest in London during the GE2019 campaign had a great deal to do with this.

Well thankfully my knee is now healing nicely & though I might not so far have paid as much attention to the Scottish National Party as ought to have on this here blog of mine, it’s not as if I’ve been short changing the SNP attention when it comes to the Twitterverse where I did repeatedly tweet during the GE2019 campaign that in my personal opinion if the SNP got a majority of MPs elected north of the border this would be a mandate for another referendum on Scottish independence & well the SNP absolutely trounced the other parties winning 47 of the 59 parliamentary seats in Scotland, but Boris Johnson doesn’t think the SNP winning approximately 80% of the parliamentary seats in Scotland is a mandate for another referendum on Scottish independence & he’s rejected SNP leader & Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s request for powers to be transferred to the Scottish Government to call another independence referendum.

So where does Soph stand on the question of Scottish independence? Well as one might gather from my tweets in support of the SNP having a mandate to push for Scottish independence, I’m very much in favour of Scottish independence far more than I was around the time of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, in fact I would have moved to Scotland by now if it wasn’t that I’m very much in love with & engaged to somebody who needs to live in or around London due to work commitments etc.

Scotland has been the region in the current configuration of the UK which has been the fiercest in opposition to Brexit & had the most progressive attitude towards the European Union & generally when it comes to internationalism, in fact the Scottish Nationalist Party are the party to have held executive power in the UK who’ve actually enacted the most progressive of progressive policies particularly where trans people are concerned which is why I’d not only vote for Scottish independence in any referendum if I lived north of the border but I’d rather vote SNP then Labour at any election. But more then anything it’s Scots giving the finger to Brexit & that UKIP & subsequently the Brexit Party being an electorally endangered species, which is why I yearn to move to Scotland & it’s Brexit which gives credence to the SNP wanting to hold another referendum on Scottish independence just as much as the number of MPs the SNP had elected at the last General Election, because Brexit has changed the constitutional position of the UK thus impinges upon the arrangement of the union & the other regions which make up the UK, it’s why I say I’m far more pro Scottish independence then I was 5 years ago.

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon has always given me the impression of being a politician who’s extremely strong-willed & I do find Boris Johnson’s tone towards her & the Scottish National Party more than a tad patronising, she’s been First Minister of Scotland a great deal longer then Bozo misogynistic Johnson has been Prime Minister. Considering how strong-willed Sturgeon gives the impression of being, I seriously doubt she’ll cease hounding Bo Jo & the Tories about there being a second independence referendum, of course some might ask could we see a Catalan type situation in regards to Scotland & my answer is I seriously doubt it, but there again depending how atrocious the Tory government at Westminster gets I’m not discounting anything & if Nicola Sturgeon did decide to call a second independence referendum without seeking permission from Boris I’d not blame her in fact I’d support her.

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