Labour Leadership Election: Then There Were Three

I had thought last week just as Emily had scraped through the first round of nominations from MPs/MEPs that she might scrape through the second round with the requisite number of nominations from Constituency Labour Parties to have her name on the final ballot put forward to all party members in the Labour leadership election, but alas Emily Thornberry had fell short in getting the nomination of 33 CLPs & now there are three names which will be on the final ballot, Keir Starmer, Lisa Nandy & Rebecca Long-Bailey.

Emily Thornberry had been along with Keir Starmer one of the most dogged proponents in the Shadow Cabinet for Labour supporting a second Brexit referendum & at last I’ve seen Keir Starmer being pressed about having ostensibly been the architect of Labour’s incoherent & nonsensical Brexit policy which led to the party’s catastrophic GE2019 defeat but it didn’t come from the floor or chair at any Labour leadership election hustings as it should have, surprisingly it was Sophy Ridge on Sky News who pressed Keir Starmer on being the architect of Labour’s Brexit policy. It was a surprise to have been Sophy Ridge on Sky News who was pressing Keir Starmer because Sky News is of course part of the evil Murdoch media empire & thus you’d have thought Sky News would have gone easy on Starmer as he’s seen by many as the ‘establishment candidate’, but as well as Sophy Ridge giving Starmer a hard time about being the architect of Labour’s disastrous Brexit policy, she voiced the concern many Labour members have about not actually knowing Starmer’s real politics. I’m alone in thinking that just about everything Starmer has been saying throughout this Labour leadership election campaign has been a façade as a means of playing to the Corbynista gallery & what is behind that façade is far more Blairite.

It might have come as somewhat of a surprise to some political watchers that it was Lisa Nandy not Keir Starmer who was endorsed by the Jewish Labour Movement, but having watched the leadership election hustings hosted by Jewish Labour Movement its actually obvious as to why she got the endorsement of the JLM as she was a far better communicator then the other three leadership candidates who on stage, plus Nandy having not been in the Shadow Cabinet is far less tainted by all the bullshit there’s been regarding the Labour leadership & antisemitism. Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey & Emily Thornberry have all said they spoke up as members of Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet against antisemitism, but I know many Jews who are saying they didn’t do so nearly as loudly as they should have & those fellow Jews have got a point, sure I do think there’s an element of truth to that accusations of antisemitism were used as means of smearing Jeremy Corbyn but I’ve never denied that antisemitism isn’t a persistent issue amongst the Labour membership particular instance being the pervasive claim of some Labour members the Israeli state is a racist endeavour & calling into question its legitimacy.

I’ve long been of the opinion as somebody who’s both Jewish & a trans woman that Labour has a far greater problem when it comes to transphobia then with antisemitism & I can tell you from my own personal experiences that the Labour Party is institutionally transphobic, which is why I was more then pleased to see that both Lisa Nandy & Rebecca Long-Bailey have signed up to a campaign to stamp out transphobia within the Labour Party. I’ve already written a lengthy article specifically about Lisa Nandy & Rebecca Long-Bailey pledging to stamp out transphobia within the Labour Party, but to add to this I see that militant transphobic gobshite Julia Long attempted to troll Lisa Nandy at a campaign event & well Nandy utterly destroyed Long for her hatred of trans women. My recommendation to any trans member of the Labour Party is to vote for either Lisa Nandy or Rebecca Long-Bailey, sure I’ve personally endorsed Rebecca Long-Bailey because yeah I’m on the left of the Labour Party & she is the what the mainstream-news-media have dubbed the continuity Corbyn the candidate who has the backing of the Socialist Campaign Group & Momentum, but I’ve been impressed more & more with Lisa Nandy as this Labour leadership election has unfolded & I think either Rebecca Long-Bailey or Lisa Nandy would be an awesome Labour leader.

A Rant About Labour & Transphobia

As somebody who’s both Jewish & trans It’s long been my opinion that Labour has had a far greater problem when it comes to transphobia then with antisemitism amongst it’s membership, put it this way it’s not just that I’ve seen transphobic shite being posted on Labour orientated Facebook groups & there being a myriad of support being expressed in support of those transphobic posts, I’ve heard repulsive transphobic shite being advocated at actual grassroot Labour Party activist meetings & it getting whole heap of support even when there’s been a sizable contingent of LGBTQ people in attendance.

Whatever criticisms I might have concerning transphobic bullshit amongst the ranks of the Tory Party, if any Tory supporting trans person was to respond by saying Labour are just as bad when it comes to transphobic bigotry, I’d have to admit there is in fact an element of truth to what they say. The difference as I see it between Labour & the Tories when it comes to the issue of transphobia is that its far more prevalent amongst the Tory Parliamentary Party then it is amongst the Labour Parliamentary Party, Mumsnet for instance are definitely not having any joy when it comes any of the Labour leadership candidates supporting transphobic bigotry.

