Hopefully The Last Word On The Milkshake Election

Nigel Farage refused last Wednesday to get off his Brexit Party campaign bus because the bus had been surrounded with people drinking milkshakes, I wonder if Nigel is going to be now cowering in the backroom closet with PTSD anytime the milk man delivers to the family home, I heard that last Thursday that there were free milkshakes at Nigel’s local polling station & didn’t see any photos of him casting his vote, I think we’ve now found what truly terrifies Nigel Farage.

Brexit Party gammon faking having a milkshake chucked at him

Last Thursday I saw reports of an army veteran who was wearing a Brexit Party rosette having a milkshake chucked at him outside a polling station in Aldershot, I did originally think this was taking the ‘milkshakes against racism’ a bit far, however its now transpired that Don McNaughton the army veteran in question actually spilled a milk or yoghurt based drink on himself & tried to use it as ruse to smear the left & possibly gain the sympathy vote for the Brexit Party, yes the gammon fucker faked it! It’s also transpired as well as faking having a milkshake chucked at him because he’s a gammon Brexiter, Don McNaughton has been investigated for having shot unarmed civilians in Northern Ireland whilst serving in the army.

Considering how much of an attention seeking fuckwod Milo Yiannopoulos happens, I bet it was a real pisser there were no headlines about him having a milkshake chucked at him when he was travelling around as part of Carl Benjamin’s entourage as Carl aka Sargon of Akkad campaigned as a MEP candidate for UKIP in the South West, I bet it was even more of a pisser for Milo that at least at least three milkshakes were chucked successfully at Carl during the campaign for the European Elections as well as the fish & horse shit & everything else being chucked getting the headlines for Carl not him.

If Milo had had a milkshake chucked at him only a couple of years ago it would have been as much headline news as that antifa activist punching White Supremacist Richard Spencer, but alas conservatives nor civil society in general are as keen as Milo is on Catholic priests raping alter boys & so now nobody cares if Milo gets a milkshake in the face, but hey Milo there’s hope because if your mate Carl Benjamin is successful in taking over UKIP he can appoint you as UKIP’s youth spokesperson because he’s just as keen on underage boys having sex & bet there’s a never ending supply of milkshake for you both when you advocate such repugnant shite.

Tommy Robinson & Carl Benjamin Are Losers! Losers! Total Fucking Losers!

It might now be a couple of days since the results of the European Elections were revealed, but I’ve still not tired of chanting losers, losers, Tommy Robinson & Carl Benjamin are fucking losers. Not only were both far-right shitlord hatemongers electorally humiliated by getting not much then 2% in the respective regions they were MEP candidates, but both Carl Benjamin & Tommy Robinson lost their £5k deposits due to their electoral performance being so fucking dismal, in fact Tommy has posted a video asking for a recount in response to losing his £5k, because the bottom line is money with these far-right shitlord hatemongers as they’re essentially grifters conning the ignorant & maladjusted to depart with their cash & well I’m sure Tommy’s legion of gammon fanboys will quickly enough recompensate Tommy for the £5k he lost from being electorally humiliated.

The coward Tommy actually left the count for European Elections results in the North West early due to the butt-fucking humiliation he knew he was about to receive, in fact when Tommy’s election result was read out at the count there was indeed a great deal of laughter, I hope no one laughing in the video from the count when Tommy’s result was read out can be identified & if they can be identified then I suggest they beef up their home security because Tommy has a habit of turning up in the middle of the night at the homes of those who challenge him or take the piss out of him & attempt to violently remonstrate with those people, this is because Tommy & his knuckle-dragging gammon followers are violent psychopathic racist criminals!

Tommy Robinson & Carl Benjamin both shotlord losers

At least we now know that deplatforming works when it comes to far-right hatemongers, because Tommy has blaming his electoral humiliation on being banned from social-media platforms such as Twitter & Facebook & although he’s not been banned from YouTube his videos are delisted, the question now is how long will it be before Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad is banned from YouTube? Considering the amount of negative publicity which Carl has been giving YouTube with all his rapey bullshit against Jess Philips MP, I kind of think it won’t be long before Carl no longer has a YouTube channel.

I guess I should thank Carl as with all his sociopathic racist & misogynistic clown car antics during the European Elections campaign, he’s managed to completely destroy UKIP as any kind of electoral force something which I & other antiracist/antifascist campaigners had spent the best part of a decade trying to achieve. Sure UKIP have been replaced with the Brexit Party thanks to Roubles from Russia with malice intent & the Brexit Party are certainly a worry for those of us dedicated to campaigning against the far-right, but at this very moment knowing UKIP are fucked well it’s a great feeling of mission accomplished & it’s all thanks to Carl the neck beard gobshite from Swindon.

