When the Brexit Party Tops The Polls On Thursday This What Is Likely To Happen In The Aftermath

So whilst Nigel Farage was getting a milkshake chucked at him when on a campaign walkabout in Newcastle city centre (you got to love those Geordies) & far-right fuckwits were pathetically trying to make a comparison of Nigel Farage getting drenched with a milkshake with the horrific murder of Jo Cox, a former Prime Minster was posing serious questions about the funding of Farage’s Brexit Party cult. Gordon Brown might be viewed as not being one of greatest of Prime Minsters this country has ever had but he’s right about the bankrolling of Farage’s Brexit Party needing investigated, rumour is Aaron Banks is bankrolling Farage’s Brexit Party cult as he did UKIP when Farage was leader, no great fucking surprise Aaron Banks would be partially bankrolling the Brexit Party as he’s odious far-right dickhead who goes about insulting the families of Hillsborough victims, but I think there’s something far more murky & suspicious regards where the Brexit Party is getting its funding from, I suspect if there was an in-depth investigation into the funding of the Brexit Party then it would be revealed that money has been funnelled from the Kremlin via various bodies into bankrolling the Brexit Party, which would kind of go against Farage’s nationalistic mantra in opposing foreign states meddling in the internal politics of the UK.

Sadly the truth is that it doesn’t matter how much of a racist pillock Nigel Farage is made out to be between now & Thursday nor if there were any great revelations regards Russian money bankrolling Farage’s Brexit Party cult, the Brexit Party are going to come out top with regards to the European Elections this coming Thursday because people have to have their Brexit precious fucking Brexit otherwise their entire fucking world is going to fall apart, people obsessing about Brexit to the point no other issue matters to them are kind of reminding me of Gollum & my precious from Lord Of The Rings, well if Farage’s Brexit Party does top the polls at the European Elections it’s more then likely the Tories no matter who’s leading them will opt to go for a No-Deal-Brexit & this country will heading for the worse economic crisis it’s faced since the Second World War.

Nigel Farage Welcomed To Newcastle With A Milkshake

When Nigel Farage led UKIP to topping the polls at the 2014 European Elections, this was when David Cameron the then Prime Minster said if the Tories won the 2015 General Election there’d be referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union & well the Tories did win the 2015 General Election & well we all know what happened next. So just when Nigel Farage led UKIP to topping the polls at the 2014 European Elections pushing for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union & panicking the Tories into having that referendum, I now fear Nigel Farage leading the Brexit Party & on course to top the polls at the 2019 European Elections by pressing for a No-Deal-Brexit will panic the Tory government in taking that Brexit route at the fear of losing votes to Farage’s Brexit Party cult at the next general election, because this all about what’s in the interests of the Tories not what’s in the national interest.

I wonder if people knew what the true cost of a No-Deal-Brexit whether they’d still cast a vote for the Brexit Party? The awful truth is they probably would still vote for the Brexit Party no matter the cost of a No-Deal-Brexit because Nigel Farage has done a bang-up job turning the masses into fucking Smeagol. Brexit my precious Brexit no matter if vulnerable people starve to death because there’s food shortages of sick people die due a shortage of meds due to a No-Deal-Brexit, oh & bollocks to the people of Northern Ireland so long as the Smeagol Brexiter masses get their precious Brexit, this is the kind of shit I’m hearing & it’s fucking frightening.

Nigel Farage has already done enough damage to this country & he ain’t done wrecking Britain yet, somebody chucking a milkshake at him is the least the pompous racist fucker deserves!

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