Gammon Might Celebrate Brexit But They Ain’t Going To Like The Financial Hangover

On Friday evening the police made a number of arrests made at the Brexit celebrations in London, there’s nothing particularly alarming about the number of arrests the police made at the Brexit celebrations in comparison to the number of arrests made at other similarly sized public events & considering the typical behaviour you’d expect from those gammon bigots who were attending the Brexit celebrations, but what caught my eye about one of the gammon arrested for being drunk & disorderly & causing criminal damage was they’re reported to have irony of ironies resided in Corbyn Street.

If there was one small consolation regarding the day of Brexit, it was the vilest of vile hatemongering gobshite trolling cunts Katie Hopkins was unable to be all triumphant about Brexit on Twitter, as Katie has had her Twitter account indefinitely suspended for being vilest of vile hatemongering gobshite trolling cunts.

In this week just gone leading up to the day of Brexit I was unfortunately laid up feeling utterly shite & so was unable to write all of last week as concerns for both my physical & mental health take priority over any concerns about writing or blogging or vlogging etc. I was actually asleep at 11pm this past Friday January 31st, the very moment which the United Kingdom officially left the European Union, I bet gammon bigots were well disappointed when a minute past 11PM there wasn’t the start of some mass government roundup & deportation of immigrants which is what they really wanted from there being Brexit, but hey ho not having a mass deportation (or slaughter as some gammon truly desire) of immigrants does mean gammon will have someone to blame for having economically shot themselves in the foot with Brexit.

Because the sky hasn’t immediately fallen in since the UK officially left the EU, Brexiter gammon have attempted to mock those of us on the left who have predicted an economic crisis as a consequence of Brexit, yes well we are currently in a transitional phrase thus we are still technically part of the European Single Market & adhere to EU regulations (which this country no longer has a democratic say in), it’s when that transitional phase ends & whether or not there’s a final trade agreement between the UK & EU when the trouble begins economically for 99% of people in this country.

Gammon love to bleat on about how the UK can negotiate with the EU a Canada style trade deal with EU, my understanding is it took practically a decade for the Canadian government to negotiate a trade deal with the EU & gammon expect this inept Tory government to negotiate a similar trade deal in less then a year as we are due to leave the European Single Market on December 31st. Yes the transitional phrase of us eventually leaving the European Single Market could be extended if no final trade agreement between the UK & the EU is agreed by December 31st, but I do find it beyond ironic that our current relationship with the EU is far more undemocratic then its ever been as we have fuck all say in regulations the EU impose upon goods & services now we are no longer formally a member of the EU & if there’s a need to extend the current ‘transitional period’ that just makes it worse in my opinion.

Of course some gammon say we can trade with places around the globe other then the EU, yes we can & pay tariffs on what we import from those other places around which means stuff we import from those ‘other places’ will be more expensive then stuff we imported from the EU whilst we were a member state of the EU, you know stuff like food because I hate to tell gammon so blinded by nationalism that we import ¾ of the food we consume in this country & there’s no way this country could feed itself on the food which this country solely produces without the reintroduction of rationing which I’m sure would be popular with the average consumer NOT! A great many of moron gammon bigots blinded by nationalism & xenophobia simply just don’t care if people starve just so long as Brexit helps to get rid of bleeding immigrants, yeah well we’ll see how much they like people starving due to skyrocketing food prices when it’s members of their own family or even themselves who are starving.

It’s not just going to be a basic staple such as food which is going to become a great deal more expensive as a consequence of Brexit, all consumer goods will be a great deal more expensive & though some environmentalists might think this a good thing as it will mean less waste, in the immediate it’s a really bad thing as we have a consumer led economy in this country thus dependent on people purchasing stuff & so when people don’t buy stuff because they can’t afford to buy stuff the economy shrinks otherwise known as a recession, this why during the financial crisis of just over a decade ago the then Labour government temporarily lowered the rate of VAT as a means to stimulate the economy & it did in fact work until the Tories were elected to power.