Mumsnet is the central online nexus for militant transphobic bigots & mind boggles as why any Labour leadership candidate would be engaging with a bunch of rabid transphobic bigots but there has been a series of Q&A sessions with the various Labour leadership candidates none of whom have satisfied them when it comes to supporting intolerance & discrimination against trans people, first there was Jess Philips before she dropped out the Labour Leadership contest who dispelled the suspicions many of us had (including myself) that she herself was a transphobe when she categorically said trans women are women, Keir Starmer & Emily Thornberry have followed suit in categorically stating trans women are women, to which the general response from transphobic bigoted scumbag users of Mumsnet has been they won’t vote Labour & think they’d be better finding support for transphobic bigotry when it comes to the Tories.

I’m sure the militant & rabid transphobic bigots of Mumsnet probably would find the Tories more fertile ground for transphobia considering the transphobic opinionated likes of David T.C Davies & Sally-Ann Hart currently occupying the Tory backbenches & Liz Truss who holds a cabinet position, they definitely shouldn’t find any solidarity for transphobic bullshit when it comes to the Labour Party as it goes against the party’s most fundamental principles of equality & social-justice, as was exhibited yesterday proudly by Labour leadership candidates Rebecca-Long Bailey & Lisa Nandy pledging to expel any person from the Labour Party who espouses transphobic shite.

Both Rebecca Long-Bailey & Lisa Nandy have signed up to 12 pledges as part of a Labour campaign to improve trans rights, of course transphobic bigots have been getting in a tizzy about Rebecca Long-Bailey & Lisa Nandy having done so, but the question I have is why the fuck would any militant transphobic bigot want to have anything to do with the Labour Party when they have far more ideologically in common with the Klu Klux Klan.

Anytime there’s some transphobic bigot appearing the mainstream-news-media using feminism as a front to what I know to be an agenda of hate & intolerance towards trans people, the danger is for any wimpish fence-sitting centrist to be conned by how reasonable the arguments of transphobes appear to sound, because yeah raising concerns for the safety of women does sound reasonable but when transphobic bigots talk about ‘preserving women only spaces’ what they’re actually talking about is there being an apartheid system which supports cis supremacy & discriminates against trans people. Whatever you might have heard from somebody claiming there’s a need for a great deal more debate about trans rights on the television or where the fuck else who’s coming over as some lofty intellectual university academic, let me cut out the bullshit, because what these transphobic bigots want at the very least is for there to be an apartheid system which discriminates against trans people so we are treated even more as second class citizens then we are treated now & at the very worse they’d like to exterminate all trans people from the surface of the earth, because just as with the KKK or the nazis or whatever other White Supremacist group preaches the supremacy of the White race, militant transphobes (sometimes referred to as TERFs) preach in particular that cis women are superior to trans women spewing bullshit about how trans women are nefariously up to no good in a similar manner to the nazis spewed hate about Jews being inferior human beings who were nefariously up to no good.

No individual who advocates for there to be state sanctioned discrimination or persecution against any section of society whether in form of an apartheid system or out & out extermination belongs in the Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn certainly has been a champion for the LGBTQ community for over 50 years & thus has been since the days when anybody who spoke up for LGBTQ people were viciously castigated for doing so, his voting record in supporting trans rights is A+, but as leader of Labour Party his administrative skills in tackling transphobia have been just as lacking when its come to tackling antisemitism. From Rebecca Long-Bailey & Lisa Nandy pledging to give the boot to any Labour Party member who’s a transphobic bigot to the general consensus I’m hearing from all the Labour leadership candidates in categorically saying trans women are women to the general consensus being expressed at Labour leadership election hustings in support of trans rights being human rights (which they are!), it appears which ever candidate eventually takes over from Jeremy Corbyn they are going to be seeking to make Labour far more overtly the champions of trans rights.

Though it would please me immensely if Labour were to get tough on transphobic bigots amongst its own ranks & be far more overtly the champions of trans rights, I fear whoever is elected Labour leader in April will have an even steeper hill to climb in tackling transphobia then with antisemitism, as from my own experience Labour membership are far more institutionally transphobic as with the rest of society.

Wise Up Tory Trannies

I’m not the only one within the LGBTQ community to have noticed there’s recently been an upsurge in hostility towards LGBTQ people & it’s pretty obvious from coverage given by the mainstream-news-media that as part of the upsurge of hostility towards LGBTQ people there’s a specific campaign of hate against trans people to have equality on par with the cisnormative majority, all of which has come about as consequence of Donald Trump being in the White House & the war his administration is waging against LGBTQ people in the United States & that war having a particular emphasis on victimising trans people. Homophobic/transphobic bigots this side of the pond feel emboldened by Trump’s war on LGBTQ, some of whom are in fact getting funding from far-right Fundamentalist-Christian & extreme social-conservative groups in the United States to ratchet up the homophobic/transphobic rhetoric amongst the mainstream political discourse in this country & the fear is how much this increase in homophobic/transphobic rhetoric will influence thinking within the ranks of the Tory Party which despite over the past 15 years making strides in being far more LGBTQ friendly still has a sizable homophobic/transphobic element amongst its membership as well as its electoral base.  

On the day after the 2019 General Election when the cold hard reality of Boris & Tories having a whopping parliamentary majority was setting in for many of us in the LGBTQ community, I saw a trans activist post on Facebook that the game has changed for LGBTQ folk & now “rather than fighting for additional rights we’ll be defending what we have”. The signs do indeed look ominous for the LGBTQ community with regards to there now being a Tory government with a whopping parliamentary majority, because not only is there now a glut of homophobic & transphobic bigots on the Tory backbenches who can cheer on anti LGBTQ wankers at the heart of this rotten Tory government such as Jacob Rees Toff amongst others I could mention & now without any sense of irony Boris Johnson has appointed Caroline Nokes who voted against same-sex marriage as parliament’s new LGBTQ & equalities chief.

