I’m not sure as to why the Tories even bothered to have a manifesto launch because I’m not sure as to why the Tories even bothered to have an election manifesto period as all we’ve heard from Boris Johnson is ‘get Brexit done’ ad-fucking-nauseam prior to the GE2019 campaign & throughout it & not lot else.

Boris Johnson at the Tory manifesto launch

in specific regards to the launch of the Tory manifesto I recall as well as the usual parroting of the slogan or soundbite of the cultist mantra or whatever you refer to ‘get Brexit done’ as, Boris repeatedly said by getting Brexit done it will unleash this or that or the fucking other & in the fashion he was conveying this I was starting expect him to spout get Brexit done & unleash the kraken with full Laurence Olivier gusto.

Whipping up troublesome racist gammon to be even more troublesome racist gammon is the truth as to what’s being unleashed with Boris Johnson & just about every other Tory politician bollocking on about getting Brexit done, just as with 2016’s EU referendum & it’s leave result has caused a dramatic increase in racism & hate-crime.

Obviously Brexit precious fucking Brexit & gammon having blue passports is going to prevent the privatisation of the NHS, obviously Brexit precious fucking Brexit & gammon having blue passports is going to help decrease homelessness & child poverty, obviously Brexit precious fucking Brexit & gammon having blue passports is going to combat climate-change, oh no wait news just in getting Brexit done isn’t the solution to everyfuckingthing & there are far more important fucking issues at stake when it comes to GE2019.

I’m so fucked off with the agenda of this General Election seeming to be dictated by barstool bigots pissing their lives away in their local Wetherspoons. Brexit more Brexit, immigration & more fucking Brexit, this is pretty much all I’ve fucking heard throughout this election campaign with the odd token mention of climate-change in the mainstream news media despite climate-change being a far more important fucking issue, I’ve heard fuck all mention about the treatment of disabled people despite there having been two UN reports criticising the British government for the treatment of disabled people, no mention about child poverty despite the fact its increased 73% over the past decade. Only ignorant & angry racist gammon pissing their lives away in their local Wetherspoons are this fucking obsessed about fucking Brexit & immigration, oh & what’s really fucking irksome is that the xenophobic obsessions of gammon about Brexit & immigration has more often than not manifested due to gammon having their heads being fed by Tory bullshit as a means of distracting them from the fact it’s the Tories who are the ones shitting upon them from a great height.

Tory MPs trying on their new post Brexit government issued uniforms

A number of Tory MPs have been photographed wearing nazi uniforms, I guess they need to see how their uniforms fit if they’re re-elected to government, because if they’re re-elected to government with a parliamentary majority then there’s the real chance of a No-Deal-Brexit which would crash the British economy & we would likely fall into fascism big time, but in that scenario gammon wouldn’t blame the Tories for crashing the economy rather they’ll be helping the Tories slip on their nazi uniforms & help them persecute the most vulnerable in society.

You think what I say is far-fetched bullshit, well many pundits have ascribed the result of 2016’s EU Referendum due to the amount of economic deprivation there is in many communities throughout Britain, has it occurred to any gammon that its been the Tory capitalistic pro austerity doctrine of successive governments over the past 40 years which has caused increased economic deprivation in the communities they live, no of course not that’s why they’re gammon who’ll continuously fall for Tory lies othering sections of society different to them whilst out of sight the Tories are laughing their arses off as they cheat & exploit those gammon for their support.

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