There is a theory that Carl Benjamin had wanted to obliterate UKIP as any kind of serious electoral force in British politics so much so that nobody would object nor care if he took the party over & remould it to reflect his own brand sociopathic far-right rhetoric of bullshit, well if that’s the case as YouTuber (& all round good guy) Kevin Logan said on his & Kristi Winters regular Happy Hour vlog, it would give him the chance of getting the UKIP leader on the show & being able to personally call them a cunt.

Nigel Farage Reckons The Brexit Party Will Win The Next General Election & Jeremy Corbyn Is Calling For That General Election To Happen

Following Farage’s Brexit Party cult coming out top at the European Elections, Nigel Farage reckons the Brexit Party will now storm to power at the General Election, err dream the fuck on Nige, a General Election is a very different proposition to the European Elections. People were mad enough to vote for a single-issue party at the European Election because bluntly the vast majority of people don’t give a flying fuck about the European Elections as reflected by the turnout being way below 40%, the turnout at a General Election will be far higher & there will be an expectation from voters for any party wanting to get elected to government to have their party platform feature more than one issue, there’d be an expectation for any party seriously wanting to be elected to government to have a swathe of constructive policies not just be backed by Russian Roubles in an attempt to turn the masses into Brexit precious Brexit Gollum like creatures whilst practicing stochastic terrorism, so things would certainly be different for the Labour Party then at the European Elections because Labour does have a swathe of policies & a vision of a better tomorrow.

No surprise that with Tory scumbags all knifing each other in the back to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister & with the Tories electoral collapse to less than 10% at European Elections & lets not forget their worse ever local election results earlier this month, Jeremy Corbyn was being opportunist in calling for a General Election, sure I’d be up for a General Election to put the boot into this fuck awful Tory government & particularly as I’m fed up with the Tory party exclusively having a say who will be the next Prime Minister & the wider electorate not having any say, yes I understand that’s the way our parliamentary system works but it doesn’t mean I have to fucking like it.

Jeremy Corbyn

As well as calling a General Election Jeremy Corbyn has refused to commit Labour to supporting a second referendum, but before I start banging my head repeatedly on the desk because it’s support for a second referendum which I & the majority of Labour supporters would prefer to be Labour’s official policy, I think its more important Labour just comes down one side or the other on the issue of Brexit rather attempt to sit on the fence as the current policy seems to be, sure I’d not be happy if Labour backed Brexit but at least it would be a clear & fucking concise policy & having a clear & concise policy on Brexit is the point I’m making.

It does appear the issue of Britain’s relation with European Union is where Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly trips up, remember it was post the 2016 EU Referendum when there was last a serious coup to oust him as Labour leader because the Blairite contingent within Labour blamed him for the Brexit outcome of that referendum when in fact it was the fault of then Tory Prime Minister David Cameron. I guess it shouldn’t be any surprise that following the woeful results for Labour at European Elections there’s today been a chorus of ‘Corbyn must go’, yeah well I’m not one of those joining in with that chorus no matter how disappointed I might be with Labour’s current approach to Brexit.

When it comes to axing student tuition fees, renationalising the railways, saving our NHS, tackling poverty & tackling climate-change, Jeremy Corbyn scores top marks as far as a socialist like myself is concerned & I know these policies are also popular with the electorate, its just Brexit where I think Labour is failing, but at any General Election I’m not going to just vote for a party on the basis of one policy nor are the majority of the electorate, so lets not get stupid in the aftermath of the European Elections where the vast majority of people stayed at home no doubt due to many of them having Brexit fatigue. If the remainder of the Blairite contingent within Labour does encourage the chorus of ‘Corbyn must go’ to get ever louder & as consequence manage to oust Jeremy Corbyn & move the party back to the right, I’d permanently swap my vote to the Green Party & I know I’d not be the only one who’d do so.

Soph’s Opinion On The Results Of The European Elections

Amongst the Brexit Party MEPs elected at these latest European Elections was Claire Fox who was elected in the North West region & Claire is a known Trans Exclusion Radical Feminist who has a gaggle of supporters tweeting #DropTheT rather than #LGBTQunite, but Claire wasn’t the only transphobe/homophobe to be elected as a Brexit MEP, because Anne Widdecombe the 70 year old virgin who’s a Dickensian moralising hag was elected a MEP for the South West region & not only is she anti LGBTQ but she’s also anti-abortion, hmm wonder how Claire as a supposed ‘radical feminist’ feels about sharing a platform with a uber conservative Christian who wants to use the Hand Maid’s Tale as an instruction manual, oh right I forgot Brexit precious Brexit turns people into Gollum like creatures.

