The Tory Scumbag Leadership Contest

Last I checked Sajid Javid was the latest Tory scumbag to have put himself forward as a candidate in the Tory leadership contest to replace Theresa May, which is already a leadership contest with an overcrowded field of Tory scumbag candidates wanting to be Prime Minister, in fact there’s been so many Tory scumbags putting themselves forward in this Tory leadership contest it kind of begs the question are there any Tories not putting themselves forward as candidates. Considering so many Tory scumbags want to be the next Prime Minister, here’s a brilliant idea, rather then have Tory scumbags knife each other in the back metaphorically in a contest to replace Theresa May, why not have the Tory parliamentary party literally knife & club each other to death in a giant fuck off battle-royale to decide who the next Prime Minister will be, I’d certainly pull up a comfy chair with a giant tub of popcorn to watch that on pay-per-view.

The current field of Tory scumbags hoping to replace Theresa May

With the possible exception of Rory Stewart, the current field of Tory scumbags are all first-class cunts, I mean the news media often tell us the truth that Jeremy Hunt is a cunt, then there’s Boris the racist toff, Michael Gove who’s a total slimy git, Andrea Leadsom who should be forced to change her name to Andrea Loathsome because she is, Esther McVey who’s barking fucking mad & should be in prison for the shit she’s done to disabled people, Dominic Raab who says he’s a details kind of guys yeah well here’s a detail for you Dominic you ain’t going to be Prime Minister, there’s Matt Hancock to which my response is Matt who? Oh & there’s Kit Malthouse to which I give the same response as I did to Matt Hancock. It certainly would piss off Tommy Robinson & his Islamophobic gammon ilk if Sajid Javid ended up as Prime Minister & I do think having a Muslim Prime Minister could do a great lot of good in this country for the Islamic community, but just not Sajid Javid as he’s just much a first class cunt as the rest of the Tory scumbags.

Rory Stewart is about the only Tory I’ve some respect for who’s put his name forward in the contest to replace Theresa May, as he’s been warning the Tories they’re moving too far to the hard right & need to recapture the centre ground, he seems to be very much in the mould of Ruth Davidson who’s one of the few Tories I do have some respect for, but he probably has fuck all chance of becoming Prime Minister & if he did somehow get elected Prime Minister I doubt he could govern from the centre with the hard right likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg & his grand wizards on the Tory backbenches whether he could govern from the centre. Now there’s a question why hasn’t Jacob Rees-Toff not entered the Tory leadership contest, well I guess because if he did it would only split the toff vote with Boris.

Though I saw a headline this morning about Jeremy Hunt warning a No-Deal-Brexit would be committing economic suicide, all the other candidates wanting to replace Theresa May seemed to have entered a pissing contest about who’s in fact the harder Brexiter & we know those candidates who have the most serious chance of the Tory party electing them Prime Minister favour a No-Deal-Brexit. Jeremy Hunt is right a No-Deaf-Brexit would be committing economic suicide & I kind of think any Tory scumbag who’s in favour of a No-Deal-Brexit should in no way be allowed to become Prime Minister & should in fact should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act as they’re a risk to the general populous.

So who will win the Tory leadership contest to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister? Well the answer is another Tory scumbag, I honestly don’t give a shit they’re all first-class cunts who’ll do nothing to tackle climate-change & poverty, they’ll just continue with killing disabled people & be a puppet of banksters, whether it be Gove or Johnson or whoever else.

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