One way or another the pound in pocket of the average person in Britain will be devalued, of course there are gammon who say the devaluation of the pound is a good thing as it makes exports cheaper, which might be true but it’s more expensive for the government to borrow & I come back to my central argument that the British economy is consumer driven so if the pound in the pocket of your average consumer is worth less then they’re not going to be able to afford to buy as much stuff & thus overall the economy will be fucked!

I’ve likely forgotten more about the mechanics of economics then your typical gammon will ever have been equipped to learn, but hey far better skilled economists with far more letters of qualification after their name have tried explaining economic sense to gammon Brexiters without success, gammon are blinded with nationalism & xenophobia ensconced in their Brexit cult they just aren’t going to listen to any fucking sense what so fucking ever & are determined to push this country headlong into an economic crisis, Tory slimeball Michael Gove saying prior to 2016’s EU referendum about us not needing experts has become somewhat prophetic.

Michael Gove I’m sure he won’t feel the pain of Brexit, nor will Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees Toff, being as they’re all multi-millionaires, but that gammon dimwit who lives in Corbyn Street he will. I bet that gammon who lives in Corbyn Street worships the ground Nigel Farage walks upon when in fact he needs to support Jeremy Corbyn & Labour as they’d tackle the root case as to why people voted Brexit.

Fuck Farage’s Brexit Day Celebration!

So at the end of this week the UK will be officially leaving the EU & Nigel Farage will be hosting a massive celebration in Parliament Square celebrating Brexit, a Brexit Day celebration which along with Nigel Farage onstage will of course have other racist gobshite luminaries spouting xenophobic shite in giving the finger to Johnny Foreigner blahdy blah from the platform, in fact I did see the event’s itinerary or schedule or what the fuck ever you prefer to call it.

Nigel Farage

Actually I’m not sure if this is the itinerary for the Farage’s Brexit celebration in Parliament this coming Friday or if it’s the itinerary for the proposed Brexit Festival which Boris Johnson’s Tory government are going to be wasting £120million of taxpayers money on staging, well whatever an obvious omission from the line-up is actor & singer Laurence Fox.

Lawrence Fox

The pompous racist dickhead Laurence Fox is now the new hero of the bigoted gammon legion after his recent appearance as a panellist on BBC Question Time, where he told a female audience of mix race that there was no racism in Britain & then proceeded to accuse her of racism when she said only somebody with enormous amount of White privilege could say such a thing, he’s subsequently said somewhere else in the mainstream media that the inclusion of Sikh soldier in Sam Mendes’ movie 1917 (awesome film!) was political correctness gone mad despite it being that there were soldiers from the subcontinent who fought in both WW1 & WW2. There’s no doubt Lawrence Fox has proven himself a pompous racist dickhead & so you’d think that other pompous racist dickhead Nigel Farage would want him to perform at his Brexit Day celebration in London, but oh no Nigel Farage can’t be that cruel can he because Fox is about as dreadful a singer as you can get, even people who are tone fucking deaf will tell you he can’t fucking sing!

Considering those most likely will be attending Nigel Farage’s Brexit Day celebration this Friday evening in Parliament Square will just be your average drunken gammon racist thugs intent on causing havoc & mayhem, why the fuck go to all the expense & effort of holding Brexit Day celebrations in Parliament Square when the local Wetherspoons would suffice as drunken gammon racist thugs intent on causing havoc & mayhem sounds pretty much your typical Friday night at any Wetherspoons pub.

Gammon ain’t going to be non to pleased that Big Ben won’t be bonging on the very moment of Brexit, yeah remember a few weeks ago Boris Johnson announced the government were going to set up a crowd funding scheme to raise the funds needed for Big Ben (which is undergoing long term refurbishment/maintenance) to bong on the precise moment of Brexit well news in that the government kind of fucked up that one up. If Big Ben not chiming on the moment the UK officially leaves the EU on Friday hasn’t wound up gammon bigots enough then it will be hilarious if anybody turns up to Parliament Square waving the EU flag & seeing gammon acting like triggered snowflakes though unfortunately they’d probably ultimately respond by using their fists being the fascist scum they are. Oh I’d just love it, I’d fucking love it, if Extinction Rebellion turn up to Parliament Square on Friday & do a climate protest to remind all there are more important issues to worrying, oh no wait Extinction Rebellion are now a banned because according to Home Secretary Priti Patel & the Tories it’s not okay to be having hippies protesting but it’s fine to be having fascists run amuck!

