Why Not Move The House Of Lords To Uranus & Hold PMQs At The Bottom Of The Ocean

Meanwhile over on political laughing stock television, the Tories have proposed moving the House of Lords from London to York, hey fuck it why not move the House of Lords to Uranus & hold Prime Minister Questions at the bottom of the ocean particularly as most people are probably of the opinion having two politicians at the bottom of the ocean would be a perfect start to there being a better world.

As I heard a Labour MP say there is more chance of a naked Boris Johnson riding Shergar around Yorkminster then there is of the House of Lords moving out of London, yeah it’s an utter bullshit proposal, it’s a non fucking story, but it does give me an opportunity to have a rant about the much needed constitutional & electoral reform this country needs & indulge in some good old fashion Tory bashing.

Why not move somebody with a brain into 10 Downing Street rather then move the House of Lords out of London to York or where the fuck ever the Tories are more popular these days then they are in London thinking this proposal of moving the House of Lords is going to somehow help to reconnect folk with politics, actually rather then moving the House of Lords anywhere why not just scrap it because the fact the upper chamber of the UK parliament is unelected & thus is unaccountable to the electorate is partly why people feel disconnected from politics etc.

With a stroke of a pen I’d get rid of the House of Lords & replace it with an elected upper chamber, but I’d also have both the House of Commons & the Senate or (what other title would be given to a an upper chamber) elected by proportional representation because far too many people feel their vote is wasted. I live in one of the safest Tory seats in the country, it’s the kind of place if the Tory party put a tub of lard or a dead horse up as a their perspective parliamentary candidate it would win an absolute majority & so me voting Labour or Green Party is an absolutely wasted fucking vote. Why can’t we institute a multi-representative proportional representative system where if any party gets a certain percentage of the vote then they get a candidate elected as a Member of Parliament & so one party would still get more MPs elected for that constituency but those who voted for other parties won’t feel as disconnected or disenfranchised because the party they’ve voted for is likely to have had some MPs elected to represent them in that constituency & overall one party will still likely have an overall majority in parliament.

Considering most people probably do think two politicians at the bottom of the ocean is a good start, I know it sounds crazy to be proposing there being more elected representatives, but more elected representatives means parliament would be more representative of society, yes it would possibly mean the far-right having a louder voice in parliament but I kind of think that might force the government to address the root causes as why people vote for fringe far-right parties.

The Tories proposing to move the House of Lords up north might be bullshit but what isn’t bullshit is the Tories proposing to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600 thus making the House of Commons less representative, this has been a Tory proposal since prior to the 2015 General Election as gerrymandering constituencies in this manner would give the Tories a vast electoral advantage & now the Tories do have a parliamentary majority they might very well move ahead with gerrymandering constituency boundaries to their advantage, as the old political adage goes those in government will reward friends & punish enemies.

Some have suggested that rather then the Tories moving the House of Lords to York, they should devolve power to the regions as a means of reconnecting people with politics, the Tories always talk a good talk about ‘devolving power’ but when in government never seem to do so because they don’t like it when Labour start sweeping to power in local council & assembly elections. There was in fact a referendum back in 2004 on a proposed devolved assembly in the North East of England & that proposal was rejected, so I’m not sure how popular the idea of devolved assemblies within England are but I do think the idea of English Parliament on par with the Scottish Parliament & Welsh & Northern Ireland assemblies is more popular, weirdly it’s usually the far-right who bitch that if the Scots & Welsh have their own parliaments then why can’t the English but I think it makes sense for all the nations which make up the UK to have their own parliaments & then the Westminster parliament be the federal parliament, so rather then moving the House of Lords to York you could establish an English parliament in York as a means of reconnecting people with politics.

Labour Leadership Candidates Might Not As Yet Be Playing Topless Darts For Your Entertainment But I Will Still Report On the Leadership Election Campaign So Far

So Jess Phillips has now officially withdrawn from the 2020 Labour leadership election, saying she wasn’t the leadership candidate who’d be best able to unite all factions of the Labour Party & then take Labour’s message to the country. Jess you’re in fact wrong about not being able to unite the Labour party as you’ve pretty much united the Labour grassroots in opposition to you. I heard former Labour leadership candidate Liz Blairite Kendall when appearing on BBC Politics Live say in response to Jess Phillips woeful performance at the leadership hustings in Liverpool this past weekend that it was unfair to have expected Jess to have been substantive on policy, oh so the chairperson at the leadership hustings should have asked Jess who was seeking to lead the main opposition party in this country & thus essentially the government in waiting, what colour socks does she prefers wearing or have political journalists ask her what’s her favourite variety of ice cream? Yes I realise Jess Phillips has a personality, in fact she has oodles of personality, which no one will doubt is a positive as I’m sure it’s endearing for many people, but we need somebody as Labour leader who’s a bit more then a gobshite when it comes to cold hard politics, yes Boris Johnson endears himself to people with his whole lovable roguish buffoon act but he seriously lacks an eye for detail the consequence of which has contributed to an innocent British woman to be locked up in an Iranian prison.

Jess Phillips

I’ve heard various complaints that the current Labour leadership election lacks personality & fizz to it & all in all has been pretty fucking boring. I don’t know what people expect, the candidates contesting the Labour leadership election answering questions on a future Labour government having an integrated transport whilst playing a game of topless darts or answering questions about implementing a Green New Deal whilst playing a round of crazy golf with a washing up glove on their head & having to squawk like a chicken when they miss a shot. The Labour leadership election isn’t some chavvy lame arsed reality TV gameshow here to entertain you, it’s about discussing the serious day to day politics which will affect us all, sure I’ve complained myself about this leadership election campaign being so far somewhat lacklustre, but it was never going to have the fizz & zing that the 2015 Labour leadership election had with Corbynmania & Liz Kendall who if I hadn’t known was a Labour MP I’d have thought was running to be Tory leader with the stuff she was saying.

