Chuka Umunna Joins The Lib Dems As Change UK Are Forced To Change It’s Name

Chuka Umunna has joined the Liberal Democrats, well there’s a fucking surprise NOT! It ain’t a surprise because this weighty but very sweary political commentator predicted last week he would when he was amongst 6 MPs who walked away from Change UK & as I also predicted he probably won’t be the only one of those 6 MPs who’ll finally wind up in the Lib Dems

Chuka Umunna a Labour MP for New Year’s, A Change UK MP for Easter, Now A Lib Dem MP for the Summer Solstice but will he be a Tory MP by Christmas

Of course Chuka Umunna is joining the Lib Dems having already left the Labour Party back in February to form the Independent Group which became Change UK, originally with other disgruntled Blairites including Angela Smith & Chris Leslie pissed because they couldn’t oust Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, okay I could sympathise with Luciana Berger’s motivations for leaving Labour considering the deluge of antisemitic abuse she was being subjected to by supposed Corbyn supporters, but as for Chuka Umunna playing political musical fucking chairs, the fact he’s been a member of three different political parties inside 6 months, it ain’t fucking fair on the voters pf Streatham. The voters of Streatham elected Chuka Umunna thinking he was representing Labour a party which opposed & continues to steadfastly oppose austerity, only now to have Chuka Umunna represent the Lib Dems the party who more than bloodied themselves in aiding the Tories in wreaking austerity upon the most vulnerable in society, so Chuka Umunna are you going to stand down & let there be a by-election to give the opportunity for your constituents to say whether they want a Lib Dem to represent them, whether they want to be represented by a member of a party who at most has given a mealy-mouthed apology for the austerity they helped to inflict when they thought you represented opposition to such cruel opposition. Nah Chuka you won’t give the voters of Streatham the by-election they deserve because you know they’d tell you to fuck off big time because they had thought you were represented fuck off to austerity, oh I’m going to love it, I’m going to fucking love it, come the results coverage at the next General Election & seeing you get electorally beat, deposed, motherfucking defeated!

Who knows if Change UK are in fact the last party Chuka Umunna will walk away from, I’d not say it’s impossible in 3 or 4 months from now he defects from the Lib Dems to the Tories, but as for Change UK which for now is the current latest party which Chuka Umunna has departed, well they’re being forced to change their name after a legal dispute. Apparently petitions website have threatened to sue Change UK’s remaining MPs if they don’t change the name of their party. I always objected to the name Change UK not because I’m stupid enough to confuse it with, but due to the fact the last thing Change UK want is change, they wanted the same old Blairite bullshit which had been worn out completely by 2008’s financial crisis if not prior, well I’ve got a few suggestions for alternative names for Change UK, how about ‘Middle Of The Road Mediocrity’, no bollocks to that lets cut to the chase with ‘Disgruntled Blairites United’, actually more apt would be ‘Blairite Malcontent Losers’.

Change UK Implode

Go out on a Tuesday afternoon to protest Donald Trump & his Trumpism brand of fascism only to be receiving news alerts on your return that Change UK had literally imploded as a politically entity because over half it’s MPs (including its leader) had walked away from the party following disappointing results at European Elections.

Yes Change UK the party which was going to be ‘the political party’ which was going to truly ‘change the British political landscape’ has been proven to be the fucking joke I knew it was from its very inception, I mean for starters it wasn’t in fact ‘change’ which Change UK were essentially proposing, it was the same old Blairite bullshit which had been worn out completely by 2008’s financial crisis if not prior to that.

During the BBC’s coverage of European Elections results I do recall Heidi Allen being interviewed & she claimed that the European Elections were just the start of beginning for Change UK, yeah the start of the beginning of the end for Change UK as Heidi Allen is one of 6 MPs who’ve walked away from Change UK following the results of the European Elections. I’m not sure what Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger, Heidi Allen & the other 3 MPs who’ve now departed from Change UK thought would have qualified as a satisfactory result for Change UK at the European Elections, they seriously didn’t think they were going to do as well as the Brexit Party or even as well as the Green Party did they, if they did think that then they’re seriously detached from fucking reality. I always knew Change UK would get zero MEPs elected at the European Elections, because despite being essentially founded by a bunch of disgruntled careerist politicians they couldn’t even get a party logo approved by the Electoral Commission & then there’s the candidates they selected to stand at the European Elections defecting to the Liberal Democrats, it was one hiccup after another hiccup for Change UK since it’s inception & particularly during the European Elections campaign, at least they did better then UKIP at the European Elections & yes doing better than far-right racist gammon is something to always be proud of.

Anna Soubry

Anna Soubry has now replaced the departed Chuka Umunna as Change UK’s leader, though I suspect Change UK with it’s 5 remaining MPs are very much a sinking ship, they’ve had election candidates seeing the writing on the wall & defecting to the Liberal Democrats & I suspect some if not a majority of those 6 MPs who’ve now left Change UK will sooner or later end up in the Lib Dems, I’ve long thought that Anna Soubry would actually make a perfect Lib Dem as she’s a Remainer & she was just as willing as the Lib Dems were when they were in coalition government to vote for austerity.

The one thing which certainly angers me about Change UK & particularly with Chuka Umunna & Luciana Berger is that they were elected by voters thinking they were electing Labour MPs only for supposed Labour MPs they thought they had elected to defect to Change UK & now for them to leave Change UK to sit as independent MPs, which all means their constituents feel damn well cheated & no doubt confused as fuck as to what their MP actually represents. I know under the British electoral system that one votes for a candidate not a party, however I think this is flawed because it doesn’t hold an MP to represent what voters thought they were going to represent, I really think there ought to be a law that if an MP switches party allegiances they should have to stand for re-election in a by-election.

According Anna Soubry the real reason Chuka Umunna & Luciana Berger & the other 4 MPs left Change UK was they disagreed with putting up candidates for elections & had wanted Change UK to be some kind of protest movement, if true then that’s some serious hypocrisy from Chuka Umunna & Luciana Berger as they were among Blairite MPs within the Labour Party who said they feared if Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader he’d turn Labour into a protest movement rather then a serious political party seeking to form