In response to Caroline Nokes being appointed the new LGBTQ & equalities czar despite having voted against same-sex marriage, a tory supporting trans woman said to me it might not necessarily be because Nokes is a homophobic as to why she voted against same-sex marriage, hey I don’t care what reason whether it be religious or political as to why any MP justified voting against same-sex marriage, the bottom line with me is fuck you for denying LGBTQ people the same equality as heteronormative/cisnormative society. Wake the fuck up Tory trannies! Look hard at the bigoted fucks you’re current swimming in the same political direction as & quit it with the cognitive distancing, David T.C Davies Welsh Tory MP has aligned himself with Woman’s Place UK a known transphobic hate group, Sally-Ann Hart the Tory MP for Hastings has alleged there’s a Muslim conspiracy to make people transgender, I could go on about the numerous backbench Tory MPs who are known to espouse some pretty repulsive transphobic bullshit, but I know Tory supporting trans women will say that the Labour Party is just as bad & unfortunately there is some truth in what they say, which is why I welcome leadership contenders Rebecca Long-Bailey & Lisa Nandy pledging to expel those Labour Party members who espouse transphobic bullshit.

Blairite Bitching Does Make the Labour Leadership Contest Slightly Less Boring

It appears to have been a data breach involving Keir Starmer’s Labour leadership election campaign team, apparently members of Starmer’s leadership election campaign team have been hacking into the Labour party’s membership database, so it’s not as if this is some naive infringement of data protection laws by some behind the ears staffer, this is full on nefarious criminal intent type bullshit, but hey what the fuck do you expect when Machiavellian Blairites who’ll throw anybody or anything under the bus to win any election have been appointed in their droves to Starmer’s leadership election campaign team.

Keir Starmer

The former Labour MP for Darlington Jenny Chapman who’s now the Chair of Starmer’s leadership election campaign team, appeared on yesterday’s edition of BBC Politics Live attempting to brush off the allegations that Starmer’s leadership election team have violated data protection laws, I find it ironic that it would be Jenny Chapman of all Labour bods who’d be attempting to play down possible criminality, as I distinctly remember it was Jenny who a few weeks after the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox back in 2016 went on national radio & implied Jeremy Corbyn was to blame for her murder when it was a far-right terrorist who was later found guilty of her murder, yeah don’t think Thomas Meir was taking his cues from Jeremy Corbyn more likely were taking cues from Nigel Farage & Tommy Robinson.

Whist playing down the allegations of criminality against Starmer’s leadership election team, Jenny Chapman waffled on about how the Labour Party needs to come together & be united, sure there is much more which unites us in the Labour Party & with the British political left in general, but Blairites have got a great deal of cheek to be singing any song which pleads for unity within the Labour Party when they’ve been the ones who’ve consistently helped to feed the mainstream-news-media’s smear machine against Jeremy Corbyn & pretty much set about to do just about anything they could do to undermine Corbyn’s Labour leadership over the last 4 ½ years.  

I find it hilariously beyond hypocrisy for Blairites to now be bitching about the need for unity in the Labour Party when they’re the ones who’ve been causing the splits within the party, oh don’t tell me Blairites think everybody in the Labour Party should unite in support of their position because otherwise they’ll continue to stamp their feet like spoilt brats as they have the misapprehension in thinking they’ve a divine fucking right to lead the Labour Party.

There’s been a story circulating about how there’s up to 50 Labour MPs prepared to quit the party if Rebecca Long-Bailey is elected party leader because she’s seen as the continuity Corbyn blahdy blah, now I actually think this story is utter bullshit because remember this time last year when supposed ‘moderate’ Labour MPs quit the party to form Change UK & well none of them are now MPs, but what I do think is the truth about any story in the mainstream-news-media suggesting MPs or whoever else threatening to leave the party if Rebecca Long-Bailey is elected party leader is that it’s likely gotten published due the instigation of Machiavellian Blairites as means to scare the Labour membership into voting for Keir Starmer fearing Rebecca Long-Bailey being elected Labour leader might cause further splits & turmoil within the party.

I suspect if Keir Starmer is elected Labour leader then he’ll be giving the same kind of speech to annual conference about activist group Momentum, as Kinnock gave to conference 35 years ago about Militant Tendency, oh & how Blairite scum will be licking their lips & wanking themselves silly at the prospect of a mass expulsion of those on the left of the party & retuning Labour to being the Tory lite warmongering party rather then fuck off & join the Tories as they ought to.  

I might have strong feelings when it comes Blairites selling out to neoliberal-capitalism, but their recent bitching has made the current Labour leadership contest a little less boring then it has been.