Talking of the North West & the South West regions, of course we had far-right shitlords Tommy Robinson & Carl Benjamin standing in those respective regions as candidates & I’m very pleased to report neither were elected MEPs, but unfortunately Tommy received nearly 39,000 votes in the North West which means there’s nearly 39,000 too many gammon imbeciles residing in the North West of England, Carl Benjamin received just over 50,000 votes in the South West & I just can’t believe there are that many assholes in the South West of England who are prepared to vote for a guy who thinks its funny to send rape threats to female MPs. Goody-good that neither Tommy Robinson nor Carl Benjamin are going to the European Parliament rather they’re both more than likely going to court as both have legal trouble which could result in them both receiving custodial sentences, Tommy is to be retried for Contempt of Court & Carl could face a trial for the rape threats he made against Jess Philips & others, yeah I don’t think Carl would be making light of rape if he does get his arse thrown in prison & has to pick up the soap in the shower.

Overall the predictions this weighty if somewhat sweary political commentator made about the results of the European Elections were pretty bang on, though results from Scotland have yet to be declared, I was pretty spot on that the Tories would have a fucking dismal set of election results which is exactly what happened with them getting less then 10% of the vote & the Green Party pushing them into fifth place with the Greens getting more than double the number of MEPs elected, I was pretty bang on about Farage’s Brexit Party cult would come out top & perform better then opinion polls were suggesting & that Labour would perform less well than the opinion polls were suggesting, I just didn’t expect that the Liberal Democrats to do so dramatically better than they’ve previously performed at European Elections & come in second behind the Brexit Party.

I wasn’t the only natural Labour supporter who swapped their vote to the Green Party, both the Green Party & Liberal Democrats benefited at the expense of Labour it appears & as for the reason why, well it’s obviously because Labour have fucked up when it comes to having a clear policy on Brexit, Labour frontbencher Emily Thornberry pretty much said Labour have been shite on the BBC’s Election coverage & she said Labour need to come out in support of a second referendum & she’s not been the only Labour frontbencher who’s said as much in the past 48hrs. I’d certainly prefer Labour did come out fully in support of a second referendum, but I think it more important that Labour just stopped fence sitting & came down one side or the other on the issue of Brexit & be extremely fucking clear & concise what the party’s official policy on Brexit happens to be because the Lib Dems, the Green Party & the Brexit Party all are very clear where they stand on Brexit & all gained votes & therefore gained seats at the European Elections whereas Labour have been clear as mud & as a result lost votes & thus lost seats.

Farage’s Brexit Party cult comes out on top at the European Elections thanks to the support of Russian Rubles

So what influence will Farage’s Brexit Party coming out top at these European Elections have on the direction of British politics? Even before the results of the European Elections were revealed we already were seeing the influence of the prospect of the Brexit Party coming out top upon the Tory Party leadership contest with the leadership candidates having a pissing contest in the news media about who’s more of a hardarse Brexiter, as for Nigel Farage well the likes of the BBC will probably return to giving him a platform as they did when he was leader of UKIP & UKIP came out top at the 2014 European Elections, so he can sew even more hate & intolerance & practice stochastic terrorism & destabilise this country, but hey that’s why he & the Brexit Party are being bankrolled with Russian Rubles.

Predictions On The Results Of The European Elections & The Consequence Of Those Results

I’ll admit I wasn’t going to write anything today as I’m absolutely frigging knackered & have recurrence of tendonitis in the shoulder of my one good arm not effected by cerebral palsy & thus had wanted to rest up, particularly as tomorrow I’m due to go to Comic-Con which is something I’ve been really looking forward to big time! As for the reason despite feeling utter shite I’m in fact writing this, well my trans journalist friend Jane Fae reminded me that I’m weighty if somewhat sweary political commentator & as a political commentator there’s an expectation to write pieces such as these, especially if one wants to get noticed as a political commentator & I obviously I do, so here I’m doped up to my eyeballs on painkillers typing something which at most 10 people will read. People think what the likes of myself do is a dos & a doddle when in fact it’s far from a total fucking doddle & this is why I’ve explained what I’ve explained during this first paragraph regardless of it having nothing to do with any predictions on the European Elections results & the consequence of those results.