Festival Of Gammon Stupidity

It appears to have become a really big deal for gammon that Big Ben chimes at 23:00 GMT on 31 January, the very moment UK is due to leave the EU, in fact there was a proposed amendment in the House of Commons to the Tory government’s Brexit Bill that would have required Big Ben to have chimed on the moment the UK leaves the EU, only problem is the tower which houses Bog Ben has been undergoing a long-term refurbishment, but now Boris Johnson has suggested there might be a “bung a bob for a Big Ben bong” crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds to have Big Ben chime to mark Brexit & considering there are enough gullible gammon to fund king of the racist gammon Tommy Robinson living a life of luxury then there’s enough gullible gammon to fund a clock chiming to mark their Brexit precious Brexit.

It’s been announced that Boris Johnson’s government will be spending £120million on a ‘Festival of Brexit’, yeah because apparently there isn’t anything more worthwhile for this Tory government to be spending £120million on you know stuff like tackling homelessness & child poverty, okay £120million is in fact a drop in the ocean when it comes to government spending however the Tories are always banging on about saving taxpayers money then why not cut cost & just have a ‘Festival of Brexit’ at the local Wetherspoons pub that way the government will save money for taxpayers & travel expenses for racist gammon who’ll most likely attend as they won’t have to go anywhere.

Clive Lewis might have dropped out of the Labour leadership contest, but he was right when saying Brexit was a racist project from the start & we all know any ‘celebration of Brexit’ will just be a bunch of racist gammon getting drunk & abusive about Muslims & immigrants & anybody else they don’t like the look of.

I heard Nigel Farage was planning a big Brexit celebration in London on January 31s which actually surprised me because I thought he would be trying to prolong his political career & the limelight his ego so obviously craves by going about claiming even after the UK officially leaves the EU that Brexit truly hasn’t happened, well I guess he’ll be back at the next General Election with the Adam & Eve Not Adam & Steve’ party wanting to turn England into fucking Gilead now its out of the EU or what the fuck ever other strain of far-right hate he can tap into & exploit for his own ends.

If Farage is going to hold some kind of big Brexit celebration in Parliament or Trafalgar Square which no doubt will be attended in the main by racist gammon wanking themselves silly about giving the finger to Johnny Foreigner & keeping imperial measurements despite them all being clueless has to how many ounces are in a pound etc, well I’d just fucking love it if that was the day Extinction Rebellion held yet more protests in London as a reminder there are more important issues then fucking Brexit or if a load of militant remainers turned up to gate-crash just to spoil Farage’s Brexit bash for gammon,

Some of us will definitely not be celebrating Brexit, yeah I really want to celebrate this country being substantially poorer & stuff in the shops costs a whole heap more, it will be gammon who’ll be most affected by the economic consequences of Brexit & so it is pretty fucking extraordinary gammon celebrating Brexit they’re really celebrating being further economically fucked!

It’s New Year 2020 & As A Physically Disabled Trans Woman I’ve Never Been So Shit Scared About My Future As I’m Now

Though I had most awesome start to this new decade as in the first minutes of the 2020s I got engaged to my girlfriend & we both now dream of having a fabulous wedding sometime in the next few years, however this is all very much dependent on whether this Tory government doesn’t murder me for the crime of being a disabled person.

Despite there being wedding bells in the air for yours truly, I’ve never been as scared for my future as I’m this New Year 2020, yes I might have survived the 2010s as a disabled person who increasingly needs government assistance to help me with the day to day tasks which able bodied people take for granted when over many other disabled people perished as a consequence of Tory austerity, but I can’t help thinking its really only a matter of time before I’m shipped off to an Atos death camp & become yet another statistic in the Tory genocide against disabled people.