Labour leadership hustings in Liverpool

Now Jess Phillips has dropped out of the Labour leadership contest, I guess all eyes will turn on Emily Thornberry who’s the other candidate many pundits thought wouldn’t make it through the second round of nominations & onto the final ballot. Yes Emily Thornberry does have a history in being somewhat of a gobshite prone to making gaffes but whereas Jess Phillips’s performance at the recent hustings in Liverpool was shite, I heard some passionate fire from Emily when tackling questions on hot topic issues, plus Emily unlike Jess has frontbench experience & who just loves to remind us all she’s held 7 different frontbench position & has stepped in for Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Ministers Questions. Though she might not have secured any endorsements from trade union affiliates, I’d imagine her campaign strategy has always been to get the requisite number of nominations from Labour Constituency Parties to get onto the final ballot & well after her performance at the weekend she has started to receive nominations from a growing number of CLPs & I don’t think its beyond the realm of possibility she’ll get the required 5% of CLPs backing her for her name to be on the final ballot.

Emily Thornberry

Keir Starmer already has his name on the final ballot to be Labour leader after securing endorsement from two trade union affiliates, but the question I currently have about Keir is am I the only reckons he looks like marionette out of Thunderbirds? I was a little surprise to find out that Journalist & economist & Northern Soul devotee Paul Mason is backing Keir Starmer to be leader considering Paul’s politics are very much to the left even more so then myself & well just about everything Keir Starmer has been saying has been decidedly Blairite when he’s not playing to the gallery. I actually have a great deal of respect for Paul Mason being both an economist & journalist myself (if somewhat hampered by dyslexia) & I actually having something of the hots for Paul as he does seem to be a bloke’s bloke, but I wondering if Paul is backing Keir because he genuinely thinks Labour need to move to the centre ground of politics to have any chance of getting elected back into government or if he’s angling for a job as an adviser if Keir is elected Labour leader?

Keir Starmer

I see Keir was again playing to the gallery at the hustings in Liverpool with him saying he wouldn’t give an interview to The Sun during the leadership election campaign, obviously that’s going to play well to a crowd in Liverpool considering The Scum’s appalling coverage of the Hillsborough Disaster, but it’s a somewhat manipulative statement from Keir as it doesn’t rule he won’t give an interview to The Scum if elected Labour leader.

Lisa Nandy

Lisa Nandy has now joined Keir Starmer on the final leadership ballot after getting the endorsements of both the GMB & NUM unions & the more I hear from Lisa Nandy the more I like Lisa Nandy. Some on the Labour left were putting it about she was a ‘Red Tory’, but from what I’ve been hearing from her I’d say that assessment is bollocks. At the Liverpool hustings she said there had been a schism between how people in London & people up north interpreted Labour’s proposed Green New Deal which was part of Labour failing to properly communicate stuff to the electorate during the GE2019 campaign, the fact Lisa Nandy is able to detect that being an issue tells me she not only has a good deal of insight but has a good deal of insight from having listened to people. The other thing which has also impressed me about Lisa Nandy in past week is she’s handled herself well when under fire in interviews with both Andrew Neil & Piers Morgan. Lisa Nandy appears to be a candidate who has both a personality & can deliver the goods on policy when up against it, if I hadn’t already publicly endorsed Rebecca Long-Bailey, I’d have endorsed Lisa Nandy.

Rebecca Long-Bailey

Rebecca Long-Bailey seems to fast becoming the forgotten candidate in this Labour leadership contest, okay there was that story circulating the other day about her personal views on abortion, yeah maybe she does have moral objections to abortion but she’s not proposing to make abortions illegal so where’s the fucking problem? Jimmy Carter was personally opposed to abortion but as both governor of Georgia & US president supported a woman’s right to choose, it pretty much sounds like possibly being the same deal in regard to Rebecca Long-Bailey, Jimmy Carter is one of the most underrated US presidents as far as I’m concerned & as far as I’m concerned Rebecca Long-Bailey could be a great Labour leader & a great Prime Minister, she’s confident & competent & she’s saying all the right things, but where is the zing & kapow in her leadership election campaign. It’s not as if I’m expecting belly dancers & a laser light show at her rallies, but it really feels as if her campaign hasn’t got going even if she has the support of Labour activist group Momentum who were so instrumental in getting Jeremy Corbyn elected Labour leader. I know that I’m viewing a great deal of this Labour leadership contest through the prism of the mainstream news media who are decidedly biased against Rebecca Long-Bailey, but the mainstream news media were biased against Jeremy Corbyn during the 2015 Labour leadership contest yet did pick up the huge wave of support for him. Momentum really need to drum up some momentum behind Rebecca Long-Bailey because as it currently stands she hasn’t as yet gotten any endorsement from any trade union affiliates & has around the same number of nominations from Labour Constituency Parties as Emily Thornberry, could it be Rebecca Long-Bailey the official candidate of the left might not make it onto the final ballot in the Labour leadership election?

Jess Phillips Might Be Pulling Out Of The Labour Leadership Election But Whatever I Owe Her An Unreserved Apology

There’s currently a great deal of speculation that Jess Phillips is about to withdraw from the 2020 Labour leadership election as word out of her campaign is she’ll be releasing a statement later on today concerning the future of her bid to be elected Labour leader after having failed to attend a leadership hustings organised by the GMB union.