Being as the UK goes to the polls on a Thursday & the rest of Europe votes at the weekend, we won’t know the results of the European Elections until Sunday night, so time enough to make some predictions on the results here in the UK & the consequences of those results on the direction of politics in this country, we’ve in fact already seen one major consequence of the possible results with Theresa May announcing she’s resigning, okay May stepping down as Prime Minister has far more to do with her utter incompetency in being Prime Minister, losing the Tories parliamentary majority at the last General Election & thus not being able to deliver Brexit as she promised, but it’s probably been the Tories worse ever local election results & now the possibility that the results of the European Elections could be the worst ever election results for the Tories at a national election which finally had Theresa May stepping down from being Prime Minister.

When the results of the European Elections are known on Sunday, I’m pretty certain the Tories will have been fucking mullered at the ballot box & when I say the Tories have been mullered it’s likely there’ll come fifth behind the Green Party (who of course I voted for) if the last round of opinion polls are anything to go by.

As for who will come out top in these European Elections, well obviously that will be Farage’s Brexit Party cult, no matter Nigel Farage refusing to get off his campaign bus because there were people outside drinking milkshakes & that there were free milkshakes being handed out at his polling station yesterday, funny how it wasn’t milkshakes which got rid of Theresa May but ultimately it was people voting.

There were numerous stories yesterday of EU Nationals who the authorities had made various promises that they’d be guaranteed a vote being turned away from polling stations & thus in fact denied a vote, which of course will favour the Brexit Party coupled with uber low turnout. Even when there’s been really low turnout at previous elections there’s always been voters going in & out of my local polling station, when I went to vote yesterday it was deserted, there weren’t even tellers sitting outside & on past election day I’ve always seen tellers outside my local polling station even when there’s been practically a monsoon raging.

Selfie of yours truly outside my local polling station

Guaranteed Farage’s Brexit Party cult will top the polls at the European Elections, so it’s guaranteed he’ll be back on the BBC’s Question Time program every other fucking week & Question Time will descend once again into Farage Time with the pompous racist practicing his brand of stochastic terrorism.

Farage’s previous party UKIP will be lucky if they get one MEP elected, UKIP’s Carl Benjamin certainly won’t get elected as a MEP in the South West region, my predictions for Carl following the results of the European Elections is he’s likely going to have his Sargon of Akkad YouTube channel taken down along with his other channels because he’s not being giving YouTube & its owner Google any good press over recent weeks & Google will obviously be worried about this possibly affecting their image & their bottom line, I also suspect Carl might be facing a custodial sentence for the rapey bullshit against Jess Philips, yeah lets see Carl make light of rape once he’s had to pick up the soap in the prison shower. As well as Carl Benjamin, the other far-right douchebag shitlord to be standing in the European Elections has been Tommy Robinson in the North West region, there is a slim chance because of low turnout that Tommy could be elected as MEP, though I’m still doubtful he will, his horde of gammon fanboys might very well of gone out to vote for him & attempted to bully other voters to also vote for Tommy, but I reckon by early/mid afternoon yesterday most of his gammon supporters will have retired to the nearest Wetherspoons pub to drink themselves silly as louts usually do.

Now here’s the number the of MEPs Change UK will have gotten elected at these European Elections (drumroll) ZERO! The Lib Dems will likely pick up more seats then they done at previous European Elections but other then Lib Dems who really gives a crap because I certainly don’t.

Whereas I think the Brexit Party will do better then the opinions polls were suggesting, I think Labour will in fact do worse then the opinion polls were suggesting, Labour will certainly do far better then the Tories have done at these European Elections & Labour activists will be patting themselves on the back because the Tories got walloped, I’d warn Labour activists against such complacency as I wasn’t the only diehard supporter of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party who swapped their vote yesterday to the Green Party because of the Labour leadership’s ambiguous waffling on Brexit & though I more then likely will go back to voting Labour at the next General Election & at the next round of local elections others might not.

Today Soph Will Be Voting Green

Today is polling day in the UK for the 2019 European Elections & I’ll being casting my vote for the Green Party. So why am I voting Green Party? Why not Change UK? Why not vote for the Lib Dems? Why not vote Labour when I’ve claimed that if you cut me open I’d bleed Labour?!?!?