The Tories continuing policy when it comes to caring for disabled people

Genocide & death camps might sound well too emotive & hyperbolic for some, but hey your likely not a severely disabled person thus have no fucking idea what so fucking ever what it’s fucking feels like to be a disabled person living under the threat which Tory government poses to us merely breathing never mind living or thriving. Let me remind you without truly having a parliamentary majority the Tories have managed kill over 100,000 disabled people over the past decade & gave a knighthood to the evil Tory cunt who was main architect of that genocidal level of death, now the Tories have a thumping parliamentary majority I dread to think what economic terrorism the Tories are now going to get away with unleashing on disabled people particularly when there are Tory backbenchers like Sally-Ann Hart Hastings & Rye who thinks disabled people are inferior human beings.

I dread to think what economic terrorism the Tories will unleash when Brexit kicks in! Oh fucking dear (& then some) if your some fuckwit gammon who’s thinking Brexit will somehow produce some kind of British renaissance & the 2020s will be the roaring 2020s, because you truly are a fucking fuckwitted fool who knows nothing about fucking economics. This country is going to be far poorer as a consequence of Brexit & shit is going to be a lot more expensive, which is going hurt most off all the most vulnerable in society such as disabled people, but hey bollocks to us disabled people so long as gammon get to wrap themselves up in Union Jacks & bash Johnny Foreigner.

There are conflicting reports as to whether former leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson & leader of Britain First Paul Golding have had there applications to join the Tory Party turned down, but the fact the fascist hatemongering gammon are joining the Tories in droves led by the likes of Tommy Robinson & Paul Golding & Katie Hopkins is shit fucking scary, in fact what’s more scary is that Boris Johnson nor any other senior Tory has discouraged out & out fascist thugs from joining the Tories nor condemning fascist thug like Paul Golding making threats of violence against those who legitimately oppose this Tory government.

Boris’s hardon for Brexit, Boris’s racist & Islamophobic & homophobic &  misogynistic rhetoric, Boris evidently being Britain’s pound shop version of Donald Trump, geez wonder why far-right hatemongering trolls are attracted to supporting the Tories, fuck it why not cut out the bullshit & have the Tories drop the oak tree as their party logo & replace it with the swastika because hey it’s obviously the direction the Tories are currently traveling.

I’m not just shitting myself about the Tories economic policy affecting me due to being a disabled person, I’m shitting myself about the Tories social policies affecting me as a trans woman, for whatever reason trans people are still the most persecuted section of the LGBTQ community & considering we now have hatemongering gobshites trolls like Katie Hopkins joining the Tories who is the most rabid of rabid transphobic bigots & that we know there are transphobic bigots on the Tory parliamentary benches such as David T.C Davies, yeah it doesn’t quite look as if it will be the roaring 2020s if you’re trans or non-binary. I’m not saying that lesbian & gays won’t be immune from any Tory anti-LGBTQ bullshit, but apart from the odd fringe voice spouting homophobic bigotry the vast majority of Tories now generally accept gay & lesbian equality, it’s trans & particularly non-binary people who’ll be targeted by any Tory anti-LGBTQ bullshit. Despite us seeing a lot positive progress for trans people throughout the 2010s, maybe due to first half of the decade Britain having a Tory Prime Minister for all his faults was in fact socially liberal, but those days are long gone & the transphobic backlash is well underway, it’s now a question how much that will this will influence this Tory government when it comes to policy.

Remember Donald Trump posing with the LGBTQ Pride flag at a rally during the 2016 presidential election campaign, remember Boris going out of his way to mention LGBTQ when he first entered Downing Street as Prime Minister, golly hasn’t the Trump administration been mightily progressive & enlightened in it’s policies concerning the LGBTQ community & specifically trans people err NOT! Remember it was a Tory government which brought in Section 28 which deliberately discriminated against gays & lesbians, well there are now transphobic bigots proposing a similar discriminatory policy in regards to trans people.

I might not be so hopeful the 2020s will be so roaring for me personally or friends around me, in fact I sadly think the 2020s might be the last decade I get to draw breathe due to Tory this & Tory that, but I guarantee I will continue to fight & campaign against Tory evilness the best I can & I will never ever go fucking quietly.