It’s not exactly any great surprise if Phillips pulls out of the Labour leadership contest, the majority of political pundits thought it would be over for Jess Phillips come the second of nominations & well she’s secured no trade union or affiliate endorsements & highly unlikely to secure the requisite amount of endorsements from Constituent Labour Parties due to her continuous gobshiteness over the past few years directed at Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour leadership, oh & then was her woeful performance this past weekend at the Labour leadership election hustings in Liverpool where the response was generally yeah she’s a bit of gobshite & somewhat out of her depth.

Jess Phillips might have very well have officially withdrawn from the current Labour leadership election by the time I post this article, but I still owe her an unreserved apology not for calling her a Brummie gobshite but having accused her for being TERF. A Bonafide TERF Has Entered The Labour Leadership Election… is the most read article on this blog so far this year by some margin & it’s the article in which I accused Jess Phillips of being a TERF (hence the title) based on the knowledge I had had at that time of what Jess Phillips had previously said concerning TERFs versus trans people, however since I wrote that article Jess Phillips has gone on the record categorically stating trans women are women & she didn’t just say this in response to a question being asked by any trans activist or LGBTQ journalist but when participating in a Q&A on Mumsnet which as any trans woman will tell you is a central online nexus for TERFs to propagate transphobic hate (they even have a thread dedicated to hating yours truly). The fact Jess Phillips took on the hub for militant TERF bigots in sticking up for trans women means I got it badly wrong in accusing Jess of being TERF & owe her an unreserved apology for having done so because I’m never too big to admit publicly that I sometimes get shit wrong, I did think about pulling the article in which I accused Jess inaccurately of being a TERF bigot there is however other stuff contained in that particular article I do believe to be accurate & worthwhile, so what I will do is insert an author’s note at the top of that article directing people to this article rectifying my shameful inaccuracy because I’m not fucking Alex Jones, I’m not a purveyor of fake news!

There have been a couple of leftwing activists who’ve been somewhat cynical in expressing suspicions in response to Jess Phillips going on the record in support of trans people & accusing her of being a political weathervane, no I don’t believe Jess stuck her finger out the window to see which way the wind was blowing on the issue of trans right because right now the political winds are blowing against trans people gaining greater social-justice, she said the right thing in support of trans rights whilst knowing she was addressing the most militant of militant transphobic bigots who’d otherwise have signed up to be Labour supporters so they could have voted for her in the Labour leadership election.

There is definitely a great deal of hostility towards Jess Phillips amongst the left of the Labour Party much of which I can understand but I’ve started to ask myself if we have gotten Jess Phillips all wrong?


A trans woman I once knew who lent politically to the left literally started frothing at the mouth when I told her I preferred Fox News to BBC News because I’m not forced to pay for the conservative shite Fox News propagates whereas I’m forced to pay for BBC News with all it’s Tory bias. Hey BBC News can be as biased as it wants towards the fucking Tories, it can employ out & out Tories like Andrew Neil to verbally beat up Labour politicians all it wants, it can have Laura Kuenssberg disappear up the arse of Boris Johnson all it wants, just please stop forcing me to pay for a TV licence to fund the Tory propaganda which the BBC spews.

Tony Hall let it be known yesterday that he’ll be stepping down as Director General of the BBC amidst what appears to be a crisis about the future of the BBC & fuck me wonders never cease because I find myself in agreement with Boris Johnson who’s supposedly uttered that in the TV Licence is unsustainable in the multimedia & multiplatform age we now live. Seems to me in the age of satellite & cable television, in the age of online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime, all of which you choose to subscribe to or not, the question is why the fuck can’t the frigging BBC become a voluntary subscription service?

The BBC these days only seems to appeal these days to those over the age of 40 who are affluently middle class & in my experience it’s always the older generation who tend to be the most vehement defenders of not only the BBC but forcing every fucker to pay for the TV Licence fearing if the TV Licence were scrapped then that somehow would be the death of the BBC, hey old fogie fuckwits no one is talking of killing off the BBC you’ll still be able to listen to the Archers & fall asleep watching Last Of The Summer Wine, but what’s being proposed is making the BBC a voluntary subscription service in line with other media broadcasting services in the modern digital online age.

I’ll give it to the last night’s edition of BBC Newsnight for acknowledging the BBC only now appeal to the middle aged & older affluent middle classes whilst the under 35s would rather watch YouTube, but isn’t it a bit self-obsessive of Newsnight a BBC program to be dedicating nearly an entire edition of a BBC program to debating the future of the BBC, well that’s a question to explore another time because what’s more important at this time is David Dimbleby’s inane whining about social-media on last night’s edition of Newsnight whilst debating the future of the BBC. Legacy media such as the BBC have never been big fans of social-media platforms such as YouTube so no fucking surprise you’d have a BBC stalwart such as David Dimbleby whining about the ‘threat’ of social-media to the BBC, though the weird thing is I’ve never heard any Netflix executive whine about social-media platforms being a ‘threat’ to the streaming service.

Hey I’m not denying that social-media platforms such as YouTube haven’t helped to amplify some pretty heinous far-right bullshit which I despise but its not like there’s anything stopping any political lefty activist starting their own YouTube channel to counter such far-right bullshit & maybe more leftwing activists should do so! I realise some people would prefer there was a filter of acceptability & decency applied to what media they consume & I appreciate reasoning as to why they want that, but this brings us back to the root issue when it comes to the filter being applied to the output of BBC News isn’t just upholding acceptability but ensuring there’s Tory bias.