It’s not as if I disagree very much with Anna Soubry MP when it comes to opposing Brexit & championing the need for a second referendum, but Change UK are a fucking joke, I mean this is a party who select candidates who then promptly defect to the Liberal Democrats, despite essentially being a bunch of careerist politicians they can’t even organise registering a party logo with Electoral Commission, a party originally formed complaining of racism with the Labour Party only for one of those MPs who split from Labour complaining about racism within Labour to then go on the BBC & make racist remarks merely hours after the initial launch of what’s now become Change UK, it’s the fucking Keystone Cops & then some with Change UK, but my biggest gripe with Change UK is they don’t in fact want Change, they’re a bunch of disgruntled Blairites who want to continue with the Blairite doctrine of neoliberalist capitalism which caused the 2008 Financial Crisis & will keep on reeking misery on the many & only rewarding the few.

I applaud the Liberal Democrats for having entitled their European Elections manifesto ‘Bollocks To Brexit’, but I will NEVER vote for the Lib Dems ever again, not after I voted for them at the 2010 General Election thinking they represented the progressive vote only for them to betray progressives who voted for them by propping up David Cameron’s Tory administration & the austerity that Tory administration inflicted on the most vulnerable in society which has contributed to deaths of over 100,000 disabled people & as a disabled person myself yeah I take it fucking personally.

Labour’s official policy on Brexit seems to change on a daily basis, so what is Labour’s official policy today being it’s polling day for the European Elections, is the official policy on Brexit different for voters in the north who tend to support Brexit then it is for voters down south who tend to oppose Brexit, is it Labour will honour the outcome of 2016’s EU referendum or is Labour will push for second referendum, even Labour’s own MPs are confused as what the party’s official policy on Brexit happens to be & Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t given much clarity during the entire European Elections campaign other to say Labour opposes a No-Deal-Brexit, with whatever else is going on with Theresa May currently she was right when in parliament yesterday she essentially said Jeremy Corbyn had to get off the fence on the issue of Brexit. I know Jeremy Corbyn would rather discuss tackling poverty & climate change & sure those issues are of far greater importance then Brexit, but the European Elections are very much about Brexit & Jeremy’s constantly ambiguous waffling on the issue during the entirety of European Elections campaign has put me off voting Labour today.

The Green Party oppose austerity & oppose Brexit & they’re more likely then Labour to get MEPs elected in the South East region then Labour, I’ll probably revert back to voting Labour at the next round of local elections & at the next General Election because Jeremy Corbyn is pretty bang fucking on when it comes to domestic policy, it’s just on the issue of Brexit where Jeremy Corbyn has lost his way.

So is what I’m doing to today a protest vote? I’d say no because I’m actually voting for the party which is closest to my own political stances at the European Elections & isn’t that how one should vote.

Still Time Enough With The 2019 European Elections Campaign For The Far Right Likes Of Tommy Robinson & Carl Benjamin to Exploit The Fears Of Voters & To Have Milkshakes Chucked At Them For Doing So

Today is May 22nd which in recent years has become somewhat of a bad day in contemporary British history, as today is the 6th anniversary of the murder of Lee Rigby who was a soldier beheaded on the streets of Greenwich in South London & today is also the 2nd anniversary of the suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena which killed 22 people, both of these horrific incidents were replenishable acts of terrorism & totally 110% indefensible & if anybody does try defending these despicable acts of terrorism they should be seriously castigated & ostracized from mainstream society, but equally as repugnant are those on the far-right who use these contemptable acts of barbarism from the murder of Lee Rigby to the Manchester Terrorist Attack as a means of pushing their far right agenda of hate & intolerance, from crazed GOP politicians in the United States blaming the murder of Lee Rigby upon Britain having a far too liberal & tolerant society to that infamous tweet by Katie Hopkins in the aftermath of Manchester Terrorist Attack suggesting a ‘final solution’ for Muslims.

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson more then just about every other far-right grifter has repeatedly used the murder of Lee Rigby to push his agenda of hate & I bet today will be no exception particularly considering it’s the 6th anniversary of that dreadful murder & the last day of campaigning for the European Elections, yes I know people can campaign on election day if you want to get fucking pedantic about it but traditionally the last day before election day is considered the last full day of campaigning for that particular election, anyways the point is Tommy & his far-right horde of knuckle-dragging fanboys will no doubt be milking fearful memories people have of the murder of Lee Rigby along with the more recent Manchester Terrorist Attack being as Manchester is the largest city in the North West region & it’s the North West region where Tommy is standing as a candidate.