Democrats Get A Grip As Trump is Winning & LGBTQ People Are The Losers

So over the past few days I’ve had numerous people nagging me to write about the clusterfuck which was Iowa Caucuses & the whole stich up of Bernie Sanders by the DNC, due to me having in the past shown an interest in US politics & having exhibited a great deal of knowledge about US politics, in fact it was Gard Goldsmith a former conservative-libertarian radio talk show host & a former acquaintance of mine who once remarked I knew more about the mechanics of the United States Constitution than 98% of the US populous.

I’ve actually been pretty reluctant to start writing about the 2020 Presidential Election because I’ve been scared I’d not be able to give it any kind of comprehensive coverage thus give it any kind justice for me personally as writer or for any reader of this blog, plus I live in Britain thus I naturally tend to concentrate on writing about British politics as it’s the political bullshit I have the greatest amount of knowledge about & the political bullshit which directly affects me & I prefer to write about the politics which directly affects me as this is the politics I’m going to be far more emotionally invested in & I think having that emotional investment helps enrich my writing. It’s not as if there isn’t a shortage of progressive blogsites & vlog channels dedicated to US politics, The Young Turks, The Majority Report, Secular Talk, The David Paxman Show, these are just a few of the progressive & leftwing YouTube channels I can name off the top of my head, but other then Novara Media I can’t think of any other British based progressive or leftwing YouTube channel which is seriously meaty in its output, I mean this is why with this blog I made the decision back in November to concentrate nearly exclusively on British politics & afford US politics far less attention unless it directly affects this country (such as the recent bullshit with Iran), I do take offence when it comes to politics & culture on the internet because generally the UK along with the rest of the world is treated like the 51st fucking state & thus we must take an automatic interest in the Superbowl or the US Presidential Election etc.

As it goes the outcome of US Presidential Election does have a direct effect on the UK & a direct effect on me personally, I’m not just talking when it comes foreign relations in regard to a post Brexit Britain & trade deals with the United States. Have you wondered why in a country which has prided itself over the last decade in being far more progressive when it comes to LGBTQ rights then many other countries, there has been more recently a creeping increase in hostility towards LGBTQ people, well the reason is due to Donald Trump being in the White House & the war his administration is waging against LGBTQ people in the United States, it’s emboldened homophobic/transphobic bigots this side of the pond some of whom are getting funding from the Fundamentalist-Christian & extreme social-conservative groups in the United States to ratchet up the anti LGBTQ rhetoric particularly when it comes to trans people. Trans people might be the smallest section of the LGBTQ community but we are the least vanilla & so most visible, thus we tend to be the most victimised when it comes to hate waged at the LGBTQ community & that’s definitely the case when it comes to Trump’s war on LGBTQ, so the Democrats fucking up as they have been does affect me personally as a trans woman.

Tomorrow is the New Hampshire Primary which Bernie Sanders should win, but it was Donald Trump who was the true winner of last week’s clusterfuck in Iowa & he’s for sure been letting folks know this, oh don’t tell me you believe Pete Buttigieg actually won Iowa Caucus & if so oh deary me you must be an embittered Hilary Clinton supporter or work for the Democrat National Committee. My understanding is the polling results from the Caucus locations in Iowa were being tallied via a smartphone app developed by a tech firm which is run by former staffers who worked on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign & there were issues with this phone app crashing or something, but other then the dubiousness of the phone app coded by former Clinton staffers there were questions raised about inconsistencies in the actual counting of poll numbers, we know thanks to Julian Assange & Wikileaks how back in 2016 the DNC stitched Bernie Sanders up in favour of Hilary Clinton & well you don’t have to be wearing a tinfoil hat to ask are we seeing a repeat of this considering what we witnessed in Iowa.

If grassroot Democrat Party activists & voters choose democratically Bernie Sanders to be the Democrat Party presidential candidate then it should Bernie who is the Democrat presidential candidate who takes on Donald Trump in November, it shouldn’t be the fucking DNC rigging the process in favour of the candidate which the billionaire donors prefer that ain’t fucking democracy!

Yes I obviously favour if the Democrat Presidential candidate were Bernie Sanders or Elizbeth Warren, I’d prefer the DNC stop rigging things in favour of the candidates which billionaires donors prefer, but what I want most of all as a LGBTQ person is the Democrat Party to stop making such a fiasco out of choosing its presidential candidate because so far having made an utter hash out of doing so has aided Trump & the GOP & if the Democrats keep on fucking up then its LGBTQ people who’ll be losers in all this.

Coronavirus The Latest Tool Being Used By The Far-Right

More then anything else going on in the world over the past few weeks, the mainstream news media has been saturating the airwaves & filling column inches with salacious & sensationalist coverage concerning the outbreak of the coronavirus, oh the mainstream-news-media just fucking love it when there’s a juicy food scare or a deadly pandemic to dedicate never ceasing wall to fucking wall sensationalist bullshit coverage to & by doing so in regards the coronavirus the mainstream news media has been helping to further stoke hatred & intolerance.

With just about every edition of Kay Burley @ Breakfast on Sky News I’ve tuned into over the past couple of weeks with my morning coffee in hand, it’s been the same bullshit of Burley interviewing a possession of supposed medical/scientific experts talking pandemic this coronavirus that & scaring everybody shitless the other, talk of how people need to wash their hands more often & not touch certain surfaces & only go out wearing a surgical mask, fuck it why doesn’t Burley not just manipulate one of these experts into saying we shouldn’t go out without wearing a fucking hazmat suits & avoid all foreigners as they could be incubators of the apocalypse. I seriously doubt Sky News are alone when it comes to the mainstream news media peddling xenophobic scaremongering bullshit about how foreigners are possibly being coronavirus carriers & thus helping to push the far-right racist narrative that all foreigners/immigrants are dirty & diseased.