I know some people might say isn’t Thatcherites who have a hard on for axing the TV Licence & privatising the BBC & aren’t I meant to be a redder then red socialist & thus shouldn’t I support the airwaves being in common ownership etc, hey I’m not proposing the BBC is privatised & if the BBC were operated by being a voluntary subscription service then why can’t those who were subscribers not be owners or stake holders etc.

I might be a redder then red socialist but I think you’ll find it’s not just the Thatcherite hard-right or the far-right who want rid of the TV Licence, just ask anybody who’s solidarity leftwing what they think these days of Laura Kuenssberg & the BBC & having to pay the TV Licence. Personally I’ve always been nervous of the government ever regulating the news media as the news media is supposedly meant to be the fourth estate & well the BBC depends on a parliamentary charter to broadcast which if you ask me is the fucking problem not the solution, plus you have to understand my weariness about the government regulating the news media stems from growing up in a country which at that time had heavy press censorship as a means of propping up a repugnantly racist regime.

More Megxit Bullshit

I literally spat my morning coffee out in shock when tuning into Kay Burley @Breakfast last Thursday or Friday because Kay Burley wasn’t standing outside Buckingham Palace where she & just about every other Sky News anchor had been broadcasting from for the past week, interviewing a procession of Tory journalists working for the Tory press denying the Tory press has ever been racist towards Meghan Markle despite people having produced countless comparisons of the mainstream news media coverage of Meghan Markle has been far more negative as compared to coverage been given to Kate Middleton (she’s the one who married Harry’s older brother William). Meanwhile whilst Kay Burley (who I can’t believe is nearly 60?!?!?) parked her arse outside Buckingham Palace entertaining members of the Tory press in denial, Piers Morgan over on ITV’s Good Morning Britain for a change wasn’t bullying trans people or vegans & instead was himself raging about he’s not being racist about Meghan Markle but… & proving with every angry word he spouted he is indeed being a racist gammon when it comes to Meghan Markle.

Oh & what the fuck is this bullshit with the mainstream news media having gotten its panties in a bind about Meghan Markle eating avocado on toast & it somehow contributing to fucking up the environment, yeah as if the fucking Tory press care about the environment, I mean if they did shouldn’t they be leading a campaign to stop supermarkets from stocking avocados or something. Why doesn’t the Tory press just come out with the suggestion that the only fruit Meghan Markle should be eating are bananas & start making monkey chants at her being the institutionally racist cunts the Tory press happen to fucking be! The Tory press are just bad as any National Front skinhead racist scumbag who has thrown banana peels & made monkey noises at Black people, the difference with the Tory press is it’s a highbrow form of racism not the lowbrow form of chavvy gammon racism we come to expect racism to be.

One irony is not lost on me in regards to Harry & Meghan & the mainstream news media, that being it’s pretty apparent Harry & Meghan have had enough of the shitty coverage & press intrusion they’ve received from the mainstream news media & so in response the mainstream news media are now obsessing about Meghan & Harry having had enough of the mainstream news media which includes having photographers camped outside where ever it is in Canada Meghan Markle has holed herself up waiting to get an unsolicited snap to accompany some story full of sensationalism untruths, fuck me challenge the mainstream news media establishment in this country & it triggers them to be even more cuntish something which of course in a speech at a private function this past weekend Harry addressed. But Harry taking on the mainstream news media establishment leads me to another irony from a different perspective, which is Harry might complain about the coverage given to him & Meghan but when there’s a cause he supports or something he needs to promote etc when he & Meghan are attempting to be more financially independent then he’s going to be calling on the mainstream news media for broadcast time & column inches.

Meghan & Harry

In the deal that seems to have been struck with grandma Lizzy, sorry royalist sycophants I meant her royal highness grandma Queen Lizzy, it’s now definitely going to be harder for Meghan & particularly Harry to dine out on having been members of the royal family, I mean not being able to use the title of HRH is going to knock a zero maybe a few zeros off any fee on the after dinner speaker circuit. With the deal struck with Queen Lizzy, Meghan & Harry are going to have to financially contribute to the multi-million pound renovation of the couples Frogmore Cottage residence despite the fact its on the royal estate at Windsor & thus (not sure this makes sense to anybody else?) wouldn’t it be more appropriate for those who want to be members of the royal family to pay for the renovation of any residences on any royal estate & then charge rent to whoever gwts to live there. One thing I did think a little unfair to Harry in regards to deal struck with Queen Lizzy for him & Meghan to step down as senior royals is that he’s going to have to relinquish many of his military appointments, now an acquaintance of mine who did serve in the military did explain to me this was because these appointments were royal appointments as in honouree head of the marines etc, but Harry Windsor did serve for real on the frontline in Afghanistan & though I might not always agree with imperialist misadventures of the Military Industrial Complex I do have some grudging respect for those troops who believe they’re helping defend the realm etc.

I know many comrades on the left of political spectrum who despite might wanting to abolish the monarchy are expressing solidarity with Harry & Meghan in wanting out of the royal rat-race & with the stance they’re taking against the mainstream news media establishment, but for me personally I think there’s irony of hypocrisy on all sides, actually as you might be able to tell from the title of this article I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about having to write yet again about the supposed royal crisis surrounding Harry & Meghan. Yes it might be my job as a political commentator to write articles about stuff which is apparent in its political relevance because its dominating the news headlines or sometimes stuff which isn’t hitting the headlines that I think is of political relevant, a rabid republican I might be who’s taken many opportunities in the past to knock the institution of the monarchy,  but with this supposed royal crisis I just can’t help thinking royal crisis I royally don’t give shit about there being a royal crisis, maybe it’s because I think all this Megxit bullshit is really just some posh family having a tiff & there are more important things in this world for us to be obsessing about.

