Lets Talk Tommy, Milkshakes & Trans Women Being Assaulted

Not sure if there’s any special significance in chucking a strawberry milkshake over Tommy Robinson as oppose to any other flavour of milkshake such as banana or chocolate, but it does seem to be becoming something of trend to chuck strawberry milkshakes over the the former leader of the English Defence League & convicted violent criminal, as last week on two separate occasions the fascist fuck had a strawberry milkshake chucked over him whilst out harassing people to vote for him at the European Parliamentary Elections on May 23rd, now unsurprisingly one of those who chucked milkshake over Tommy is being deluged with death threats, because the only policy Tommy Robinson seems to have in his bid to become a MEP is a knuckle sandwich for anybody who doesn’t vote for him & particularly for anybody who dare publicly oppose him.

Tommy Robinson getting drenched in milkshake

Mike Stuchbery is a journalist who’s written a series of artiopposition to Tommy Robinson & his brand of far-right hate, in response to this Tommy turned up at Mike’s home in the middle of the night in attempt to intimidate Mike & his family, this was then followed by various Tommy Robinson fanboys also turning at his house & making threats against Mike & his family, this is very much how fascists operate & this isn’t an isolated incident regards Tommy Robinson & his fanboys. Tommy Robinson & his knuckle-dragging fanboys are sociopathic thugs who’ll literally harass at all hours any politician or journalist who speaks out against their fascist bully boy antics, so considering this maybe a disabled trans woman such as myself should be more hesitant in speaking out against Tommy Robinson & his legion of fanboy goons, well lucky for me there’s pretty tight security on the entrance of the apartment block where I live, but even if I didn’t live in such a secure location I’d not keep quiet about the rise of far-right politics & hate & intolerance it espouses, because its in fact not in my best interests as a disabled trans woman to keep quiet as ultimately to keep silent would be letting the fascist bully boys win.

I will never keep quiet, I will never sit idly by & let British politics descend to where you get threatened with a bunch of fives because you didn’t vote for the hatemongering candidate, I will not sit idly by & let the far-right politics of hate gain any more of a foothold in mainstream British politics then its already nefariously has, because consequentially it would mean far more oppressive & violent victimisation of innocent people for simply being themselves, thus I will always speak out against the slightest prejudice & hate against any group of people on the basis of their skin colour or what side of a line on a map they were born on or what god they pray to or not pray to or their sexual orientation or their gender identity, I have & always will champion tolerance of pluralism & diversity & militantly oppose those bigoted thugs like Tommy Robinson who only ever spouse hate & intolerance.

As well as Tommy Robinson getting strawberry milkshakes chucked over him by those who oppose his hateful bullshit, his fanboy supporters last Thursday were practically having a running pitch battle on the streets of Warrington with those who oppose Tommy & his racist bullshit, well violence nearly always ensues wherever Tommy with his fanboy supporters broadcast their politics of hate, this time when violence ensued some of those innocent people caught up in the mayhem were mothers with their babies shopping in the town centre & a trans woman had her nose broken by one of Tommy’s fanboy goons.

I’m not sure if Alice Edwards was specifically assaulted by Tommy Robinson’s knuckle-dragging fanboy goons because she’s trans, but I’d not be surprised as trans people & trans women in particular are just as much a target for far-right hate as Muslims & immigrants. The far-right Justice For Women group have practically made transphobic hate a central plank of their odious platform, far-right shit lords such as Paul Joseph Watson & Sargon of Akkad have made various videos over the past year or so targeting trans women with hate, at UKIP/Tommy Robinson rallies there have been plenty transphobic placards & in general the most militant of transphobic bigots who’ve been disowned by the political left are now aligning themselves with anybody who hates trans women as much as they do which of course means they’re aligning themselves with far-right groups, I’ve been warning leading figures in the trans community of all this & more, it’s long over due for those leading figures to pull their heads out their middle-class arses & help to mobilise the trans community to against the threat the far-right pose to our community.

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