I’m well aware it doesn’t take an outbreak of Ebola or typhoid for the far-right to propagate all foreigners/immigrants are dirty & diseased wretches, but it doesn’t exactly help any for the mainstream news media to be stoking fear & hate with never fucking ending salacious scaremongering, which is exactly what the mainstream news media have been doing in relation to the outbreak of the coronavirus thus giving even more ammo to the far-right to manipulate the ignorant into hating anybody who isn’t White or has a cough, despite the fact more have died globally due to the seasonal flu this year then have died of the coronavirus & there’s a vaccine for common seasonal flu.

I see the vilest of vile gobshite hatemongering gobshite trolls Katie Hopkins has been using the coronavirus on Twitter as a means to spread hate about travellers to our shores & I doubt she’s not the only gobshite hatemongering gobshite troll to be doing so, I read some nutcase far-right Christian pastor was blaming the coronavirus on trans kids & which offensive bullshit I’m not even going to dignify with a response.

Currently there’s no vaccine for the coronavirus, so it’s kind of understandable why many people might be scared about a disease which as yet has no known cure, but even if or when a vaccine is developed the far-right will oppose people being immunised against the coronavirus because far-right wankers always tend to be antivaxxers. I’m not denying there aren’t antivaxxers on the left of the political spectrum, generally you’d find them in the ranks of the Green Party, I remember Jill Stein when she was the US Green Party’s 2016 presidential candidate making an antivaxxer moron of herself & she should know better then most as she’s a medical doctor. But by far the biggest antivaxxer gobshite is king of the far-right redneck antisemitic gunsexual conspiratorial shock jocks Alex Jones who of course is chummy with the vilest of vile gobshite hatemongering gobshite trolls Katie Hopkins, Jones’s Infowars website is crammed full of antivaxxer propaganda.

Alex Jones The King Of The Antivaxxers

Funny how those doctors who say vaccines cause this disfunction & cause that disorder, who Alex Jones & the other far-right antivaxxer crazies love to cite, nearly always seem to get seriously discredited by the vast majority of medical doctors who are in the know & nearly always end up getting struck off & legally sanctioned for spouting utter harmful bullshit. There’s talk of this Tory government possibly making it illegal for parents to refuse having their children immunised & to ban antivaxxer propaganda, I’m somewhat surprised that a Tory government might be considering doing this, but hey if Boris Johnson & co have the courage to do it then I’d applaud them doing so, as children not being immunised isn’t just putting their lives at risk but the children they’ll interact with at school or wherever. The far-right accuse dirty & diseased immigrants or foreigners for spreading pandemics yet its in fact the far-right antivaxxer gobshites who are in fact helping to spread a possible pandemic which could be putting lives at risk.

Rant #3 About BBC Question Time: The Off The Shoulder Irrelevance Whilst The Fourth State is In Peril

So at a Downing Street press briefing on Monday, there was a mass walkout by journalists when a senior communications adviser to Boris Johnson tried to exclude reporters from various publications including the Mirror & the Independent & the Huffington Post, even the BBC’s Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg who many have thought has her tongue way too far up the arse of Boris Johnson walkout in solidarity.

But rather then debate Boris Johnson being a pound shop Donald Trump by taking inspiration from Trump’s fascist playbook in undermining freedom of the press to question the government of the day which is a cornerstone of any liberal democracy, last night’s edition of BBC Question Time dedicated more fucking time to debating Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Culture & Sport Tracy Brabin wearing an off-the-shoulder dress in parliament, for fucks sake never fucking mind the government of Boris Johnson threatening the freedom the press its apparently more important to be debating an MP wearing an off-the-shoulder dress at the dispatch box because Piers Morgan has been getting in a fucking tizzy about her doing so. It wasn’t just the complete & utter irrelevance about what kind of dress a female MP happened to be wearing which makes one livid, Labour MP Stella Creasy who was one of panellists on last night’s edition of Question was pretty livid that the shite being flung at Tracy Babin for the dress she happen to have been wearing in parliament on Tuesday is blatant sexism, which it most definitely is, but hey that figures perfectly as the likes of Piers Morgan is a sexist pig being as he’s an all round gammon bigot.

Tracy Brabin

Prominent disability rights activist Adam Pearson was alongside Stella Creasy as one of the panellists on last night’s edition of BBC Question Time & yet there were no questions from the audience about any issues relating to disability, yeah because what fashions MPs happen to be wearing is apparently far more fucking important then the Tories having murdered over a 100,000 disabled people. Of course the BBC would defend what gets debated on Question Time by saying it’s dependent on the questions asked by audience members & QT’s presenter Fiona Bruce did try to use this as a defence when you could hear mutters of disapproval in the auditorium as to the irrelevance of discussing Tracy Brabin wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, but it’s a bullshit defence as the producers of Question Time will have screened the questions which are going to be asked by audience members thus are editorially selective about what topics get debated etc.