Rant #2 About BBC Question Time: Those People Who Definitely Should Be On The QT Panel

Fiona Bruce the current host of BBC Question Time

Another edition of BBC Question is due to air later this evening with it being your typical Thursday in darkest January no doubt with the typical QT panel of guests biased towards giving a Tory opinion & no doubt the typical rent-a-Daily-Mail-audience, but I’m sorry to inform racist gammon there’ll be no Nigel Farage on this edition of Question Time same as with last week’s edition of Question Time because yeah things aren’t as typical with QT as they were a few years back when Farage was on nearly every other fucking week, I guess he’s too busy to appear on Question Time what with organising his big Brexit celebration in parliament Square at the end of the month so racist Gammon can get drunk & be abusive about Muslims & immigrants which is in fact pretty much your typical day-in-a-life of your average gammon anyways.

You often hear people say the appeal of Nigel Farage is that he sounds like your average bloke down the pub, well then why bother with Nigel Farage & just drag some wanker out of the local Wetherspoons after he’s had 5 pints of wife beater & stick him on the Question Time panel. Why not have on the QT panel the barstool bigot slash armchair politician which there is in every pub across England who thinks he’s an expert on just about every hot-topic of our day despite his answer to just about everything is either to send all immigrants back to where they belong or to give women a slap so they know their place or to hang all parking attendants.

I’d personally love to see that guy who thinks all politics is bullshit on the Question Time panel, you know the guy despite being a grown adult still has the mentality of a stroppy teenager & pisses on all political activists for wanting campaign to change the world for better because they reckon politics is just bullshit & wank despite just about everything in this world being political to some degree, yeah like to see them face off on the QT panel with somebody who’s genuinely campaigning for something worthwhile such as decreasing homeless or improving the environment & see them be fucking humiliated & embarrassed as fuck because I’ve had my fucking fill of having to deal with spoilt apathetic brat cunt motherfuckers with adolescent mentalities.

I don’t ever recall there being a real deal anarchist on the BBC Question Time panel in all the years I’ve been watching the program, I know some people might point to John Lydon, however by Lydon’s own admission he was nothing more then a poser anarchist back in the days of the Sex Pistols it was merely a jux to position & these days he seems to have taken to supporting Donald Trump, When I talk of an anarchist being on the Question Time panel I’m thinking of anarchist intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky who I’ve got a great deal of respect for, though it would be fucking hilarious to have one of those self-described anarchist spotty herbert wanker anarchists you get on YouTube who’s endless habitual philosophical waffle never helps towards solving any pressing issues & would bore the socks off your grandparents to appear on the QT panel.

that time in 2009 when then BNP leader Nick Griffin appeared on Question Time

I’m often asked about whether I think Tommy Robinson should ever be asked to be a panellist on BBC Question Time? Some of my antifa activist comrades might be miffed in me saying I do think it would be appropriate for Tommy Robinson to be asked onto Question Time panel, but my justification is that as bigoted hatemongers go he’s on par with Katie Hopkins & she has been a QT panellist on at least one occasion which I can remember, I’d also point out that we didn’t hear a great deal from Nick Griffin after he was on the Question Time panel did we. Yes remember back in 2009 when Nick Griffin who was then leader of the far-right British National Party was elected a MEP at the European parliamentary elections & was subsequently invited onto Question Time & proceeded to make a complete twat of himself, give these far-right hatemongering fucks enough rope & they will hang themselves but attempt to no platform far-right hatemongering gobshites you risk making them free speech martyrs which is what they want. Okay the ploy of giving enough rope to far-right hatemongering gobshites & they’ll hang themselves doesn’t always work, I mean sure Nick Griffin & the BNP are nowhere to be found these days but some would suggest they just simply morphed into Nigel Farage & UKIP, it’s more than a coincidence that ever since Nigel Farage started having an ever increasing platform in the mainstream to spout hatemongering bullshit we’ve also seen a spike in racist & homophobic hate crimes, but it’s not just been his regularity on BBC Question Time which is the issue, it’s that the calibre of panellists appearing alongside him not being up to snuff, sure comedian Russell Brand damning Nigel Farage as a pound shop Enoch Powell was a funny quip, but what is needed is a somebody appear on the QT panel alongside Nigel Farage who’s intelligent & militant enough to seriously take the pompous racist twat to task for the shit he spouts & thus seriously undermine him.

The Board Of Deputies & The Labour Leadership Election

Comedian & Actor Sacha Baron Cohen recently gave a speech at an Anti-Defamation League event in which he accused social-media firms such as Facebook & YouTube & Twitter of helping to amplify antisemitic hate, I happen to agree with every point made by Sacha Baron Cohen in the speech he gave at the Anti-Defamation League’s recent Never Is Now Summit, as this Jew has certainly witnessed for themselves a deluge of antisemitic hate via social-media & this includes having frequently seen antisemitic posts on Facebook groups orientated towards supporting Labour & Jeremy Corbyn.