Considering how dense some of his gammon neanderthal supporters are, I reckon there’ll be a few or more of them turning up at polling stations in places like the Midlands & the North East complaining the ballot paper doesn’t have Tommy’s name on it because they’re too ignorant to understand its only in the North West where he’s standing as a MEP candidate that his name will be on the ballot paper & thus their displeasure in not being able to vote for Tommy could possibly manifest itself in them violently remonstrating with the staff at the polling station that they’re conspiring with the ray gun tooting Muslamic infidels against Tommy. Joking aside I’m genuinely concerned that Tommy Robinson’s gammon fanboys might very well intimidate & bully voters outside or in the vicinity of polling stations across the North West, you’d think that this is an issue the police would be very much aware of as just about everywhere Tommy goes violence & mayhem ensues, as for the police taking appropriate action well recent evidence with the police not dealing with yellow vest thugs intimidating MPs outside parliament leads me to cast doubt on whether the police will take appropriate action. Thankfully its unlikely Tommy is going to get elected as he’s currently polling at about 3% in the North West, but of course when the vote tally is revealed on Sunday night this might trigger Tommy’s gammon army in kicking off with knuckle sandwiches about how the election has been rigged against him by Cultural Marxist establishment & by the Muslamic infidels armed with their ray guns.

Just as Tommy Robinson’s legion of gammon neanderthal fanboy supporters will claim the election was rigged against Tommy by the establishment, it’ll be the same bullshit with supporters of UKIP’s Carl Benjamin in the South West & of course Carl will blame everybody but himself because that’s what Carl typically does. Carl Benjamin is actually polling worse in South West then Tommy Robinson is in the North West, so fuck all chance Carl is going to get elected & every chance he’s going help kill UKIP as any kind of electoral force, there’s in fact a conspiracy theory doing the rounds that Gerard Batten who’s UKIP’s leader has deliberately let Carl off the leash with his odious clown car antics to help get more Brexit Party candidates elected MEPs as he reckons there’s a better chance of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party cult to apply serious pressure on the government in delivering Brexit, what I do know is Carl’s clown car antics have certainly made the Brexit Party look far more sane & palatable to the electorate during this election campaign.

Carl Benjamin

I don’t think there’s been a single rally UKIP’s Carl Benjamin has staged during the entire European Elections campaign where somebody hasn’t tried to throw something or other at Carl, I’ve counted at least 3 times when a milkshake has been successfully chucked at him & there’s still plenty of time before the polls close tomorrow for one or two more to be chucked at the odious bigot, there’s of course still plenty of time for one or two milkshakes to be chucked in the direction of Tommy Robinson, however I don’t condone people chucking milkshakes at far-right wanker politicians no matter how much of a hatemongering wanker they might be, I especially advise most strenuously against doing so if Tommy Robinson or Carl Benjamin are seen near a polling station tomorrow, I’m not being sarcastic or ironic, just don’t be fucking doing it! Sure chucking a milkshake at far-right bigots is nowhere as bad as them intimidating the families of journalists in the middle of the night or threatening to rape female Labour MPs & it hardly registers as political violence if it actually registers as political violence period, just ill advised to be doing it anywhere near a polling station tomorrow.

Milkshakes Vs Murder

I actually think it might be fake news that a milkshake was chucked over Nigel Farage when yesterday he was on a campaign walkabout in Newcastle city centre, I think the truth is that whitish stuff which Nigel Farage is covered in is a product of his spunk trumpet from loving himself too much, same with UKIP’s Carl Benjamin & gobshite hatemongering Tommy Robinson who have looked like they had milkshakes chucked over them at various occasions during the European Elections campaign, because all these egotistical far-right megalomaniacal sociopaths are compulsive masturbaters loving themselves far too much, ha fucking ha!

It’s not milkshake they’re covered in nut their own spunk

In all seriousness was Nigel Farage murdered yesterday, err no he wasn’t, an anarchist chucked a fucking milkshake over him whoopee frigging do, but a far-right nutcase murdered a Labour MP a week before the 2016 EU referendum. Has an antifa activist invaded a Brexit Party rally with an assault weapon murdering multiple Brexit Party members & supporters, err no I think not, but far-right nutcases over the past decade have invaded a socialist youth camp, mosques, synagogues, churches which have large Black congregations, committing mass fucking murder numbering in the tens if not hundreds of innocent lives slaughtered, all of course with the use of assault weapons. I’m not condoning lefties chucking milkshakes over far-right wanker politicians, but a lefty activist chucking milkshakes over far-right wanker politicians hardly ranks as the most atrocious atrocity when it comes to political violence does it & when it comes to the worse atrocities of political violence me thinks it’s the far-right who top the chart of the worse atrocities committed, Anders Breivik, Brenton Tarrant, Dylan Roof & the list of far-right nutcase terrorists goes on & on &..