Yes journalists being banned from Downing Street briefings was debated on last night’s edition of BBC Question Time, but it felt something of an afterthought as it was the last topic to be debated, okay I’m a journalist so I’m naturally going to big up the importance of the Fourth Estate, but that’s a lot harder to do when so many journalists are mercenary scum without a shred of integrity who are only ever interested in publishing sensationalist & salacious bullshit about celebrity tittle-tattle which generally makes people think 100 journos wearing concrete boots at the bottom of the ocean would be a good start.

Julian Assange

There is a serious side to journalism, there are many journalists rotting in prison cells around the globe for simply doing their job in asking questions of those who govern over us, here in Britain Julian Assange is currently incarcerated in HMP Belmarsh & could eventually find himself be carted off to Gitmo or some CIA dark site for having exposed the nefarious activities of those who govern over us don’t want us to know about including shit like war crimes & election rigging. Yes Assange is somewhat of a dickhead but he’s of the journalistic fraternity & journalists should be defending him because I always thought it was the job of journalists to be exposing shit like war crimes & election rigging.

The Latest Far-Right Bullshit From Rush Limbaugh To Katie Hopkins To Tommy Robinson To Stefan Molyneux

I hear the king of US conservative radio shock-jocks Rush Limbaugh has cancer, I always thought Rush Limbaugh the climate-change denying & anti LGBTQ bigot was actual cancer! Yeah as you probably can tell my response to the possibility of Rush Limbaugh dropping dead is pretty much oh dear, how sad, never mind, yep I can’t say I’d be at all weepy if the repugnant gobshite cunt drops dead anytime soon.

Rush Limbaugh

Talking of repugnant & vile gobshite trolling cunts, I see there have been over 5 million views of the video in which Katie Hopkins was pranked by literally getting an award for being a cunt, I know a lot of people who saw the video thought it was for some reason cruel to prank Katie Hopkins in such a manner but then they heard her acceptance speech & thought well fucking deserved, though the weird thing about her acceptance speech was she started hating on people who suffer from epilepsy amongst hating on the usual targets of Muslims & people who are neurodiverse which Hopkins has a long history of spouting hate about & this is despite the fact Hopkins herself suffers from epilepsy.

Katie Hopkins

On the same day as my fellow South African Josh Peters posted his video pranking Katie Hopkins for being cunt (goed gedoen Josh), Katie Hopkins had her Twitter account suspended & I doubt I’m alone in saying it was about fucking time that happened, however the strange thing is usually when anybody’s Twitter account is suspended if you try to click on the profile page of that account you’ll be greeted with a message in bold font saying ACCOUNT SUSPENDED & not a lot else, yet Hopkins’s profile page is still there for all to view with a selection of responses to tweets of hers though you can’t view the actual original tweets posted by Hopkins. I get the feeling Hopkins will get a final warning from Twitter & be back before too long spreading hate on what appears to be her favoured social-media platform to do so, still it was at least good to have had some rest bite on Twitter from Hopkins likely spreading xenophobic hate about the coronavirus or being all nationalistically triumphant about Brexit or suggesting a final solution for Muslims following the terrorist attack in Streatham this past weekend like she did following the Manchester terrorist attack in May of 2017.

Of course Twitter has already banned king of the racist gammon Tommy Robinson & I bet Tommy probably was very happy with there having been a terrorist attack in Streatham this past Sunday, because radical Islamist terrorist attacks are a nice little earner for Tommy as there are always way too many gullible gammon willing to financially support him due to their ignorance making them hatefully paranoid as fuck & receptable to the con it’s only Tommy who’s prepared to take a stand against the threat of invading Jihadist hordes with their Muslamic ray guns, but not noticing the money they’re giving him is in fact being snorted up Tommy’s nose & helping to pay for his 6 bedroom house & for him to deck himself out in the latest Stone Island or whatever designer garb which Casuals are adorning themselves with this season.

Tommy Robinson

Stefan Molyneux isn’t a far-right grifter I’ve mentioned on this blog until now, despite the fact that Stefan probably more than Katie Hopkins or Tommy Robinson or Alex Jones is the archetype of a far-right grifter because when Stefan started grifting online for dollars he was an anarcho-capitalist but then he saw there was more money in being a far-right hatemonger. I know some people will say anarcho-capitalism & fascism what’s the fucking difference & I can appreciate where they’re coming from with that sentiment, but I use to have a friend called Richard who was politically a self-described anarcho-capitalist & well he thought racism was repugnant & certainly was no homophobic/transphobic bigot in fact he was extremely supportive of me when I came out as trans & probably more then any other male anarcho-capitalist/libertarian believed in female emancipation, however it’s true to say Stefan Molyneux has long exposed some pretty horrendous opinions about race & sexual orientation & in particular about women.