I’ve always argued that those posting antisemitic shite on Facebook groups in support of Labour & Jeremy Corbyn might not necessarily be paid up members of the Labour Party & might in fact be trolls wanting to do damage to the Labour Party, of course the argument then follows about it being the responsibility of the admin of those groups supposedly set up in support of the Labour Party & Jeremy Corbyn to delete posts which are antisemitic & to ban whoever is posting antisemitic shite from those groups, but again nobody can be certain if those groups created on Facebook genuinely have the intent in being supportive of Labour & Jeremy Corbyn, one presumes the genuine intention of those groups being created is to support Labour & Jeremy Corbyn is to give support to Jeremy Corbyn & Labour, but the internet affords bigots & trolls a great deal of anonymity & there are many nefarious people in this world who have nefarious agendas & come up with ever inventive ways to push those nefarious agendas.

I’m not getting all Moulder & Scully or all Alex Jones, I’m not suggesting that Mossad are running some clandestine troll farm south of Jerusalem with the specific mission to smear the fuck out of Jeremy Corbyn & Labour as antisemitic on Twitter or Facebook, what I’m saying is never take anything at face value. It’s more then likely that those groups created on Facebook in support of Labour & Jeremy Corbyn probably were created with the genuine intention to support Labour & Jeremy Corbyn & the vast majority of Facebook users posting on those groups are either Labour Party members or at the very least are supporters of the Labour Party, which means the general response being posted on various Facebook groups about all the candidates who are contesting the current Labour leadership election to take over from Jeremy Corbyn signing up to the 10 pledges put forward by the British Board of Deputies to stamp out antisemitism within the party has made for some uncomfortable reading even for this Jew who has their own serious contentions with some of what the British Board of Deputies are asking of Labour.

Overall I don’t think what the British Board of Deputies are asking Labour to implement is too much of the party as a means of restoring confidence amongst Jewish people that Labour is tackling antisemitism within the party, because though I’ve fiercely defended Jeremy Corbyn against accusations that he himself is antisemitic I’ve never denied there isn’t an issue with antisemitism within the Labour Party & I’ll admit so far the Labour leadership hasn’t done nearly enough to tackle the issue of antisemitism within the party. But I do have some serious contentions in regards to #6 & number #8 on the list of pledges the British Board of Deputies has asked the Labour Party to sign up to as means of proving its serious about stamping out antisemitism.

Pledge #8 To engage with the Jewish community via its main representative groups & not through fringe organisations

For those who might not know there are currently two groups representing Jewish opinion within Labour, the Jewish Labour Movement which is pro Zionist which has links to the current Israeli government & Jewish Voice For Labour which is anti Zionist & opposes the current Israeli government, the Jewish Labour Movement have opposed Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party by going as far as to publicly refusing to campaign for Labour during the 2019 General Election whereas Jewish Voice For Labour are a breakaway group from the Jewish Labour Movement of those Jews who do support Jeremy Corbyn. It’s obvious to me when Board of Deputies state that Labour must engage with the Jewish community via its main representative groups & not through fringe organisations this is aimed at the likes of Jewish Voice For Labour, err who the fuck are the British Board of Deputies to say which Jewish group is fringe or mainstream, which Jewish opinion is legitimate & which Jewish opinion is illegitimate, there’s no one homogenised opinion amongst us Jews we are an argumentative bunch who’ve been arguing & arguing amongst ourselves for millennia & in my opinion that’s no bad thing.

Pledge #6 full adoption of the IHRA definition of antisemitism with all its examples & clauses and without any caveats

The definition of antisemitism should simply be hatred of Jews for being Jews, so accusing the Israeli government of being murdering scumbags isn’t antisemitic but accusing the Jewish people collectively of being murdering scumbags is most certainly antisemitic. The serious contention I personally have with the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of Antisemitism is that in around about way it’s classing criticism of the state of Israel to be antisemitic which indeed it is as Israel is the Jewish state but most people use government & state as interchangeable terms to mean the same thing as not everybody is a political scientist or a smartarse like myself who understands the differences in the legal definitions between state & government, so somebody could be criticising the state of Israel when they mean the Israeli government & be unfairly condemned as being antisemitic no matter how legitimate their criticism might have been. There is a fear with the adoption of the IHRA definition of antisemitism smacks of wanting to circumvent or curtail any criticism of controversial policies being enacted by the current Israeli government in particular the orchestration of an Apartheid system victimising the Palestinian people, we must by all necessary means protect the fundamental democratic right of all peoples to challenge those who govern over us because if we lose that right then we well on truly on the slippery slope towards fascism.

The general consensus of disquiet amongst Labour activists in response to all candidates contesting the current Labour leadership election signing up to the British Board of Deputies 10 pledges to stamp out antisemitism within Labour has been “they’ve all sold out to Zionism”. There have been accusations in the past that the British Board of Deputies was too pro-Israeli & to which my response is yes & so what, okay if the British Board of Deputies are being overtly supportive of the Israeli government & that government instituting overtly racist policies then that’s something I’d be extremely critical of them doing, but one can have love for a country but at the same time not necessarily have love for the government of that country. I’ve never had any issue with the legitimacy of the state of Israel, my issue has always been purely about the racist policies towards the Palestinian people being pursued by Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud government, but from what I’ve recently seen being posted by a myriad of Labour activists & leftwing activist has made me begin to wonder if those critics who say antisemitism is rife within the party aren’t right an example being substituting the word Jew with the word Zionist & disputing the legitimacy of the right of the Israeli state to exist.

When I talk of being anti Zionist I’m talking about contemporary Zionism, Benjamin Netanyahu’s brand of Zionism which is decidedly fascistic in nature, rampant nationalism, obsession with national security, supremacy of the military, distain for human rights, scapegoating ethnic minorities for the problems of the nation state, religion & government intertwined, etc. I’m not opposed to the original intention of Zionism (in fact I’m very much such supportive of it) which was for there to be a Jewish homeland & the Holocaust precipitating the need for the establishment of the state of Israel, but I’m well aware there are Labour & leftwing activists who indeed dispute the legitimacy of the state of Israel & thinking if anybody who makes the most moderate of defences of the legitimacy of the state of Israel to exist has their tongue well & truly shoved up the arse of Benjamin Netanyahu.