Chucking a milkshake over Nigel Farage is nowhere in comparison to the murder of Jo Cox when it comes to political violence, but believe it or not far-right fuckwits were trying yesterday afternoon to make a comparison with Nigel Farage getting a milkshake chucked at with the murder of Jo Cox, for fucks sake, the two incidents aren’t even in the same ballpark when it comes to political violence, Jo Cox was brutally stabbed to death whilst out fetching lunch in her constituency & her murder left two children motherless, Nigel Farage got a milkshake chucked over him whilst in Newcastle city centre resulting in a bit of a bruised ego & a dry cleaning bill, me thinks he’ll survive to fight another day, but of course the far-right always love play the victim don’t they.

As I pointed paragraph before last the worse atrocities when it comes to political violence are by a exceedingly large margin committed by far-right nutcases, yet the far-right constantly try to play the victim & I think its sickening not laughable they frigging do so, The Finsbury Mosque attacker cited Tommy Robinson as inspiring him, Carl Benjamin threatening & harassing Jess Philips has led to her being harassed & abused in the street by his fanboys as she’s trying to do her job as an MP in representing the interests of her constituents, as for Nigel Farage well its his rhetoric which helps to stoke hate & intolerance which lead to murders such as Jo Cox.

Again let me reiterate that I’m not saying it was right nor just for milkshakes to have been chucked during this European Elections campaign at Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage & with Carl Benjamin it being a bit more then milkshakes chucked, but what I’m saying is having a milkshake chucked at you isn’t committing murder is it. Its lefties who chuck milkshakes but the far-right who commit murder.

When the Brexit Party Tops The Polls On Thursday This What Is Likely To Happen In The Aftermath

So whilst Nigel Farage was getting a milkshake chucked at him when on a campaign walkabout in Newcastle city centre (you got to love those Geordies) & far-right fuckwits were pathetically trying to make a comparison of Nigel Farage getting drenched with a milkshake with the horrific murder of Jo Cox, a former Prime Minster was posing serious questions about the funding of Farage’s Brexit Party cult. Gordon Brown might be viewed as not being one of greatest of Prime Minsters this country has ever had but he’s right about the bankrolling of Farage’s Brexit Party needing investigated, rumour is Aaron Banks is bankrolling Farage’s Brexit Party cult as he did UKIP when Farage was leader, no great fucking surprise Aaron Banks would be partially bankrolling the Brexit Party as he’s odious far-right dickhead who goes about insulting the families of Hillsborough victims, but I think there’s something far more murky & suspicious regards where the Brexit Party is getting its funding from, I suspect if there was an in-depth investigation into the funding of the Brexit Party then it would be revealed that money has been funnelled from the Kremlin via various bodies into bankrolling the Brexit Party, which would kind of go against Farage’s nationalistic mantra in opposing foreign states meddling in the internal politics of the UK.

Sadly the truth is that it doesn’t matter how much of a racist pillock Nigel Farage is made out to be between now & Thursday nor if there were any great revelations regards Russian money bankrolling Farage’s Brexit Party cult, the Brexit Party are going to come out top with regards to the European Elections this coming Thursday because people have to have their Brexit precious fucking Brexit otherwise their entire fucking world is going to fall apart, people obsessing about Brexit to the point no other issue matters to them are kind of reminding me of Gollum & my precious from Lord Of The Rings, well if Farage’s Brexit Party does top the polls at the European Elections it’s more then likely the Tories no matter who’s leading them will opt to go for a No-Deal-Brexit & this country will heading for the worse economic crisis it’s faced since the Second World War.

Nigel Farage Welcomed To Newcastle With A Milkshake

When Nigel Farage led UKIP to topping the polls at the 2014 European Elections, this was when David Cameron the then Prime Minster said if the Tories won the 2015 General Election there’d be referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union & well the Tories did win the 2015 General Election & well we all know what happened next. So just when Nigel Farage led UKIP to topping the polls at the 2014 European Elections pushing for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union & panicking the Tories into having that referendum, I now fear Nigel Farage leading the Brexit Party & on course to top the polls at the 2019 European Elections by pressing for a No-Deal-Brexit will panic the Tory government in taking that Brexit route at the fear of losing votes to Farage’s Brexit Party cult at the next general election, because this all about what’s in the interests of the Tories not what’s in the national interest.

I wonder if people knew what the true cost of a No-Deal-Brexit whether they’d still cast a vote for the Brexit Party? The awful truth is they probably would still vote for the Brexit Party no matter the cost of a No-Deal-Brexit because Nigel Farage has done a bang-up job turning the masses into fucking Smeagol. Brexit my precious Brexit no matter if vulnerable people starve to death because there’s food shortages of sick people die due a shortage of meds due to a No-Deal-Brexit, oh & bollocks to the people of Northern Ireland so long as the Smeagol Brexiter masses get their precious Brexit, this is the kind of shit I’m hearing & it’s fucking frightening.