Stefan Molyneux

The reason I’m now writing about Stefan Molyneux is that recently he whined in one of the many videos he posts on YouTube that he’d not be able to find regular employment because of the bigotry & hate he’s espoused online, oh my heart bleeds for you Stefan NOT! Stefan’s bitching is so typical of far-right hatemongers thinking they’re owed a living or start kicking off about their supposed supporters not donating enough dosh so they can live a comfy life. I’ve a Donate via PayPal button on the side bar of this blog, but I’ve never pushed the suggestion of people donating to me in any article I’ve written because I don’t write about socio-political stuff primarily for financial gain because I’m not a grifter using whatever political trend is popular to con money out of people. The far-right likes of Stefan Molyneux & Carl Benjamin will start having screaming abdabs about how they are the bread winner in their family household whenever it appears YouTube might ban their channels despite the fact this is a threat YouTube never actually follows through in implementing, hmm I wonder how sympathetic the likes of Stefan & Carl would be if some radically progressive journalist gets shit canned from some premium cable news channel or some radical socialist professor is shit canned from some prestigious university because of opinions they’ve publicly expressed, yeah I doubt either Carl or Stefan would be terribly sympathetic & so why should anybody be sympathetic about them getting shit canned from YouTube.

Rebecca Long-Bailey Got The Backing Of Unite But If Elected Labour Leader Will The Parliamentary Party Unite In Support Of Her?

It’s been a while since the last time I let rip about the 2020 Labour leadership contest as all last week my health could be best described as being utter shite & my health both my physical & mental health takes priority over any concerns when it comes to writing or blogging or vlogging or whatever other creative outlet I desire to get stuff off my chest.

Rebecca Long-Bailey

Anyways in the absence of me obsessively writing about the current Labour leadership contest due to ill health, Rebecca Long-Bailey has got the backing of the Unite union & it wasn’t a forgone conclusion she would as there was rumour doing the rounds that Unite’s General Secretary Len McCluskey had been considering to direct the union to back Lisa Nandy. There might now be a bit more oomph & momentum in Rebecca Long-Bailey’s campaign to be elected Labour leader as a result of securing the endorsement of Unite, there is a real need for her campaign to have some much needed oomph put into it, her campaign has sadly seemed to have lacked momentum despite having the backing of socialist activist group Momentum who were instrumental in getting Jeremy Corbyn elected Labour leader, the momentum has seemed to be with Lisa Nandy to challenge frontrunner Keir Starmer for the Labour leadership.

Oh what the fuck is it with Keir Starmer playing to the gallery at Labour leadership election hustings? First there was him at the hustings in Liverpool telling the audience he’d not give an interview to The Sun during the Labour leadership election campaign which is going to obviously go down well in Liverpool due to The Scum’s appalling coverage of the Hillsborough Disaster, now there’s been his cringe worthy attempt to speak Welsh at the Cardiff hustings which was almost as cringe worthy as that time John Redwood when he was the Tory Welsh Secretary getting caught out not knowing the words to the Welsh national anthem. You just get the feeling that generally Keir Starmer is just telling Labour members stuff they want to hear so in return they’ll be conned into voting for him, though interestingly he’s been the one candidate who’s sounded less convincing when at any hustings there’s a question about Labour keeping it’s pledge to nationalise rail & utilities & the postal service, me thinks a tell-tale sign he’s in fact a Blairite, well that & he’s been appointing individuals to his leadership election campaign team who have spent the best part of the last 5 years involved with groups which have had the express purpose of undermining Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of Labour.

Though Rebecca Long-Bailey has got the backing of Unite which is important as it’s one of the two big unions (the other being UNISON) that back the Labour Party, there’s a rumour if she was elected Labour leader the parliamentary party might not be so united in supporting her as Labour leader. According to Dawn Butler who’s currently running for the post of Deputy leader, there are some in the Labour Parliamentary Party already plotting & scheming to overthrow Rebecca Long-Bailey or leave the party altogether if she was to be elected Labour leader, oh Jesus fucking wept we’ve been here before with the inability of Blairites to accept democracy & it’s not just Blairites having never accepted the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader but also when it came to 17.4 million people having voted for Brexit which seriously pisses me off no end!

Keir Starmer

Blairites used Brexit to nearly the same extent to undermine the Labour leadership of Jeremy Corbyn as helping the mainstream news media to use Jeremy’s past associations to smear him to fuck with all the bullshit allegations about him being antisemitic & an IRA sympathiser. Rather then have Labour propose a soft Brexit which wouldn’t have had the party lose as many seats at the 2019 General Election as it catastrophically did, Blairites were marching up & down the seaside promenade outside Labour’s annual conference screaming for a second referendum whilst inside the conference hall it was Keir Starmer advocating for the stage for a second referendum. It was Keir Starmer who was the architect of Labour’s Brexit policy which I guess was devised to please Brexiter & Remainer alike however managed to please neither & all round just came off sounding as a seriously nonsensical fudge, proposing if Labour had been elected to government then they’d have negotiated a new Brexit deal with the European Union then would have held a second referendum where they would have advised people to vote against that Brexit deal they’d negotiated with the EU, but despite Keir Starmer being architect of this policy & that he along with fellow leadership candidate Emily Thornberry having been the ones in the Shadow Cabinet for Labour to support a second referendum neither are being challenged at any leadership election husting so far about this helping to have brought ruin upon Labour electorally & its starting to seriously fucking annoy me because if Starmer is elected Labour leader then I’m certain the mainstream news media with all it’s anti Labour bias will ensure Starmer having been an agitator for a second referendum hangs over him like a bad cloud.