I know full well there are Labour & leftwing activists who have labelled the British Board of Deputies as ‘Zionist’ not because that organisation is pro-Israeli but merely because it’s a Jewish organisation, I think whoever is eventually elected Labour leader in early April has an uphill struggle in combatting antisemitism within the party. Considering all that’s happened over the past few years, it was inevitable those candidates contesting the Labour leadership election were going sign up to the Board of Deputies 10 pledges without question & I think whoever does replace Jeremy Corbyn as party leader might very be making a Kinnock like speech to conference in regards to antisemites within the party, yes you remember that speech, it’s the one speech everybody remembers Kinnock making as Labour leader, the speech about Militant tendency at the ’85 Labour Party annual conference. Whoever takes over from Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader needs far more forceful then he has been in stamping out antisemitism within the party, because unless they’re seen to be doing so then Labour will not return to government.

Time Soph Wrote About The Scottish National Party & Scottish Independence

Very much to my own detriment as a political commentator I didn’t pay as much attention to the Scottish National Party as I ought to have during the 2019 General Election campaign because I knew full well that if Labour had any hope of getting into government they would have had to rely upon the support of Scottish National Party MPs, in fact overall I didn’t even write half as much about the 2019 General Election as I did about the 2019 European Parliamentary elections however seriously fucking up my knee at an anti Trump protest in London during the GE2019 campaign had a great deal to do with this.

Well thankfully my knee is now healing nicely & though I might not so far have paid as much attention to the Scottish National Party as ought to have on this here blog of mine, it’s not as if I’ve been short changing the SNP attention when it comes to the Twitterverse where I did repeatedly tweet during the GE2019 campaign that in my personal opinion if the SNP got a majority of MPs elected north of the border this would be a mandate for another referendum on Scottish independence & well the SNP absolutely trounced the other parties winning 47 of the 59 parliamentary seats in Scotland, but Boris Johnson doesn’t think the SNP winning approximately 80% of the parliamentary seats in Scotland is a mandate for another referendum on Scottish independence & he’s rejected SNP leader & Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s request for powers to be transferred to the Scottish Government to call another independence referendum.

So where does Soph stand on the question of Scottish independence? Well as one might gather from my tweets in support of the SNP having a mandate to push for Scottish independence, I’m very much in favour of Scottish independence far more than I was around the time of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, in fact I would have moved to Scotland by now if it wasn’t that I’m very much in love with & engaged to somebody who needs to live in or around London due to work commitments etc.

Scotland has been the region in the current configuration of the UK which has been the fiercest in opposition to Brexit & had the most progressive attitude towards the European Union & generally when it comes to internationalism, in fact the Scottish Nationalist Party are the party to have held executive power in the UK who’ve actually enacted the most progressive of progressive policies particularly where trans people are concerned which is why I’d not only vote for Scottish independence in any referendum if I lived north of the border but I’d rather vote SNP then Labour at any election. But more then anything it’s Scots giving the finger to Brexit & that UKIP & subsequently the Brexit Party being an electorally endangered species, which is why I yearn to move to Scotland & it’s Brexit which gives credence to the SNP wanting to hold another referendum on Scottish independence just as much as the number of MPs the SNP had elected at the last General Election, because Brexit has changed the constitutional position of the UK thus impinges upon the arrangement of the union & the other regions which make up the UK, it’s why I say I’m far more pro Scottish independence then I was 5 years ago.

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon has always given me the impression of being a politician who’s extremely strong-willed & I do find Boris Johnson’s tone towards her & the Scottish National Party more than a tad patronising, she’s been First Minister of Scotland a great deal longer then Bozo misogynistic Johnson has been Prime Minister. Considering how strong-willed Sturgeon gives the impression of being, I seriously doubt she’ll cease hounding Bo Jo & the Tories about there being a second independence referendum, of course some might ask could we see a Catalan type situation in regards to Scotland & my answer is I seriously doubt it, but there again depending how atrocious the Tory government at Westminster gets I’m not discounting anything & if Nicola Sturgeon did decide to call a second independence referendum without seeking permission from Boris I’d not blame her in fact I’d support her.

Festival Of Gammon Stupidity

It appears to have become a really big deal for gammon that Big Ben chimes at 23:00 GMT on 31 January, the very moment UK is due to leave the EU, in fact there was a proposed amendment in the House of Commons to the Tory government’s Brexit Bill that would have required Big Ben to have chimed on the moment the UK leaves the EU, only problem is the tower which houses Bog Ben has been undergoing a long-term refurbishment, but now Boris Johnson has suggested there might be a “bung a bob for a Big Ben bong” crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds to have Big Ben chime to mark Brexit & considering there are enough gullible gammon to fund king of the racist gammon Tommy Robinson living a life of luxury then there’s enough gullible gammon to fund a clock chiming to mark their Brexit precious Brexit.

It’s been announced that Boris Johnson’s government will be spending £120million on a ‘Festival of Brexit’, yeah because apparently there isn’t anything more worthwhile for this Tory government to be spending £120million on you know stuff like tackling homelessness & child poverty, okay £120million is in fact a drop in the ocean when it comes to government spending however the Tories are always banging on about saving taxpayers money then why not cut cost & just have a ‘Festival of Brexit’ at the local Wetherspoons pub that way the government will save money for taxpayers & travel expenses for racist gammon who’ll most likely attend as they won’t have to go anywhere.