Nigel Farage has already done enough damage to this country & he ain’t done wrecking Britain yet, somebody chucking a milkshake at him is the least the pompous racist fucker deserves!

Rebecca Baty She’s The UKIP Trans Woman You Need To Know About

Whereas both Niki Sinclaire & Kellie Maloney both left UKIP citing homophobia & transphobia being rife throughout the party, Rebecca Baty was one trans woman who remained a UKIP member & has donated handsomely to the party over the years, in fact its my understanding her donations to the party were substantial enough for her to be a member of their VIP members club for top donors, this is all despite that whilst she was donating so generously to the party UKIP members had been spouting transphobic shite such as the UKIP General Secretary saying “if you like shemales then come to Britain” & bemoaning the NHS carrying out gender reassignment surgery, oh then there was the UKIP member of the Welsh Assembly who said trans people could implode society because we were a “deviation from the norm”, oh then there’s been the general threat UKIP have tried pose in wanting to start a culture war against trans rights, but hey confronting Rebecca with these facts that UKIP is rotten to the core with transphobia seems to have no effect on her nor the wider anti LGBTQ rhetoric you get from UKIP despite Rebecca also being lesbian as well as trans, you know stuff like threatening to gut LGBT rights in their manifesto, members blaming bad weather on gay marriage & then there’s Roger Helmer, oh where do I frigging start with the homophobic shite this UKIP MEP has spouted, yet despite it being well established Helmer is rabid homophobe, here’s a photo of Ms Baty with her arm round Roger Helmer & the other arm around David Coburn who might be openly gay but opposes gay marriage thus making him yet another UKIP homophobe.

With Rebecca Baty there’s an awful lot of denial & cognitive distancing about it not being in her best interests being in a party full of transphobic & homophobic bigots, she actually said to me that Roger Helmer hadn’t been bigoted against her for being trans & a lesbian, to which my response is of course he’s not going to be you dumb smuck because your stupid enough to give as generously as you have to UKIP & they’ll carry on being nice to you so long as you keep giving money as you have to the party, think it would be a different matter with any trans woman who doesn’t donate, support or vote for UKIP. However my biggest gripe with Rebecca being a member of UKIP isn’t the hypocrisy of her being a trans lesbian & in a party full of rabid transphobic & homophobic bigots, it’s that she lives out in Switzerland thus doesn’t pay tax to the British treasury & yet still wants to say in the constitutional future of this country.

Are UKIP not the party who have long banged on about how the European Union or some giant global elite is continuously infringing upon British sovereignty & interfering in the internal matters of this country, so wouldn’t you think it’s somewhat hypocritical of UKIP to then be receiving generous donations from somebody living out outside the UK in somewhere like Switzerland, yeah I say it was but I have to state here & now nothing which Rebecca has done is illegal, it’s just highly unethical & as I’ve already said utterly hypocritical in regards to what’s been UKIP’s usual mantra.

Rebecca & I were friends, we are both tomboy trans women who like to sink a few pints, gamers & Dr Who fangirls, she always remembered me come Christmas, but I do have my limits, her hypocrisy regards living out in Switzerland whilst donating & supporting UKIP I could stomach, what I couldn’t stomach was her going full on Tommy Robinson & was defending the reprehensible antics of a certain Carl Benjamin.

The last conversation Rebecca & I had & this will be the last conversation we’ll ever have, she despite being a trans lesbian was supporting Tommy Robinson the jumped up bigoted fascist with a Napoleon complex who along with this legion of knuckle-dragging fanboys is just as much of a threat to LGBTQ people & specifically trans women as he is to Muslims & immigrants, but if that wasn’t enough to have me banging my head on the my desk, she then proceeded in attempting to the defend Carl Benjamin sending rape threats to Jess Philips, how can anybody in their right mind defend threatening a female Labour MP with rape unless you’re an utter nazi nutcase!

It has occurred to me that Rebecca could have been trolling me & I’ve not realised she was due having Asperger’s, it’s more like she has some form of oppositional personality disorder from what I’ve known of Rebecca over the years though I’d not want to play armchair psychologist, what I know is she has been involved in rightwing politics for several decades & because she’s fairly wealthy is fairly insulated from the grief & hardships the rest of us trans women have to endure, it’s somewhat of a Caitlyn Jenner syndrome going on me thinks.