Gammon Might Celebrate Brexit But They Ain’t Going To Like The Financial Hangover

On Friday evening the police made a number of arrests made at the Brexit celebrations in London, there’s nothing particularly alarming about the number of arrests the police made at the Brexit celebrations in comparison to the number of arrests made at other similarly sized public events & considering the typical behaviour you’d expect from those gammon bigots who were attending the Brexit celebrations, but what caught my eye about one of the gammon arrested for being drunk & disorderly & causing criminal damage was they’re reported to have irony of ironies resided in Corbyn Street.

If there was one small consolation regarding the day of Brexit, it was the vilest of vile hatemongering gobshite trolling cunts Katie Hopkins was unable to be all triumphant about Brexit on Twitter, as Katie has had her Twitter account indefinitely suspended for being vilest of vile hatemongering gobshite trolling cunts.

In this week just gone leading up to the day of Brexit I was unfortunately laid up feeling utterly shite & so was unable to write all of last week as concerns for both my physical & mental health take priority over any concerns about writing or blogging or vlogging etc. I was actually asleep at 11pm this past Friday January 31st, the very moment which the United Kingdom officially left the European Union, I bet gammon bigots were well disappointed when a minute past 11PM there wasn’t the start of some mass government roundup & deportation of immigrants which is what they really wanted from there being Brexit, but hey ho not having a mass deportation (or slaughter as some gammon truly desire) of immigrants does mean gammon will have someone to blame for having economically shot themselves in the foot with Brexit.

Because the sky hasn’t immediately fallen in since the UK officially left the EU, Brexiter gammon have attempted to mock those of us on the left who have predicted an economic crisis as a consequence of Brexit, yes well we are currently in a transitional phrase thus we are still technically part of the European Single Market & adhere to EU regulations (which this country no longer has a democratic say in), it’s when that transitional phase ends & whether or not there’s a final trade agreement between the UK & EU when the trouble begins economically for 99% of people in this country.

Gammon love to bleat on about how the UK can negotiate with the EU a Canada style trade deal with EU, my understanding is it took practically a decade for the Canadian government to negotiate a trade deal with the EU & gammon expect this inept Tory government to negotiate a similar trade deal in less then a year as we are due to leave the European Single Market on December 31st. Yes the transitional phrase of us eventually leaving the European Single Market could be extended if no final trade agreement between the UK & the EU is agreed by December 31st, but I do find it beyond ironic that our current relationship with the EU is far more undemocratic then its ever been as we have fuck all say in regulations the EU impose upon goods & services now we are no longer formally a member of the EU & if there’s a need to extend the current ‘transitional period’ that just makes it worse in my opinion.

Of course some gammon say we can trade with places around the globe other then the EU, yes we can & pay tariffs on what we import from those other places around which means stuff we import from those ‘other places’ will be more expensive then stuff we imported from the EU whilst we were a member state of the EU, you know stuff like food because I hate to tell gammon so blinded by nationalism that we import ¾ of the food we consume in this country & there’s no way this country could feed itself on the food which this country solely produces without the reintroduction of rationing which I’m sure would be popular with the average consumer NOT! A great many of moron gammon bigots blinded by nationalism & xenophobia simply just don’t care if people starve just so long as Brexit helps to get rid of bleeding immigrants, yeah well we’ll see how much they like people starving due to skyrocketing food prices when it’s members of their own family or even themselves who are starving.

It’s not just going to be a basic staple such as food which is going to become a great deal more expensive as a consequence of Brexit, all consumer goods will be a great deal more expensive & though some environmentalists might think this a good thing as it will mean less waste, in the immediate it’s a really bad thing as we have a consumer led economy in this country thus dependent on people purchasing stuff & so when people don’t buy stuff because they can’t afford to buy stuff the economy shrinks otherwise known as a recession, this why during the financial crisis of just over a decade ago the then Labour government temporarily lowered the rate of VAT as a means to stimulate the economy & it did in fact work until the Tories were elected to power.

One way or another the pound in pocket of the average person in Britain will be devalued, of course there are gammon who say the devaluation of the pound is a good thing as it makes exports cheaper, which might be true but it’s more expensive for the government to borrow & I come back to my central argument that the British economy is consumer driven so if the pound in the pocket of your average consumer is worth less then they’re not going to be able to afford to buy as much stuff & thus overall the economy will be fucked!

I’ve likely forgotten more about the mechanics of economics then your typical gammon will ever have been equipped to learn, but hey far better skilled economists with far more letters of qualification after their name have tried explaining economic sense to gammon Brexiters without success, gammon are blinded with nationalism & xenophobia ensconced in their Brexit cult they just aren’t going to listen to any fucking sense what so fucking ever & are determined to push this country headlong into an economic crisis, Tory slimeball Michael Gove saying prior to 2016’s EU referendum about us not needing experts has become somewhat prophetic.

Michael Gove I’m sure he won’t feel the pain of Brexit, nor will Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees Toff, being as they’re all multi-millionaires, but that gammon dimwit who lives in Corbyn Street he will. I bet that gammon who lives in Corbyn Street worships the ground Nigel Farage walks upon when in fact he needs to support Jeremy Corbyn & Labour as they’d tackle the root case as to why people voted Brexit.