Clive Lewis might have dropped out of the Labour leadership contest, but he was right when saying Brexit was a racist project from the start & we all know any ‘celebration of Brexit’ will just be a bunch of racist gammon getting drunk & abusive about Muslims & immigrants & anybody else they don’t like the look of.

I heard Nigel Farage was planning a big Brexit celebration in London on January 31s which actually surprised me because I thought he would be trying to prolong his political career & the limelight his ego so obviously craves by going about claiming even after the UK officially leaves the EU that Brexit truly hasn’t happened, well I guess he’ll be back at the next General Election with the Adam & Eve Not Adam & Steve’ party wanting to turn England into fucking Gilead now its out of the EU or what the fuck ever other strain of far-right hate he can tap into & exploit for his own ends.

If Farage is going to hold some kind of big Brexit celebration in Parliament or Trafalgar Square which no doubt will be attended in the main by racist gammon wanking themselves silly about giving the finger to Johnny Foreigner & keeping imperial measurements despite them all being clueless has to how many ounces are in a pound etc, well I’d just fucking love it if that was the day Extinction Rebellion held yet more protests in London as a reminder there are more important issues then fucking Brexit or if a load of militant remainers turned up to gate-crash just to spoil Farage’s Brexit bash for gammon,

Some of us will definitely not be celebrating Brexit, yeah I really want to celebrate this country being substantially poorer & stuff in the shops costs a whole heap more, it will be gammon who’ll be most affected by the economic consequences of Brexit & so it is pretty fucking extraordinary gammon celebrating Brexit they’re really celebrating being further economically fucked!

…And Now We Proceed To The Second Round Of the 2020 Labour Leadership Election Will We See Some Skin On The Bone

And now we proceed to the second round of nominating candidates in the 2020 Labour leadership election with Clive Lewis having withdrawn his candidacy an hour before the deadline in the first round of nominating leadership candidates expired & Emily Thornberry having managed to secure enough nominations amongst her colleagues in the Parliamentary Labour Party for her to continue with her campaign to be leader.

Just because Keir Starmer secured over double the number of nominations from Labour MPs then his nearest Labour leadership rival Rebecca Long-Bailey, don’t be fooled to think he’s odds on to be announced as Labour leader come April 4th, both in 2010 & 2015 Labour leadership contests the candidate with the largest number of nominations from Labour MPs didn’t eventually get elected as party leader, in fact in 2015 Jeremy Corbyn with barely minutes to spare managed to secure just enough nominations from Labour MPs, but it was in the second round of nominations from Constituency Labour Parties & affiliated trade unions & socialist societies where Jeremy absolutely trounced the other leadership candidates. Yes Keir Starmer has already secured the endorsement of UNISON, but you’d think that the other big union UNITE (which happens to be the union that has me as a paid up member) would be throwing its weight behind Rebecca Long-Baily considering she’s seen as the continuity Corbynism candidate & considering the support Corbyn has had from UNITE’s General Secretary Len McCluskey as well as the average rhetoric of McCluskey’s speeches, but there’s a rumour circulating that McCluskey might have UNITE back Lisa Nandy, now I don’t know if this isn’t just a rumour being put about by the mainstream news media as a means of shit stirring but if it were true I do think it would be bad (then some) for Rebecca Long-Baily’s leadership bid.

Whilst rumours circulate about whether Len McCluskey might have UNITE endorse Lisa Nandy rather then Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lisa Nandy herself has made a speech which has caught some media attention because in that speech she said “If we do not change course we will die & we will deserve to”, yeah okay but what the fuck does that really mean?!?! We all fucking know Labour has to change direction, but we need some fucking details from each candidate as to what direction they think Labour needs to take to be relevant & get back into government, we need skin on the bone not vague broad strokes. Keir Starmer has said he wants Labour to be as radical in opposing austerity as it has been with Jeremy Corbyn as leader though I kind of think there was some playing to the gallery in the speech he gave in which he said this & from the response of Labour members I’ve seen they’ve seriously not bought into believing what Starmer has said, Jess Phillips has said something about free universal childcare & possibly supporting a Green New Deal, but its generally the same gobshiteness with Jess Phillips as ever, yack, yack, yack, yack, bullshit yack. It’s because Jess Phillips has been all yack, yack, yack, be bitchy about Jeremy Corbyn to get attention, yack, which is why I think she’ll get zero endorsements from any trade unions & I’d be very surprised if she’ll get the required 5% of CLPs endorsing her to get onto the final ballot.

Emily Thornberry now seems to be plagiarising Jess Phillips’s ‘rubbish Corbyn & Corbynism’ act which is why I don’t think she’ll get fuck all endorsements in the second round of nominations, because though there might be a great deal of hostility in the country towards Jeremy Corbyn there’s still an awful lot of love for Jez within the party, but at least from what I know Thornberry unlike Jess Phillips isn’t trying to sign up her mates to sway the outcome of this leadership election. Remember back in 2015 the Blairite right of the party were having screaming abdabs about people signing up in their droves to support Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, remember how there was a Panorama documentary about it all being nefarious etc, yeah well Jess Phillips is now doing no different in trying to get people to sign up as Labour members or supporters so they can vote for her, now there’s nothing against the party rules in her doing so but this is gross fucking hypocrisy because as her support is coming from the Blairite right of the party who objected 5 years ago to us Corbynistas having done so, despite the fact it was Blairite right who brought in the rules on membership & voting in party elections.